428 AD

An Ordinary Year at the End of the Roman Empire

Author: Giusto Traina

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400832866

Category: History

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This is a sweeping tour of the Mediterranean world from the Atlantic to Persia during the last half-century of the Roman Empire. By focusing on a single year not overshadowed by an epochal event, 428 AD provides a truly fresh look at a civilization in the midst of enormous change--as Christianity takes hold in rural areas across the empire, as western Roman provinces fall away from those in the Byzantine east, and as power shifts from Rome to Constantinople. Taking readers on a journey through the region, Giusto Traina describes the empires' people, places, and events in all their simultaneous richness and variety. The result is an original snapshot of a fraying Roman world on the edge of the medieval era. The result is an original snapshot of a fraying Roman world on the edge of the medieval era. Readers meet many important figures, including the Roman general Flavius Dionysius as he encounters a delegation from Persia after the Sassanids annex Armenia; the Christian ascetic Simeon Stylites as he stands and preaches atop his column near Antioch; the eastern Roman emperor Theodosius II as he prepares to commission his legal code; and Genseric as he is elected king of the Vandals and begins to turn his people into a formidable power. We are also introduced to Pulcheria, the powerful sister of Theodosius, and Galla Placidia, the queen mother of the western empire, as well as Augustine, Pope Celestine I, and nine-year-old Roman emperor Valentinian III. Full of telling details, 428 AD illustrates the uneven march of history. As the west unravels, the east remains intact. As Christianity spreads, pagan ideas and schools persist. And, despite the presence of the forces that will eventually tear the classical world apart, Rome remains at the center, exerting a powerful unifying force over disparate peoples stretched across the Mediterranean.

Hortus Dyckensis

oder, Verzeichniss der in dem botanischen garten zu Dyck wachsenden pflanzen

Author: Joseph Salm-Reifferscheidt (Graf zu)

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Statutory Record Supplement, 1933-48-

Supplement to Statutory Record for 1850-1932 [and] Statutory Record Supplement, 1933-1948- Showing Additions, Amendments, Revisions, Supplements and Repeals Affecting the Codes and Statutes Other Than Codes

Author: California

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with foreword by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS


Publisher: VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India www.victoriainstitutions.com


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TRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL was written in the closing years of the 1800s. It is a fascinating book in that the perspective of historical events that took place in the region known as the Indian Peninsula is markedly different from what is being taught in current day schools and colleges. There is need to bring this book out in a very readable form. That is what has been attempted here. VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has written a foreword, which aims to elucidate the various differences in perspective, and also tries to focus on varying issues which are nowadays, hidden away from public knowledge. What ultimately comes out as background of unvarying strength is the fact that the English rule, especially that by the British EAST INDIA COMPANY was really of benign qualities, towards the common man of this area. This book contains the story of an independent kingdom at the southern most end of the Indian Peninsula, which lost its independence in 1947, in the wake of a fool coming to power in England.



Author: Hans Kurt Toenshoff

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662099632

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