Oxford Dictionary of English

Author: Angus Stevenson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199571120

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 2069

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19 pages of contents in middle of book between end of L and beginning of M

English - Esperanto - English Dictionary

Author: John C. Wells

Publisher: Mondial

ISBN: 1595691499

Category: English language

Page: 508

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A comprehensive and yet concise two-way dictionary designed for beginners and more advanced students of Esperanto alike, and also incorporating a summary of Esperanto grammar. -- An essential resource for users of Esperanto: Find what you are looking for: Concise yet comprehensive, with coverage of all the words you need, including many technical terms -- Both directions: Contains both Esperanto-English and English-Esperanto sections, with a total of over 30,000 entries -- Keep up-to-date: Completely revised and rewritten, with a thorough coverage of contemporary English and Esperanto -- Check how to write it and say it: With a grammatical introduction presenting a clear and authoritative analysis! ---- Ampleksa sed konciza Esperanta-angla kaj angla-Esperanta vortaro por komencantaj kaj progresintaj studantoj de Esperanto, kun enkonduka prezento de la gramatiko de Esperanto. -- Nemalhavebla richfonto por uzantoj de Esperanto: Trovu tion, kion vi serchas: Konciza sed inkluziva, enhavanta chiujn vortojn kiujn oni bezonas, inkluzive de multaj fakvortoj -- Ambau'direkta: El Esperanto en la anglan kaj el la angla en Esperanton, kun entute pli ol 30000 kapvortoj -- Ghisdatighu! Komplete reviziita kaj reverkita, plene spegulanta la hodiau'ajn anglan lingvon kaj Esperanton -- Kontrolu, kiel esprimi la signifon: Kun gramatika enkonduko klara kaj au'toritata!

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary

German-English, English-German

Author: Clark Thyen,Oxford,ed Clark,John Bradbury Sykes,Dudenredaktion (Bibliographisches Institut),Oxford University Press

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198602484

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1728

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This new edition provides an up-to-date and complete picture of contemporary German, including spelling changes ratified in 1996. Featured are more than 260,000 words, sample sentences, and maps. Thumb-indexed.

Small Talk English

typische Business-Situationen locker meistern ; [passende Redewendungen für jeden Anlass ; auf CD-ROM: Hörbeispiele, Übungen, Lösungen und Konversationstraining]

Author: Lisa Förster

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3448086304


Page: 173

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Basque-English, English-Basque Dictionary

Author: Gorka Aulestia,Linda White

Publisher: University of Nevada Press

ISBN: 9780874171785

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 669

View: 1975

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This pocket-sized Basque-English, English-Basque dictionary was designed for a broad audience--studens, teachers, people of Basque descent, and travelers--and contains definitions of the most commonly used Basque and English words. This compact softcover volume is the condensed version of the two larger dictionaries, Basque-English Dictionary and English-Basque Dictionary. These two comprehensive reference works were highly praised by critics and well received by the public. Prepared by two scholars of the Basque language, this streamlined volume is an indispensable aid for students, travelers, and those who need to translate quickly between Basque and English. The unified Batua dialect is emphasized.

English-German Dictionary of Idioms

Supplement to the German-English Dictionary of Idioms

Author: Hans Schemann,Paul Knight

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415172547

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 554

View: 4853

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This dictionary is the ideal supplement to the German/English Dictionary of Idioms, which together give a rich source of material for the translator from and into each language. The dictionary contains 15,000 headwords, each entry supplying the German equivalents, variants, contexts and the degree of currency/rarity of the idiomatic expression. This dictionary will be an invaluable resource for students and professional literary translators. Not for sale in Germany, Austria or Switzerland

English in Cameroon

Author: Hans-Georg Wolf

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110170535

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 359

View: 845

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The multilingual situation in Cameroon and the status of English as a co-official language constitute a unique and fascinating case for sociolinguistic investigation. Drawing from first-hand material, the author investigates several aspects of this complex configuration, including the historical development of English in Cameroon, the various languages and lingua franca areas, the linguistic policy, the de facto status of English and the situation in the anglophone provinces. The speech community of the Anglophones is highlighted as a rare example of an ethnicity tied to the second language. Apart from important sociolinguistic findings, the work includes a novel, corpus-based analysis of Cameroon English. Certain lexical phenomena are explained by the cognitive coding of culture - particularly the African cultural model of community, which also underlies the self-perception of the Anglophones - a perspective hitherto neglected in the study of the New Englishes.

