Becker-Shaffer's Diagnosis and Therapy of the Glaucomas E-Book

Author: Robert L. Stamper,Marc F. Lieberman,Michael V. Drake

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 032307023X

Category: Medical

Page: 592

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Authored by three prominent specialists in the field, this text provides comprehensive coverage of diagnostic and treatment modalities for optimal glaucoma management. Revised throughout, this new edition presents the latest guidance in clinical examination, randomized trials, medical treatment, laser therapy, and surgical procedures. Hundreds of illustrations—with many classic black and white figures from the previous editions supplemented with new color images—depict the features of glaucomas and step-by-step procedures for their management, while expanded use of highlighted boxes, lists, and summary tables make the material easy to access. Evidence-based and updated information on all aspects of the glaucomas—including physiology, genetics, interventional trials, and new surgical techniques—offer a well-rounded foundation of knowledge for making the most informed diagnoses and choosing the most effective course of treatment. Combines the cumulative experience of three prominent glaucoma specialists—addressing a full range of clinical needs for practitioners of all levels—for a uniquely written coherent perspective. Includes extensive references to current and historically important sources to provide comprehensive interpretation of the latest medical literature. Synthesizes a classical approach to the glaucomas—based on seven earlier editions spanning over 40 years—with the most up-to-date evidence-based and epidemiologically-derived classifications and outcomes. Coherently correlates with authoritative consensus documents on key areas of glaucoma, drawn up by the world-wide specialists of the World Glaucoma Association, and reprinted in the text. Revamps traditional teachings on the angle closure glaucomas, in concert with the newest international literature and technologies, to keep you up to date on the latest advances. Illustrates detailed surgical interventions applicable to the complete spectrum of clinical settings—from the developing world through contemporary operating rooms. Examines the newest and most promising developments in pharmacology, laser and surgical advances for glaucoma management, to enable you to choose the most effective patient approach. Illustrates invaluable but little-known instruments for clinical and research diagnoses, including optic nerve cupping scales, bleb assessment instruments, and more.

Becker-Shaffer's Diagnosis and Therapy of the Glaucomas

Author: Robert Nesbit Shaffer,Marc F. Lieberman,Michael V. Drake

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


Category: Medical

Page: 716

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For the first time in full-color, the seventh edition of BECKER-SHAFFER'S DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY OF THE GLAUCOMAS provides comprehensive coverage of diagnostic and treatment modalities for the glaucomas. The new editors have heavily revised this classic text, bringing it up to date with the very latest in clinical examination, medical treatment, laser therapy, and surgical procedures. The addition of color images, as well as color tables to highlight important information, give you the glaucoma information you need in an attractive and practical format. * Includes over 200 full color images, including gonioscopic illustrations and other clinical images, to help the reader better understand the pathologic features of the glaucomas. * Includes extensive references to current and even historically important sources to provide comprehensive interpretation of the latest medical literature. * Provides the reader comprehensive information on the medical treatment of the glaucomas, including a new chapter on Prostaglandins. * Includes a revised classification of the glaucomas to help practitioners categorize glaucomas and understand pathogenesis and treatment.

Physical Therapy of the Shoulder - E-Book

Author: Robert A. Donatelli

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437715311

Category: Medical

Page: 488

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The leading reference on shoulder rehabilitation, Physical Therapy of the Shoulder, 5th Edition provides complete information on the functional anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanics of movement, and the evaluation and treatment of shoulder disorders. It promotes current, evidence-based practice with coverage of the latest rehabilitation and surgical techniques. Case studies show the clinical application of key principles, and follow the practice patterns from the APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition, relating to shoulder disorders. Edited by Robert Donatelli, a well-known lecturer and consultant for professional athletes, this book includes a companion website with video clips demonstrating shoulder therapy techniques and procedures. State-of-the-art coverage details the latest rehabilitation and surgical techniques and procedures of shoulder disorders. The integration of practice patterns from the APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition, demonstrates APTA guidelines for managing shoulder disorders. Case studies in each clinical chapter show the management of real-life situations. Video clips on the companion website demonstrate examination techniques, function tests, treatment techniques, and exercises. Updated neurology and surgery sections provide the most current, evidence-based practice parameters. New case studies are added to show the clinical application of therapy principles. Video clips on the companion Evolve website demonstrate additional techniques, exercises, and tests.

