International Comparative Perspectives on Religion and Education

Author: Charl Wolhuter,Corene de Wet


ISBN: 1920382372

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Religion in education continues to be, as it has been for quite some time, a controversial subject. In almost every society, long before the state began to assume responsibility for education, schooling was based on religion and education was supplied by organised religion. When state?supplied education systems came into being, the religious ethos of schools at first remained intact. During the past 50 years, that model came, for a variety of reasons, under increasing pressure. In the quest for an acceptable formula for the relation between education and religion, this book provides international comparative perspectives from the following national education systems, regarding the place of religion in education: Brazil, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Greece, Armenia, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, Japan, Tanzania and South Africa.

Self-Determination, Dignity and End-of-Life Care

Regulating Advance Directives in International and Comparative Perspective

Author: Stefania Negri

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004223576

Category: Law

Page: 475

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By providing an interdisciplinary reading of advance directives regulation in international, European and domestic law, this book offers new insights into the most controversial legal issues surrounding the debate over dignity and autonomy at the end of life.

Legal Responses to AIDS in Comparative Perspective

Author: S. J. Frankowski

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041110374

Category: Law

Page: 419

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The book is a collection of ten essays on legal responses to HIV/AIDS, written by scholars from five continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe & America). Each essay deals with HIV/AIDS-related problems in the author's country. An effort was made to select highly-diversified countries belonging to different families of law, the countries varying in their political, ethnic, & religious backgrounds. The contributors were encouraged to explore the links between HIV/AIDS-related problems & other social issues. They were also encouraged to reflect upon the limits & effectiveness of legal measures in reducing the growth of the epidemic. Finally, the goal of the project was to find whether it is possible to achieve a proper balance between the need to protect societies from the scourge of AIDS & the need to protect the rights of those afflicted by the disease.

Advance Care Decision Making in Germany and Italy

A Comparative, European and International Law Perspective

Author: Stefania Negri,Jochen Taupitz,Amina Salkić,Anna Zwick

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 364240555X

Category: Law

Page: 279

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What is the situation of people who are unable to make decisions due to a physical or mental change? This book gives impulses and answers to many ethical, economical and mainly legal questions which arise and are associated with the end of life. A universal human rights approach and the analysis of the relevant European law are put in front of the presentation of the national legal situations in Italy and Germany. The most topical and controversial issues concerning advance care planning are presented as well as a transnational economic analysis on the effects of advance care planning.​

Euthanasia, Abortion, Death Penalty and Religion - The Right to Life and its Limitations

International Empirical Research

Author: Hans-Georg Ziebertz,Francesco Zaccaria

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319987739

Category: Political Science

Page: 306

View: 8433

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This book considers how the termination of life might be accepted in the view of a general obligation to protect life. It features more than 10 papers written by scholars from 14 countries that offer international comparative empirical research. Inside, readers will find case studies from such areas as: India, Chile, Germany, Italy, England, Palestine, Lithuania, Nigeria, and Poland. The papers focus on three limitations of the right to life: the death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia. The contributors explore how young people understand and evaluate the right to life and its limitations. The book presents unique empirical research among today's youth and reveals that, among other concepts, religiosity matters. It provides insight into the acceptance, perception, and legitimation of human rights by people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. This investigation rigorously tests for inter-individual differences regarding political and judicial rights on religious grounds, while controlling for other characteristics. It will help readers better understand the many facets of this fundamental, yet controversial, philosophical question. The volume will be of interest to students, researchers, as well as general readers searching for answers.

Comparative Empirical Bioethics: Dilemmas of Genetic Testing and Euthanasia in Israel and Germany

Author: Aviad E. Raz,Silke Schicktanz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331932733X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 121

View: 5737

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This book is a comprehensive, empirically-grounded exploration of the relationship between bioethics, culture, and the perspective of being affected. It provides a new outlook on how complex “bioethical” issues become questions of everyday life. The authors focus on two contexts, genetic testing and end-of-life care, to locate and demonstrate emerging themes of responsibility, such as self-responsibility, responsibility for kin, and the responsibility of society. Within these themes, the duty to know versus the right not to know one's genetic fate (in the context of genetic testing), or the sanctity of life versus self-determination (in the context of end of life care) are identified as culturally embedded dilemmas that are very much relevant for lay persons. Furthermore, cultural factors such as religion, history, utopian and dystopian views of biomedical technologies, outlooks on the body and on health/illness, and citizenship are examined. Health issues are increasingly becoming a question of assessing risk and responsibility: How can we better prepare ourselves for the future? We all make such assessments in a way that combines personal inclinations, professional recommendations, and cultural framings. There is still much to be learned about the interplay between these three dimensions.

