Active Citizenship and Disability

Implementing the Personalisation of Support

Author: Andrew Power,Janet E. Lord,Allison S. DeFranco

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107029910

Category: Law

Page: 503

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This book provides an international comparative study of the implementation of disability rights law and policy focused on the emerging principles of self-determination and personalisation. It explores how these principles have been enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and how different jurisdictions have implemented them to enable meaningful engagement and participation by persons with disabilities in society. The philosophy of 'active citizenship' underpinning the Convention - that all citizens should (be able to) actively participate in the community - provides the core focal point of this book, which grounds its analysis in exploring how this goal has been imagined and implemented across a range of countries. The case studies examine how different jurisdictions have reformed disability law and policy and reconfigured how support is administered and funded to ensure maximum choice and independence is accorded to people with disabilities.

The Changing Disability Policy System

Active Citizenship and Disability in Europe

Author: Rune Halvorsen,Bjørn Hvinden,Jerome Bickenbach,Delia Ferri,Ana Marta Guillén Rodriguez

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317227506

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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Being an ‘active citizen’ involves exercising social rights and duties, enjoying choice and autonomy, and participating in political decision-making processes which are of importance for one’s life. Amid the new challenges facing contemporary welfare states, debate over just how ‘active’ citizens can and ought to be has redoubled. Presenting research from the first major comparative and cross-national study of active citizenship and disability in Europe, this book analyses the consequences of ongoing changes in Europe – what opportunities do persons with disabilities have to exercise Active Citizenship? The Changing Disability Policy System: Active Citizenship and Disability in Europe Volume 1 approaches the conditions for Active Citizenship from a macro perspective in order to capture the impact of the overall disability policy system. This system takes diverse and changing forms in the nine European countries under study. Central to the analysis are issues of coherence and coordination between three subsystems of the disability policy system, and between levels of governance. This book identifies the implications and policy lessons of the findings for future disability policy in Europe and beyond. It will appeal to policymakers and policy officials, as well as to researchers and students of disability studies, comparative social policy, international disability law and qualitative research methods.

Understanding the Lived Experiences of Persons with Disabilities in Nine Countries

Active Citizenship and Disability in Europe

Author: Rune Halvorsen,Bjørn Hvinden,Julie Beadle Brown,Mario Biggeri,Jan Tøssebro,Anne Waldschmidt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317227468

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 248

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Over the last three decades, a number of reforms have taken place in European social policy with an impact on the opportunities for persons with disabilities to be full and active members of society. The policy reforms have aimed to change the balance between citizens’ rights and duties and the opportunities to enjoy choice and autonomy, live in the community and participate in political decision-making processes of importance for one’s life. How do the reforms influence the opportunities to exercise Active Citizenship? This volume presents the findings from the first cross-national comparison of how persons with disabilities reflexively make their way through the world, pursuing their own interests and values. The volume considers how their experiences, views and aspirations regarding participation vary across Europe. Based on retrospective life-course interviews, the volume examines the scope for agency on the part of persons with disabilities, i.e. the extent to which men and women with disabilities are able to make choices and pursue lives they have reasons to value. Drawing on structuration theory and the capability approach, the volume investigates the opportunities for exercising Active Citizenship among men and women in nine European countries. The volume identifies the policy implications of a process-oriented and multi-dimensional approach to Active Citizenship in European disability policy. It will appeal to policymakers and policy officials, as well as to researchers and students of disability studies, comparative social policy, international disability law and qualitative research methods.

Citizenship and Vulnerability

Disability and Issues of Social and Political Engagement

Author: A. Beckett

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 023050129X

Category: Political Science

Page: 214

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Drawing on new empirical research with disabled people in the UK, and considering the work of theorists such as Berlin, Habermas and Mouffe, Ellison's ideas of proactive and defensive engagement and Turner's 'sociology of the body', Beckett proposes a new model of 'active' citizenship that rests upon an understanding of 'vulnerable personhood'.

Understanding Social Citizenship (second Edition)

Themes and Perspectives for Policy and Practice

Author: Peter Dwyer

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1847423280

Category: Political Science

Page: 280

View: 3014

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"A second edition of this excellent book is most welcome. Dwyer's understanding of social citizenship is second to none and this new edition provides an updated discussion and assessment of all the practical and theoretical issues that students need to know about this important area of study." Nick Ellison, University of Leeds This updated and revised edition of Understanding social citizenship is still the only citizenship textbook written from a social policy perspective. It provides students with an understanding of the concept of citizenship in relation to UK, EU and global welfare institutions; covers a range of philosophical, historical and contemporary welfare debates and issues; explores inclusion and exclusion; combines analysis of competing perspectives with discussion of social policies and uses easy-to-digest text boxes to aid learning and teaching. The revised second edition contains new topical sections on `Cameron's Conservatism', and the expansion of the EU and A8/10 migration in the UK. The book is essential reading for undergraduates in social policy, sociology, social work, politics and citizenship. It will also appeal to A/AS level students and their teachers, and those on access courses, foundation degrees and teacher training courses.

