Science and Practice

Author: John C. Morrison,Irvin P. Pollack

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 1588905918

Category: Medical

Page: 544

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Rapid advances in identifying the epidemiology, physiology, and genetics of glaucoma have led to dramatic developments in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. This new text offers you concise coverage of every major clinical breakthrough, as well as the basic science needed to thoroughly understand all manifestations of the disease. It is written by a who's who of international experts, who share their tips and techniques in every information-filled chapter.The book begins with important new details on etiology, genetics, and epidemiology, and then covers intraocular pressure, the optic nerve, different types of glaucoma, and various treatment strategies. More than 270 color illustrations augment the text and clarify all concepts.Benefit from these special features:Key discussions of the pathophysiology of the disease, as well as the pharmacologic mechanisms of different drugs and their efficacyValuable diagnostic decision diagrams that lead to quick and accurate decisionsHelpful pearls, pitfalls, and special considerations that offer guidance in specific situations and show how to avoid problems and complications Nearly 300 superb, full-color illustrations that depict the distinguishing features of each entityInclusion of such cutting-edge material as neuroprotection, and several other new topics Whether you are an experienced practitioner needing a quick review or a resident learning a topic for the first time, Glaucoma: Science and Practice is packed with essential clinical and scientific information. Here is the timely, current, and practical resource you need to understand the complexities of glaucoma and provide optimal patient care.


A Patient's Guide to the Disease

Author: Graham E. Trope

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802094732

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 97

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Essential information about glaucoma and its treatment is presented here in a simple question and answer format to allow patients to participate actively in the decision-making process along the road to successful maintenance of their vision.


The Requisites in Ophthalmology

Author: Wallace L. M. Alward

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: 9780323001069

Category: Medical

Page: 260

View: 686

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GLAUCOMA: The Requisites in Opthalmology offers a comprehensive and detailed approach to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. It combines a clear, concise text along with various diagrams, black and white illustrations, photos, and surgical drawings to provide ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents with an accurate and exact diagnostic and technical tool that covers the most frequently used medical and surgical procedures for glaucoma. Part of the extensive Requisites series, it's a perfect resource for the modern management of the leading cause of blindness worldwide. * Contains concise presentation of important information essential for diagnosis and treatment of the most frequently found eye disease, providing the ophthalmologist with comprehensive background in glaucoma's various traits. * Designed as a heavily illustrated diagnostic tool using diagrams, black and white illustrations, color photos, and surgical drawings. * Covers the most frequently used medical and surgical methods for treating glaucoma, so ophthalmologists are studying the most current information. * Summarizes the essential major points that the reader must understand and remember, so the reader can easily access the most important information. * Contains the standard and successfully proven REQUISITES features of boxes presenting differential diagnosis, major points, chapter outlines, tables, heavily illustrated format, suggested readings to clarify and highlight important information for the reader. * Created as a part of a set consisting of seven complimentary REQUISITES IN OPHTHALMOLOGY - to be completed at the same time and featured as a set for the most extensive information on all the subspecialties of ophthalmology. Spanish version also available, ISBN: 84-8174-513-8

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

Author: Deepak Gupta

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781754033

Category: Medical

Page: 348

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This book offers optometrists a complete, clinically oriented guide to effective diagnosis and management of glaucoma and provides valuable assistance in co-managing these patients with ophthalmologists. Coverage of diagnosis includes risk factors, genetic factors, gonioscopy, visual field analysis, intra-ocular pressure measurement, corneal thickness evaluation, and optic nerve imaging. The medical management section thoroughly describes the ophthalmic drugs used to manage glaucoma. The surgical management section describes laser and conventional procedures and offers optometrists guidelines for co-managing patients. The final section presents case studies. Chapters include clinical pearls and "how-to" instructions for procedures. Over 100 illustrations complement the text.

Medical Management of Glaucoma

Author: James C. Tsai,Max Forbes

Publisher: Professional Communications

ISBN: 193261043X

Category: Medical

Page: 288

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The focus of the text is the assessment and pharmacologic treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma. Detailed information on the various medications used is presented, along with a detailed treatment algorithm. Results and clinical implications of landmark glaucoma studies and comparative clinical trials are reviewed, with the importance of 24-hour control of intraocular pressure stressed. Brief chapters also review abnormal cornea, iris, lens, anterior chamber and angle, and the medical management of complications of laser and glaucoma surgery.

Glaucoma: Medical diagnosis & therapy

Author: Tarek Shaarawy,Mark B. Sherwood,Jonathan G. Crowston

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702029777

Category: Medical

Page: 696

View: 6870

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Recent dramatic advances in diagnosis, as well as medical and surgical treatment, mean that you can offer your glaucoma patients more timely and effective interventions. This clinical reference details the most critical developments in the field.


