A Whole New World

Reinventing International Studies for the Post-Western World

Author: P. Lizée

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230316840

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

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The consequences of the rise of emerging powers like China and India is becoming the most important topic of debate in international studies. This book focuses on the impact of these changes on the way we study international politics: if international politics is changing, should we also change international studies?

International Studies

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Author: P. Aalto,V. Harle,S. Moisio

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230342930

Category: Political Science

Page: 279

View: 6874

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Presenting International Studies as a wide, plural and inherently interdisciplinary field of research, this book shows its links with philosophy, peace research, history, geography, globalization studies, international political economy, political psychology, sociology and social theory, linguistics, strategic or war studies and anthropology.

Southeast Asia and the English School of International Relations

A Region-Theory Dialogue

Author: L. Quayle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137026855

Category: Political Science

Page: 245

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This book examines the interface between the theoretical framework known as the English School and the international and transnational politics of Southeast Asia. The region-theory dialogue it proposes signals productive ways forward for the theory.

The Diffusion of Power in Global Governance

International Political Economy meets Foucault

Author: S. Guzzini,I. Neumann

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137283556

Category: Political Science

Page: 276

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The study of global governance has often led separate lives within the respective camps of International Political Economy and Foucauldian Studies. Guzzini and Neumann combine these to look at an increasingly global politics with a growing number of agents, recognising the emergence of a global polity.

Hedley Bull and the Accommodation of Power

Author: R. Ayson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137291508

Category: Political Science

Page: 244

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Offering a comprehensive account of the work of Hedley Bull, Ayson analyses the breadth of Bull's work as a Foreign Office official for Harold Wilson's government, the complexity of his views, including Bull's unpublished papers, and challenges some of the comfortable assertions about Bull's place in the English School of IR.

Ethical Reasoning in International Affairs

Arguments from the Middle Ground

Author: C. Navari

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113729096X

Category: Political Science

Page: 251

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Arguing for a middle ground between idealism and realism, this book considers the most pressing ethical and moral issues in contemporary international politics, including intervention, human rights and aid, and sets about reasoning how to resolve them in politically realistic ways.

The Concept of the Political

Author: Hans J. Morgenthau

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137002514

Category: Political Science

Page: 164

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A growing interest in the oeuvre of Hans J. Morgenthau and in re-readings of 'classical realism' increases the significance of his European, pre-emigration writings in order to understand the work of one of the founding figures of IR. This book is the first English translation of Morgenthau's French monograph La notion du politique from 1933 (translated by Maeva Vidal).

Tragedy and International Relations

Author: T. Erskine,R. Lebow

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230390331

Category: Political Science

Page: 222

View: 6228

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Nowhere are clashes between competing ethical perspectives more prevalent than in the realm of International Relations. Thus, understanding tragedy is directly relevant to understanding IR. This volume explores the various ways that tragedy can be used as a lens through which international relations might be brought into clearer focus.


Publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a Division of the American Library Association

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Publisher: N.A


Category: Academic libraries

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Value and Virtue in Public Administration

A Comparative Perspective

Author: Michiel S. de Vries,P. Kim

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230353886

Category: Political Science

Page: 327

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A multidisciplinary analysis of the role of values and virtue in public administration, this book calls for a rediscovery of virtue. It explores ways of enabling the public sector to balance the values that are presently dominant with classic values such as accountability, representation, equality, neutrality, transparency and the public interest.

Fascism Past and Present, West and East

An International Debate on Concepts and Cases in the Comparative Study of the Extreme Right

Author: Roger Griffin,Werner Loh,Andreas Umland

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 510

View: 7895

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In the opinion of some historians the era of fascism ended with the deaths of Mussolini and Hitler. Yet the debate about its nature as a historical phenomenon and its value as a term of historical analysis continues to rage with ever greater intensity, each major attempt to resolve it producing different patterns of support, dissent, and even hostility, from academic colleagues. Nevertheless, a number of developments since 1945 not only complicate the methodological and definitional issues even further, but make it ever more desirable that politicians, journalists, lawyers, and the general public can turn to "experts" for a heuristically useful and broadly consensual definition of the term. These developments include: the emergence of a highly prolific European New Right, the rise of radical right populist parties, the flourishing of ultra-nationalist movements in the former Soviet empire, the radicalization of some currents of Islam and Hinduism into potent political forces, and the upsurge of religious terrorism. Most monographs and articles attempting to establish what is meant by fascism are written from a unilateral authoritative perspective, and the intense academic controversy the term provokes has to be gleaned from reviews and conference discussions. The uniqueness of this book is that it provides exceptional insights into the cut-and-thrust of the controversy as it unfolds on numerous fronts simultaneously, clarifying salient points of difference and moving towards some degree of consensus. Twenty-nine established academics were invited to engage with an article by Roger Griffin, one of the most influential theorists in the study of generic fascism in the Anglophone world. The resulting debate progressed through two 'rounds' of critique and reply, forming a fascinating patchwork of consensus and sometimes heated disagreement. In a spin-off from the original discussion of Griffin's concept of fascism, a second exchange documented here focuses on the issue of fascist ideology in contemporary Russia. This collection is essential reading for all those who realize the need to provide the term 'fascism' with theoretical rigor, analytical precision, and empirical content despite the complex issues it raises, and for any specialist who wants to participate in fascist studies within an international forum of expertise. The book will change the way in which historians and political scientists think about fascism, and make the debate about the threat it poses to infant democracies like Russia more incisive not just for academics, but for politicians, journalists, and the wider public.

Transnational and Postcolonial Vampires

Dark Blood

Author: T. Khair,Johan Höglund

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137272627

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 227

View: 3378

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Throughout the ages, vampires have transgressed the borders of gender, race, class, propriety and nations. This collection examines the vampire as a postcolonial and transnational phenomenon that maps the fear of the Other, the ravenous hunger of Empires and the transcultural rifts and intercultural common grounds that make up global society today.

Representative Government in Modern Europe

Author: Michael Gallagher,Michael Laver,Peter Mair

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages


Category: Political Science

Page: 482

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The fourth edition of Representative Government in Modern Europe continues the tradition of previous editions by uniting the theoretical analysis of representative government and its application to the real world of politics. The unique focus of this book, as always, is on the core features of representative government as they manifest themselves across the whole of modern Europe. The book identifies and discusses broad themes and patterns in the politics of modern Europe, and examines these in the context of the whole of modern Europe--not, as some other books do, only with regard to a handful of often atypical countries. Europe has been transformed since the first edition by the dramatic democratization of many of the former Communist states of central and eastern Europe. Thus the fourth edition has also been transformed -- country coverage has been extended to include all of the eight post-communist states that are now members of the EU and discussion of politics in these countries has been integrated into the main body of text and tables. being in May 2004 and the discussion reflects the ways in which thinking about representative government has changed as a result of these dramatic developments.

South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Author: Routledge

Publisher: Europa Publications

ISBN: 9781857433920

Category: History

Page: 1076

View: 8152

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This volume contains a collection of statistics, surveys and essays on the region and includes contributions from acknowledged authorities who examine topics of regional importance. It includes individual chapters on each country and territory.