Disability History

Konstruktionen von Behinderung in der Geschichte. Eine Einführung

Author: Elsbeth Bösl,Anne Klein,Anne Waldschmidt

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839413613

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

View: 9316

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Hat Behinderung eine Geschichte? Die internationale Disability History füllt die Leerstelle zwischen Historiografie und Disability Studies; sie geht davon aus, dass Phänomene verkörperter Differenz kontingent sind. Dieses Buch führt in den deutschsprachigen Diskurs der neuen geschichtswissenschaftlichen Teildisziplin ein. Erörtert werden konzeptionelle Grundlagen und methodische Fragen der Disability History. Exemplarische Fallstudien umreißen das Forschungsfeld und befassen sich mit wissenschaftlichen Konstruktionen und subjektiven Erfahrungen, Institutionen und Politiken, Körper, Kunst und Kultur. Eine grundlegende Einführung für Bachelor- und Master-Studiengänge sowie die am Thema interessierte Öffentlichkeit.

Learning Disabilities - E-Book

Towards Inclusion

Author: Helen Atherton,Debbie Crickmore

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702047015

Category: Medical

Page: 624

View: 7069

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Learning Disabilities: Toward Inclusion (formerly edited by Bob Gates) is one of the leading textbooks in this field. It offers real ways to improve quality of experience for people with learning disabilities in all areas of life. This new edition brings together a comprehensive and coherent collection of material from eminent authors with a wealth of professional backgrounds and roles. Its contemporary focus reflects practice developments including the impact of changing policy and legislation on the nature and configuration of services. The leading textbook for carers of people with learning disabilities A comprehensive overview of the field of learning disabilities care Well-written accessible content Activities, case studies, diagrams and further resources including useful web links the embedding of key themes across chapters to draw diverse material into an integrated whole. These are: person-centredness, values, the reality of practice, the range of ability, the range of services and national and international perspectives. chapters on advocacy, personal narratives and life story, inclusive research, risk, safeguarding, sensory awareness, epilepsy and end-of-life care online case studies and activities with critical-thinking questions and ‘hot links’ to web resources to extend knowledge and understanding thereby facilitating learning a fully searchable, customisable electronic version of the text to enable easy access and quick reference

Disability and Mobile Citizenship in Postsocialist Ukraine

Author: Sarah D. Phillips

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253004861

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 2939

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Sarah D. Phillips examines the struggles of disabled persons in Ukraine and the other former Soviet states to secure their rights during the tumultuous political, economic, and social reforms of the last two decades. Through participant observation and interviews with disabled Ukrainians across the social spectrum -- rights activists, politicians, students, workers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and others -- Phillips documents the creative strategies used by people on the margins of postsocialist societies to assert claims to "mobile citizenship." She draws on this rich ethnographic material to argue that public storytelling is a powerful means to expand notions of relatedness, kinship, and social responsibility, and which help shape a more tolerant and inclusive society.

Adult Learning, Citizenship and Community Voices

Exploring Community-Based Practice

Author: Pam Coare,Rennie Johnston,National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales)

Publisher: Niace


Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 3437

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This topical book examines the connections between theory and practice in citizenship learning. Focusing on the experiences and views of a range of citizens, many on the margins of society, the contributors explore the significance and impact of particular forms of educational policies and provision in peoples' lives and the role adult learning can play in the development of citizenship. Organised into three sections, the book provides a theoretical overview and a framework for understanding the links between learning and citizenship. This is followed by an exploration of the voices of different citizens as they seek to develop their lives and learning. The final section brings together theory and practice and identifies ten 'Propositions for Practice' in developing adult learning for citizenship, primarily in community contexts.