Comparative Healthcare Law

Author: Peter De Cruz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135341133

Category: Law

Page: 784

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This work provides a thematic, comparative and accessible analysis of key areas of healthcare law in England and Wales, comparing these primarily with various selected common law and civil law jurisdictions, within a framework of law and medical ethics.

Israel Among the Nations

International and Comparative Law Perspectives on Israel's 50th Anniversary

Author: Alfred E. Kellermann,Kurt Siehr,Talia Einhorn

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041111425

Category: Law

Page: 392

View: 3692

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On the occasion of Israel's 50th anniversary, eminent American, European and Israeli jurists contributed essays of great relevance to the current debate on constitutionalism and its values, the international legal dimension of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the dilemma of democracies when dealing with terrorism, the establishment of the concept of UN peace-keeping forces, individual responsibility and superior orders for war crimes, and the ombudsman as defender of democracy and human rights.

Bevor ich jetzt gehe

Was am Ende wirklich zählt - Das Vermächtnis eines jungen Arztes

Author: Paul Kalanithi

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 3641189365

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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„Dieses gehört zu der Handvoll Bücher, die für mich universell sind. Ich empfehle es wirklich jedem.“ ANN PATCHETT Was macht das eigene Leben lebenswert? Was tun, wenn die Lebensleiter keine weiteren Stufen in eine vielversprechende Zukunft bereithält? Was bedeutet es, ein Kind zu bekommen, neues Leben entstehen zu sehen, während das eigene zu Ende geht? Bewegend und mit feiner Beobachtungsgabe schildert der junge Arzt und Neurochirurg Paul Kalanithi seine Gedanken über die ganz großen Fragen.

The Reality of Human Dignity in Law and Bioethics

Comparative Perspectives

Author: Brigitte Feuillet-Liger,Kristina Orfali

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319991124

Category: Law

Page: 318

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Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, this volume explores the reality of the principle of human dignity – a core value which is increasingly invoked in our societies and legal systems. This book provides a systematic overview of the legal and philosophical concept in sixteen countries representing different cultural and religious contexts and examines in particular its use in a developing case law (including of the European Court of Human Rights and of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights). Whilst omnipresent in the context of bioethics, this book reveals its wider use in healthcare more generally, treatment of prisoners, education, employment, and matters of life and death in many countries. In this unique comparative work, contributing authors share a multidisciplinary analysis of the use (and potential misuse) of the principle of dignity in Europe, Africa, South and North America and Asia. By revealing the ambivalence of human dignity in a wide range of cultures and contexts and through the evolving reality of case law, this book is a valuable resource for students, scholars and professionals working in bioethics, medicine, social sciences and law. Ultimately, it will make all those who invoke the principle of human dignity more aware of its multi-layered character and force us all to reflect on its ability to further social justice within our societies.

Nichts weniger als ein Wunder


Author: Markus Zusak

Publisher: Limes Verlag

ISBN: 3641242355

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 2244

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Von Millionen Lesern sehnsüchtig erwartet – der neue große Roman vom preisgekrönten Autor des Weltbestsellers »Die Bücherdiebin«. Dies ist die Geschichte der fünf Dunbar-Brüder. Nach dem Tod der geliebten Mutter und dem Weggang ihres Vaters leben sie nach ihren ganz eigenen Regeln. Sie trauern, sie lieben, sie hassen, sie hoffen und sie suchen. Nach einem Weg, mit ihrer Vergangenheit klarzukommen, nach der Wahrheit und nach Vergebung. Schließlich ist es Clay – angetrieben von den Erinnerungen an ihren tragischen Verlust –, der beschließt, eine Brücke zu bauen. Eine Brücke, die Vergangenheit zu überwinden und so sich selbst und seine Familie zu retten. Dafür verlangt er sich alles ab, was er geben kann, und mehr: nichts weniger als ein Wunder.

Giving Death a Helping Hand

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Public Policy. An International Perspective

Author: Dieter Birnbacher,Edgar Dahl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402064968

Category: Medical

Page: 157

View: 5938

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Public policy surrounding the hotly debated issue of physician-assisted suicide is examined in detail. You’ll find an analysis of the current legal standing and practice of physician-assisted suicide in several countries. Authors discuss the ethical principles underlying its legal and professional regulation. Personal narratives provide important first-hand accounts from professionals who have been involved in end-of-life issues for many years.