Glaucoma E-Book

Author: Tarek M. Shaarawy,Mark B. Sherwood,Roger A. Hitchings,Jonathan G. Crowston

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702055417

Category: Medical

Page: 1416

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As the irreversible effects of glaucoma can lead to blindness, there is high demand for early diagnosis and an ongoing need for practitioners to adopt new and evolving medical and surgical treatment options to improve patient outcomes. Glaucoma, Second Edition is the most comprehensive resource in the field delivering expert guidance for the most timely and effective diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma – aimed at specialists, fellows and general ophthalmologists. More than 300 contributors from six continents provide a truly global perspective and explore new approaches in this user friendly reference which has been updated with enhanced images, more spotlights, new videos, and more. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Get all the accuracy, expertise, and dependability you could ask for from leading specialists across six continents, for expert guidance and a fresh understanding of the subject. Develop a thorough, clinically relevant understanding of all aspects of adult and pediatric glaucoma and the latest diagnostic imaging techniques including ultrasound biomicroscopy and optical coherence tomography. Broaden your surgical repertoire with the latest surgical techniques - such as trabeculectomy, gonio-surgery, combined surgeries, and implant procedures. Glean all essential, up-to-date, need-to-know information about stem cell research, gene transfer, and implants. Find answers fast thanks to a well-organized, user-friendly full-color layout. Stay at the forefront of your field with 10 brand new chapters on trending topics including: new surgical approaches such as trabectome and canoplasty; glaucoma implications in cataract and ocular surface disease; and, updates in the costs-effectiveness of medical management. Avoid pitfalls and achieve the best outcomes thanks to more than 40 brand new spotlight commentaries from key leaders providing added insight, tips and pearls of wisdom across varying hot topics and advances in the field. Refine and improve your surgical skills by watching over 50 video clips depicting the latest techniques and procedures including: new trabeculectomy methods, needling, implants, valve complications, and more. Prevent and plan for complications in advance by examining over 1,600 illustrations, photos and graphics (1,250 in color) capturing essential diagnostics techniques, imaging methods and surgical approaches. Grasp each procedure and review key steps quickly with chapter summary boxes that provide at-a-glance quick comprehension of the key take away points.

Talley and O'Connor's Clinical Examination - eBook

Author: Nicholas J Talley,Simon O’Connor

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729586189

Category: Medical

Page: 962

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Talley and O’Connor’s Clinical Examination, 8th edition helps students to navigate from first impressions through to the end of consultation. The text provides a patient-centred, evidence-based approach, making it the definitive resource for anyone embarking upon a medical career. Volume 1: A systematic guide to physical diagnosis breaks down each body system into a logical framework focusing on the history, clinical examination and correlation between physical signs and disease for each system. Volume 2: A guide to specialty examinations focuses on medical specialties ranging from paediatric medicine to specific approaches to ears, eyes, nose and throat assessments. Full eBook on StudentConsult OSCE-based scenario videos to assist with examination preparation ECG case studies Imaging library (X-rays, MRIs and CT scans) 390 MCQs

General and Systematic Pathology

Author: James Cressee Elphinstone Underwood

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780443073359

Category: Pathologie

Page: 839

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A textbook for medical and health science students, offering a comprehensive tour of the field of pathology. Features 250 color-line drawings, 400 high-quality color photographs, and explanatory tables on lesions, diseases, and terms that are commonly confused.

Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs

Author: Taub,Mary Bartuccio,Dominick M. Maino

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1451116683

Category: Medical

Page: 445

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Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs provides a thorough review of the eye and vision care needs of patients with special needs. This book gives you a better understanding of the most frequently encountered developmental and acquired disabilities seen in the eye care practitioner's office. These disabilities include patients with autism, brain injury, Fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome, as well as those with psychiatric illness, dual diagnosis, and more. The text discusses, in great detail, the visual issues inherent in these populations and their possible treatment. A group of authors with approximately 500 years of experience in the field of eye care and special populations have been brought together to develop this comprehensive reference. It may appear that this book is written primarily for eye care practitioners such as optometrists and ophthalmologists, while vision is the overriding topic, this book serves as an excellent resource for a multitude of professions including those engaged in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, physiatry, social work, pediatric medicine, and special education.

Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints E-Book

Author: Andrew B. Symons,Robert H. Seller

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323528112

Category: Medical

Page: 480

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Logically organized around the 36 most common presenting complaints – 80% of what you’re likely to encounter in daily practice – Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints, 7th Edition, uses a practical, clinically oriented approach to help you master the differential diagnosis of common symptoms. Using a clear, consistent format, it walks you through the problem-solving process that most physicians use to make a diagnosis. This book is the ideal reference for the beginning student and the busy clinician. Find information quickly thanks to an alphabetical organization by sign/symptom/disorder and a format that mimics the diagnostic decision-making process in clinical practice. Develop the clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills that are essential for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Stay up to date with evidence-based practice with increased evidence added to each chapter and thorough updating throughout, including the latest clinical and diagnostic studies. Clearly visualize key points in problem solving with new clinical algorithms and updated figures and images.