Author: James A. McAllister

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann


Category: Glaucoma

Page: 278

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How to save your sight

Author: I. Goldberg,R. Susanna Jr.

Publisher: Kugler Publications

ISBN: 9062992420

Category: Medical

Page: 140

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Glaucoma is infamous as ΄the sneak thief of sight΄: the most common types give no warning they are slowly, progressively destroying a person΄s vision. Because usually the vision at first is affected to the side, patients notice little, if anything. By the time an individual realizes something is wrong, there may have been considerable damage. Why write a book about it? And why dedicate it to all patients with glaucoma, to their relatives and friends, to the general community as well as to ophthalmologists, other doctors and eye health care practitioners who wish to be familiar with management of this group of diseases? Undisturbed, glaucoma blinds people. It respects neither gender nor education; it ignores wealth and privilege. We have no cure for it and we cannot reverse the damage that it has caused. Glaucoma affects about 2% of people over 40 years of age. It is not rare. It is the commonest cause of irreversible and preventable visual disability everywhere. But most of the time we can control it. Successful protection of vision depends in part on how much damage has been done when first detected and how aggressive the disease is for an individual patient. So the earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the less damage that has been caused, the better the long-term outlook. Early detection requires informed communities whose members seek eye examinations as well as knowledgeable and appropriately equipped eye health care professionals who recognize subtle warning signs and arrange timely ophthalmological confirmation and initiation of effective treatment. This requires access to a worthwhile health system. Even in developed societies, about 50% of patients with glaucoma have not been diagnosed and are not on treatment. Half of these undiagnosed people have been seen by an eye health care practitioner in the last two years. We wish to enlighten our readers with quality information to minimise visual disability from glaucoma.


A Colour Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: John F. Salmon,Jack J. Kanski

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical

ISBN: 9780750655286

Category: Medical

Page: 168

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This third edition covers all recent developments in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma--one of the most commonly encountered ocular conditions. A systematic and detailed approach has been maintained which makes this textbook one of the most comprehensive accounts of the disease currently available.


Author: Franz Grehn,Robert Stamper

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540406082

Category: Medical

Page: 232

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"Essentials in Ophthalmology" is a new review series covering all of ophthalmology categorized in eight subspecialties. It will be published quarterly, thus each subspecialty will be reviewed biannually. Given the multiplicity of medical publications already available, why is a new series needed? Consider that the half-life of medical knowledge is estimated to be around 5 years. Moreover, it can be as long as 8 years between the first description of a medical innovation in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and publication in a medical textbook. A series that narrows this time span between journal and textbook would provide a more rapid and efficient transfer of medical knowledge into clinical practice, and enhance care of our patients.

Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma

Author: Thom J. Zimmerman,Karanjit S. Kooner

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 158890590X

Category: Medical

Page: 565

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With the goal of simplifying the diagnosis and treatment process, Drs. Zimmerman and Kooner introduce Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma.This new decision-making guide offers 22 chapters on topics ranging from childhood and neovascular glaucoma to drug-induced glaucoma and management of glaucoma in pregnancy. Each chapter is consistently laid out in the same organized format: Definition, Epidemiology and Importance, Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis, Treatment and Management, and Future Considerations. Beneath each heading, a series of questions are posed, each followed by an answer and explanation, making it easy to quickly pinpoint the information you are looking for. Accompanied by step-by-step algorithms, cross-references, and dozens of drawings, charts and tables, Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma is a complete reference for specialists at all levels.This practical, clinically oriented text is designed for everyday use by ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists, and residents. For easy- to-use, comprehensive information on today's challenging cases, Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma is ideal.

Classic Papers in Glaucoma

Author: Robert Ritch,Ronald M. Caronia

Publisher: Kugler Publications

ISBN: 9789062991600

Category: Medical

Page: 439

View: 3447

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439 pages with 269 figures and 72 tables.

Shared Care Glaucoma

Author: Amar Alwitry

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444309331

Category: Medical

Page: 264

View: 9725

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Shared Care Glaucoma provides concise, clear and user-friendly information for the non-ophthalmologist caring for glaucoma patients. It would also be an ideal text for ophthalmic trainees learning about glaucoma management and for generalist ophthalmologists who want to refresh their approach to their glaucoma care. The book covers the aetiology, classification, diagnosis and management of glaucoma under the four key sections: About Glaucoma, Detecting Progression, Treating Glaucoma and Specific Glaucoma Entities, enabling the reader to comfortably manage glaucoma patients and offering guidance on when they should refer, and to whom. Frequently asked questions are anticipated and logical responses given, supported by evidence from recent literature. That there are often no clear right and wrong decisions within many individual’s glaucoma management plan is well recognised and conveyed.