Domestic and Comparative Perspectives

Author: Alan Reed,Michael Bohlander,Nicola Wake,Emma Smith

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317161920

Category: Law

Page: 438

View: 3330

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This volume presents a leading contribution to the substantive arena relating to consent in the criminal law. In broad terms, the ambit of legally valid consent in extant law is contestable and opaque, and reveals significant problems in adoption of consistent approaches to doctrinal and theoretical underpinnings of consent. This book seeks to provide a logical template to focus the debate. The overall concept addresses three specific elements within this arena, embracing an overarching synergy between them. This edifice engages in an examination of UK provisions, with specialist contributions on Irish and Scottish law, and in contrasting these provisions against alternative domestic jurisdictions as well as comparative contributions addressing a particularised research grid for consent. The comparative chapters provide a wider background of how other legal systems' treat a variety of specialised issues relating to consent in the context of the criminal law. The debate in relation to consent principles continues for academics, practitioners and within the criminal justice system. Having expert descriptions of the wider issues surrounding the particular discussion and of other legal systems' approaches serves to stimulate and inform that debate. This collection will be a major source of reference for future discussion.

Value and Virtue in Public Administration

A Comparative Perspective

Author: Michiel S. de Vries,P. Kim

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230353886

Category: Political Science

Page: 327

View: 8996

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A multidisciplinary analysis of the role of values and virtue in public administration, this book calls for a rediscovery of virtue. It explores ways of enabling the public sector to balance the values that are presently dominant with classic values such as accountability, representation, equality, neutrality, transparency and the public interest.

Asking to Die: Inside the Dutch Debate about Euthanasia

Author: David C. Thomasma,Thomasine Kimbrough Kushner,G.L Kimsma,C. Ciesielski-Carlucci

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792351863

Category: Medical

Page: 588

View: 1136

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The Dutch experience with euthanasia is valuable for all cultures embroiled in debates about its morality. In the Netherlands, doctors can openly and intentionally end the life of their patients. This practice inescapably influences the practice of medicine everywhere in the world. Yet for a country yielding so much power in shaping our thoughts and policies, it is especially dangerous to neglect its own struggles with euthanasia. The arguments, laws, and policy adjustments should not be overlooked or misunderstood. Without an adequate portrait of the internal Dutch debate, including public and professional arguments as well as intensely personal stories - as set forth in Asking to Die - the valuable lessons from the Netherlands will be lost for other countries. This book therefore differs from other published books on euthanasia in that it addresses the debate, as it is currently formulated, among Dutch physicians, policy-makers, academics, lawyers, and bioethicists, as well as families, and it does so using academic papers as well as personal experiences.

Die Perspektive der Moral

Philosophische Grundlagen der Tugendethik

Author: Martin Rhonheimer

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3050079657

Category: Philosophy

Page: 398

View: 2709

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Die erste Fassung dieses Buches wurde 1994 in einer italienischen Übersetzung unter dem Titel La prospettiva della morale im Verlag Armando in Rom veröffentlicht. Im Jahre 2000 folgte eine erweiterte Version in spanischer Übersetzung (La perspectiva de la moral) im Verlag Rialp, Madrid. Schließlich ist nun auch die Zeit gekommen, das deutsche Original zu veröffentlichen, allerdings in einer wiederum erheblich erweiterten und aktualisierten Version. Abgesehen von einigen substantiellen inhaltlichen Zusätzen versuche ich hier nun auch auf Kritik an einigen meiner Ansichten und Positionen zu antworten, wie ich sie in der ersten, im deutschen Sprachraum kaum rezipierten Version dieses Buches wie auch in anderen Arbeiten vertreten habe. Dies betrifft vor allem die Studie „Natur als Grundlage der Moral" (Tyrolia, Innsbruck 1987, in einer englischen Übersetzung unter dem Titel Natural Law and Practical Reason: A Thomist View of Moral Autonomy bei Fordham University Press, New York 2000 erschienen) und die breit angelegten Untersuchungen zur ethischen Handlungstheorie bei Aristoteles und Thomas von Aquin, die 1994 unter dem Titel „Praktische Vernunft und Vernünftigkeit der Praxis" ebenfalls im Berliner Akademie Verlag erschienen sind.

Leben und Tod

der Zusammenbruch der traditionellen Ethik

Author: Peter Singer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783891311202

Category: Abortion

Page: 255

View: 2390

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