A Brilliant Madness

Author: Robert M. Drake

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1449485375

Category: Poetry

Page: 304

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These poems, taken from the last decade of Drake's work, trace the devolution of a society gone brilliantly mad.

Pediatric Ultrasound

How, Why and When

Author: Rose De Bruyn

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 9780443069178

Category: Medical

Page: 394

View: 309

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Pediatric ultrasound is different to adult ultrasound in all respects. The equipment chosen for pediatric work has different requirments, the technique of scanning is different, the normal anatomy changes throughout childhood and the pathology encountered in childhood are unique to children. This book addresses the 'how', 'why' and 'when' of pediatric ultrasound. Each chapter begins with the 'how': how to scan and what special techniques or tricks to use when scanning children. The 'why' and 'when' discuss the pathology and use of other imaging modalities - an essential skill in pediatric radiology where the limitation of both radiation exposure and number of examinations is of paramount importance. Accessible, step-by-step approach Covers the practical aspects of scanning, as well as the role, value and limitations of ultrasound in diagnosing different diseases Written at a level suitable for both students and practitioners

The Glaucoma Book

A Practical, Evidence-Based Approach to Patient Care

Author: Paul N. Schacknow,John R. Samples

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387767002

Category: Medical

Page: 1043

View: 891

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Complete evidence-based medical and surgical management of glaucoma for both the general ophthalmologist in practice and residents The only book that covers the new generation of glaucoma procedures including trabectome, trabecular bypass and canaloplasty, by the experts who developed them Includes the latest laser treatments for glaucoma including micro diode and titanium saphire trabeculoplasty as well as laser from an external approach The most comprehensive coverage of the optic nerve and the importance of nerve fiber layer hemorrhage Provides an integrated approach to neovascular glaucoma merging treatment to the retina, with the use of new anti-VEGF drugs, tubes, and shunts to achieve the best outcome Integrates clinical science with basic science to outline the next steps in glaucoma therapy

The Glaucomas

Volume I - Pediatric Glaucomas

Author: Roberto Sampaolesi,Jorge Zarate,Juan Roberto Sampaolesi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540691464

Category: Medical

Page: 486

View: 2756

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Congenital glaucoma is a complex problem, which has been a frequent cause of blindness in the past. Over the past decades, the prognosis of congenital glaucoma has completely changed. Surgical results are very good and enable these children to integrate entirely as adults in society. Based on the authors’ accumulated experience of more than 50 years and 860 cases operated for congenital glaucoma, this well-structured and lavishly illustrated textbook-atlas covers all aspects of congenital and infantile glaucoma, such as the original method for examining new-borns under general anaesthesia in the slit-lamp, the signs and symptoms of the disease and the differential diagnosis, the role and importance of the echometry value for early diagnosis, the gonioscopy results and the three types of congenital glaucomas (pure, refractory and late) and the type of surgery to be performed in each case with the evaluation of follow-up long-term results. Written by renowned international experts of the field, this book will become the golden standard in the field of Pediatric and Congenital Glaucomas.

Angle Closure Glaucoma

Author: Chul Hong,Testsuya Yamamoto

Publisher: Kugler Publications

ISBN: 9062992153

Category: Angle-closure glaucoma

Page: 278

View: 5746

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The incidence of angle-closure glaucoma is common throughout Asia, and numerous people have lost their sight as a result. Before the AACGC (Asian Angle-Closure Glaucoma Club) was established, there had been no sufficient coordination among glaucoma specialists in Asian countries with regard to terminology, classification, and pathophysiology as part of a scholarly effort among glaucoma specialists. This book is intended to provide information on the basic and essential concepts and mechanisms of angle-closure glaucoma, and the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment. The AACGC was committed to developing a book that is easy to read and understand through sufficient illustrations, figures, and tables, and more importantly, is clinically useful, effective, and necessary. The idea of the AACGC is to make it the ‘angle-closure glaucoma bible’ for clinicians and students across the world. Each chapter of the book was assigned to glaucoma specialists specializing in the respective area of research, and all members in Asian countries were encouraged to contribute. The topic of each chapter was fixed, and authors were invited through the regional editors by referring to research findings presented in meetings.

Core Radiology

Author: Jacob Mandell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107679680

Category: Medical

Page: 895

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Combines clinical images, full-color illustrations and bulleted text to create a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for learning and review.