Chamorro-English Dictionary

Author: Donald M. Topping,Pedro Ogo,Bernardita Dungca

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824803537

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 336

View: 6862

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The Chamorro-English Dictionary provides an alphabetical listing of as many Chamorro words as could be collected, spelled according to the principles adopted by the Marianas Orthography Committee in February 1971. Each word is given a fairly comprehensive definition in English, and, in many cases, sample sentences have been included to illustrate usages in context. Cross-references are provided among Chamorro words that are semantically related. An English-Chamorro finder list, based on selected words in the English definitions, is also provided.

German-English/English-German Dictionary and Phrasebook

Author: Michael Jelden

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781808576

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 267

View: 7431

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Providing the means for basic communication, the two-way dictionary and phrase-book contains over 4,000 total entries, covering important topics such as greetings, transportation, shopping, business terms, and more. Special sections include an introduction to the German language, a pronunciation guide, basic grammar and a list of the 100 most used German words.


Grammar / [Übers. und engl. Bearb.: Courtney Glore ...]

Author: N.A

Publisher: Hueber Verlag

ISBN: 9783194616264

Category: German language

Page: 73

View: 8029

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History of English

Author: Jonathan Culpeper

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415341841

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 134

View: 803

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Whilst maintaining the accessibility for the beginner, the level of this second edition has been raised by the addition of much more detail, a greater focus on theories and controversies, and a clearer route to key works in the field. History of English: examines the history of the English language in order to explain the English that is used today introduces key linguistic concepts provides 'discussion points' to generate debate involves readers in collecting and analyzing their own data contains a 'mini-corpus' of texts, used for exercises and to illustrate points raised in the commentary. Revised throughout, this updated edition contains a new internet resource section and an updated further reading section, to help readers take their study further.

The Origins and Development of the English Language

Author: John Algeo

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1428231455

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 2284

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Updated to reflect current research and rewritten for further clarity of presentation, the sixth edition of the best-selling THE ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE continues to take a linguistic-analysis approach and focuses on the facts of language rather than on theoretical approaches. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Ilocano-English, English-Ilocano : Dictionary and Phrasebook

Author: Carl R. Galvez Rubino

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781806428

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 266

View: 2436

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Spoken in northern Luzon, Ilocano is the third most popular language of the Philippines with nine million speakers. In-depth pronunciation guides, an extensive vocabulary, and grammatical details.

Chutnefying English

The Phenomenon of Hinglish

Author: Rita Kothari,Rupert Snell

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 0143416391

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 235

View: 9727

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Contributed articles presented at a conference organized by BSR Government Arts College (Alwar, India).


Author: Joseph W. Raker,Ramāśaṅkara Śukla

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781804707

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 762

View: 2313

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This comprehensive dictionary features a useful guide to transliteration and is ideal for students or travellers.

The English Language

A Historical Introduction

Author: Charles Barber,Charles Laurence Barber

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521785709

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 299

View: 2849

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Introduction to the history of the English language, ranging from prehistory to the present day.

"Is this English?"

Race, Language, and Culture in the Classroom

Author: Bob Fecho

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807744079

Category: Education

Page: 173

View: 2937

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This is the story of a white high school English teacher, Bob Fecho, and his students of colour who mutually engage issues of literacy, language, learning, and culture. Through his journey, Fecho presents a method of "critical inquiry" that allows students and teachers to take intellectual and social risks in the classroom to make meaning together and, ultimately, to transform literacy education. Featuring the voices, beliefs, and struggles of urban adolescents and their teachers, this important book: describes how critical inquiry enabled students and teachers to cross cultural boundaries and enact a pedagogy that empowers students; provides a much-needed alternative to current best practice thinking and educational mandates that demean teacher knowledge and alienate adolescent students; and demonstrates how difficult realities can and should enter the classroom, showing teachers how to channel them into language, discourse, and classroom projects that improve students' literacy and thinking.