Parents with Intellectual Disabilities

Past, Present and Futures

Author: Gwynnyth Llewellyn,Rannveig Traustadottir,David McConnell,Hanna Bjorg Sigurjonsdott

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470660409

Category: Education

Page: 290

View: 2834

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The first international, cross-disciplinary book to explore and understand the lives of parents with intellectual disabilities, their children, and the systems and services they encounter Presents a unique, pan-disciplinary overview of this growing field of study Offers a human rights approach to disability and family life Informed by the newly adopted UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) Provides comprehensive research-based knowledge from leading figures in the field of intellectual disability

Communities, Identities and Crime

Author: Basia Spalek

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1861348045

Category: Political Science

Page: 241

View: 4509

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This book provides a critical exploration of the importance of social identities when considering crime, victimisation and criminal justice and offers a refreshing perspective on the most significant developments in relation to equality and diversity issues that feature in policies and practices of criminal justice agencies.

Digital disability

the social construction of disability in new media

Author: Gerard Goggin,Christopher Newell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc


Category: Computers

Page: 183

View: 6797

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Media representation of and for the disabled has been recharged in recent years with the expansion of new media worldwide. Interactive digital communications -- such as the Interact, new varieties of voice and text telephones, and digital broadcasting -- have created a need for a more innovative understanding of new media and disability issues. This engaging analysis offers a global perspective on how people with disabilities are represented as users, consumers, viewers, or listeners of new media, by policymakers, corporations, programmers, and the disabled themselves.

Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

A resource book for teachers and teaching assistants

Author: Barry Carpenter,Jo Egerton,Beverley Cockbill,Tamara Bloom,Jodie Fotheringham,Hollie Rawson,Jane Thistlethwaite

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317533739

Category: Education

Page: 216

View: 5266

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Children and young people with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLDD) have co-existing and overlapping conditions which can manifest in complex learning patterns, extreme behaviours and a range of socio-medical needs which are new and unfamiliar to many educators. Their combination of issues and layered needs – mental health, relationship, behavioural, physical, medical, sensory, communication and cognitive – mean they often disengage from learning and challenge even our most experienced teachers. This book provides school practitioners and leaders with an approach and resources to engage this often disenfranchized group of children in learning. The Engagement for Learning Framework has been developed and trialled by over 100 educational settings (both special and mainstream) with learners from early years to post-16. It gives practitioners from a range of disciplines a shared means of assessing, recording and developing personalized learning pathways and demonstrating progression for these children. The focus on inquiry means that however complex a young person’s needs, educators will be able to apply the approach. This practical and engaging book provides literature, tools and case study examples outlining who children and young people with CLDD are, why their engagement for learning is important and how the Engagement for Learning Framework can be used effectively by teachers and other professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for these children.

Disability Studies, Kultursoziologie und Soziologie der Behinderung

Erkundungen in einem neuen Forschungsfeld

Author: Anne Waldschmidt,Werner Schneider

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 383940486X

Category: Social Science

Page: 350

View: 8846

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Erstmalig für den deutschsprachigen Raum findet in dieser interdisziplinären Anthologie eine Begegnung der Kultursoziologie mit der Soziologie der Behinderung statt. Hierzulande dominiert noch die rehabilitationswissenschaftliche Sichtweise auf 'Behinderung'. Dagegen ermöglichen es die aus den USA und Großbritannien stammenden Disability Studies, Behinderung als soziale und kulturelle Kategorie zu verstehen und soziologische Schlüsselbegriffe wie Wissen, Körper, Macht, soziale Ungleichheit, Interaktion und Biografie neu zu entdecken. Die Textsammlung leitet durch ihren Anschluss an die Disability Studies einen grundlegenden Perspektivenwechsel auf Phänomene verkörperter Differenz ein.

Handbook of Disability Studies

Author: Gary L. Albrecht,Katherine D. Seelman,Michael Bury

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761928744

Category: Medical

Page: 864

View: 4682

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This path-breaking Handbook of Disability Studies signals the emergence of a vital new area of scholarship, social policy and activism. Drawing on the insights of disability scholars around the world and the creative advice of an international editorial board, the book engages the reader in the critical issues and debates framing disability studies and places them in an historical and cultural context. Five years in the making, this one volume summarizes the ongoing discourse ranging across continents and traditional academic disciplines. The Handbook answers the need expressed by the disability community for a thought provoking, interdisciplinary, international examination of the vibrant field of disability

Women and Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe

Author: Joanna Regulska

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351872389

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 8795

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The transformations seen in women's active citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe mirror the social political and economic transformations in the region since the fall of communism at the end of the 1980s. This book challenges the universal notion of 'citizenship' by focusing on the diversity of situations women in this region have found themselves in since the end of the 1980s, looking at the challenges and struggles they have faced to assert themselves as citizens and their citizenship rights. Featuring detailed case studies which demonstrate the social and political discrimination between women that still exists, the book will be of interest to academics and post-graduate students in women's/gender studies, political sociology and European studies.