Glaucoma-Patient to Patient--A Coping Guide for You and Your Family

Author: Edith Marks

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450237266

Category: Medical

Page: 552

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The facts: Upwards of 65 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma. Its the second most prevalent, yet preventable, cause of blindness. It knows no age, race, or locationno one is immune. What you dont know can blind you, but what you do know can save your sight! Those of us in the field of eye care recognize that many of the subjects so masterfully handled by Edith are never discussed in routine doctor visits. Having a book like this as a reference provides answers to many questions and even suggests lists of questions to ask. As a firm believer that each of us has the primary responsibility for our own health care, I appreciate the advice and encouragement Edith provides. -- Thomas M. Brunner, President and CEO, Glaucoma Research Foundation Inside youll learn: The specific characteristics and issues associated with various types of glaucoma and what to expect from each. Common mistakes glaucoma doctors and patients make that can have a lifelong impact on your sightand strategies for avoiding them. Insights into the pros, cons and overall risks associated with the wide range of treatments available, plus guidance on deciding which treatment might be best for you. How to confidently confront the concerns many glaucoma patients struggle with. Proven, step-by-step strategies glaucoma patients can use for controlling and countering stressand much more! On behalf of the entire family of The Glaucoma Foundation, it is an honor and pleasure to congratulate Edith Marks, a collaborator, partner, and true friend of ours on a monumental achievement. This updated and expanded version of her earlier book is sure to be a gift to the glaucoma community and be enthusiastically used by those who suffer from these insidious diseases we all call glaucoma. -- Scott Christenson, CEO, The Glaucoma Foundation

Glaucoma Surgery

Open Angle Glaucoma

Author: Robert N. Weinreb,Jonathan G. Crowston

Publisher: Kugler Publications

ISBN: 9789062992034

Category: Medical

Page: 134

View: 6581

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140 pages with 9 tables and 2 figures, of which 1 in full color.

Shields Textbook of Glaucoma

Author: R. Rand Allingham,Karim F. Damji,Sharon F. Freedman,Sayoko E. Moroi,Douglas J. Rhee,M. Bruce Shields

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1451147821

Category: Medical

Page: 656

View: 4646

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Thoroughly updated, and now in full color, Shields' Textbook of Glaucoma, Sixth Edition is a clinically focused and practical textbook for general ophthalmologists treating patients with glaucoma. This classic text offers a rational approach to the medical and surgical management of glaucoma and presents a total care plan for the patient. This edition has five new or reconfigured chapters—management of the glaucoma patient/approach to the patient; principles of medical therapy; adrenergic agonists and antagonists; cholinergic stimulators and hyperosmotic agents; and neuroprotection and other investigational drugs. The book examines new technologies for intraocular pressure assessment and current diagnostic technologies such as optical coherence tomography, spectral domain optical coherence tomography, Heidelberg retinal tomograph, and GDx. Noted experts detail advances in surgical treatment of glaucoma including new glaucoma implants and angle surgery. Coverage also includes advances in genetics of glaucomatous diseases. A companion website includes the fully searchable text and an image bank.

Acute Glaucoma

Acute Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma, Major Global Blinding Problem

Author: Arthur Lim

Publisher: NUS Press

ISBN: 9789810459482

Category: Medical

Page: 92

View: 9271

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Acute glaucoma is a serious blinding condition that every opthalmologist has to grapple with. Here, Arthur Lim shares his experience in treating over 2000 patients with acute primary closed angle glaucoma. The book should be of interest to opthalmologists, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.


Author: Walter Morton Grant

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 381

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World Clinics in Ophthalmology Innovations in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Vol. 2 2011

Author: Samuel Boyd

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9350257998

Category: Medical

Page: 100

View: 7905

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Written by worldwide experts, World Clinics in Ophthalmology are periodicals containing evidence-based reviews on disease management, techniques, procedures and technology. These periodicals will be published on a biannual basis. Volume Two is a concise review of glaucoma diagnosis and management. Each chapter offers a clear understanding of each operation and includes didactic photographs, illustrations and case studies. Topics covered include laser treatment, optical coherence topography and surgical procedures including ab-externo trabeculectomy and non penetrating surgery for glaucoma. A clinical evaluation of diagnosis and management techniques for primary open angle glaucoma is also provided.