Greek Art and Archaeology C. 1200-30 BC

Author: Dimitris Plantzos

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781937040574

Category: Art

Page: 304

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This lavishly illustrated volume presents a systematic survey of Greek art and archaeology from the collapse of Mycenaean civilization to the dissolution of the Ptolemaic realm. The book begins with an introductory chapter covering the basic principles of archaeological research as well as a concise survey of the developments that led to the establishment of classical archaeology as an academic discipline. Four chapters follow, covering developments in Greek art and archaeology in the Early Iron Age, the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods respectively. Through concise, systematic coverage of the main categories of classical monuments, the reader is taken on a tour of ancient Greece through the most important period in its history, the first millennium BC. Architecture and city planning, sculpture, painting, pottery, metallurgy, jewelry, and numismatics are some of the areas covered. The book caters primarily to the nonspecialist looking for the essential in ancient Greece. The text is divided into accessible, user-friendly sections including case studies, terminology, charts, maps, a timeline, and full index. Designed as an academic textbook, the volume will interest anyone seeking an inclusive and detailed survey of the most important material remains of ancient Greek civilization. Originally published in Greek by Kapon Edtions (Athens 2011), Greek Art and Archaeology is now expanded with additional material and illustrations specially provided for this edition, and in a translation by Nicola Wardle.

Classical Myth in Alfred Hitchcock's Wrong Man and Grace Kelly Films

Author: Mark William Padilla

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498563511

Category: Philosophy

Page: 412

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Mark Padilla’s classical reception readings of Alfred Hitchcock features some of the director’s most loved and important films, and demonstrates how they are informed by the educational and cultural classicism of the director’s formative years. The six close readings begin with discussions of the production histories, so as to theorize and clarify how classicism could and did enter the projects. Exploration of the films through a classical lens creates the opportunity to explore new themes and ideological investments. The result is a further appreciation of both the engine of the director’s storytelling creativity and the expressionism of classicism, especially Greek myth and art, in British and American modernism. The analysis organizes the material into two triptychs, one focused on the three films sharing a wrong man pattern (wrongly accused man goes on the run to clear himself), the other treating the films starring the actress Grace Kelly. Chapter One, on The 39 Steps (1935), finds the origins of the wrong man plot in early 20th-century British classicism, and demonstrates that the movie utilizes motifs of Homer’s Odyssey. Chapter Two, on Saboteur (1942), theorizes the impact of the director’s memories of the formalism and myths associated with the Parthenon sculptures housed in the British Museum. Chapter Three, on North by Northwest, participates in the myths of the hero Oedipus, as associated with early Greek epic, Freud, Nietzsche, and Sophocles. Chapter Four, on Dial M for Murder (1954), returns to Homer’s Odyssey in the interpretive use of “the lay of Demodocus,” a story about the sexual triangle of Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Ares. Chapter Five, on Rear Window (1954), finds its narrative archetype in The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite; the erotic theme of Sirius, the Dog Star, also marks the film. Chapter Six, on To Catch a Thief (1955), offers the opportunity to break from mythic analogues, and to consider the film’s philosophical resonances (Plato and Epicurus) in the context of motifs coalesced around the god Dionysus/Bacchus.

The Art of Painting in Ancient Greece (English Language Edition)


Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9786185209209


Page: 360

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This innovative look at ancient Greek painting combines a standard comprehensive survey of the material record - wall-paintings, painted panels, or slabs - with an in-depth exploration of the ways in which the people of Ancient Greece appreciated this demanding art. Plantzos looks at techniques, styles, themes, and masters, as well as their admirers, clients, and critics. At the same time, he discusses recent breakthroughs in archaeology, cultural studies, and art history. The book is unique in its reflections of new, mul¬tidisciplinary approaches to the material record which it combines with a more traditional, art-historical exploration; it draws on a wide range of ancient authorities - from Plato and Xenophon to Cicero, Pliny, Lucian, and Philostratus. The book covers painting in Bronze-Age Greece (Cyclades, Crete, Santorini, Mycenaean Greece); painting of the Archaic, the Classical, and the Hellenistic periods, and ends with a study of Graeco-Roman painting in the 2nd-3rd c. AD.

Kingship in the Mycenaean World and its reflections in the Oral Tradition

Author: Ione Mylonas Shear

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1623030811

Category: Social Science

Page: 120

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Section 508 Compliant During the last few decades, there has been great interest in the problems of defining the extent and nature of kingship in the Mycenaean world. Questions concerning the degree of economic and religious power held by the king have been given special emphasis. This book surveys the conclusions drawn by individual scholars studying the Linear B tablets, contrasts their theories with our knowledge of the Mycenaean kingdoms as derived from the archaeological record, and finally compares this evidence with possible reflections in the oral tradition, specifically in the Iliad and Odyssey . This approach leads to the suggestion that the king in the Mycenaean period had only limited power over the society and its economy. Although the king appears to have controlled a large segment of the economy, it is argued here that other individuals and family groups within the kingdom also had a certain degree of economic independence.

Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present

From Ancient Times to the Present

Author: Cynthia Clark Northrup,Jerry H. Bentley,Alfred E. Eckes, Jr,Patrick Manning,Kenneth Pomeranz,Steven Topik

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317471539

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 26

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Written for high school or beginning undergraduate students, this four-volume reference valiantly attempts to provide a historical framework for the perhaps overly broad concept of world trade. Entry topics were selected on trade organizations, influential people, commodities, events that affected trade, trade routes, navigation, religion, communic

The Classical World

An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian

Author: Robin Lane Fox

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0465003664

Category: History

Page: 672

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The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome once dominated the world, and they continue to fascinate and inspire us. Classical art and architecture, drama and epic, philosophy and politics-these are the foundations of Western civilization. In The Classical World, eminent classicist Robin Lane Fox brilliantly chronicles this vast sweep of history from Homer to the reign of Hadrian. From the Peloponnesian War through the creation of Athenian democracy, from the turbulent empire of Alexander the Great to the creation of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Christianity, Fox serves as our witty and trenchant guide. He introduces us to extraordinary heroes and horrific villains, great thinkers and blood-thirsty tyrants. Throughout this vivid tour of two of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, we remain in the hands of a great master.

Globalization as Evolutionary Process

Modeling Global Change

Author: George Modelski,Tessaleno Devezas,William R. Thompson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113597764X

Category: History

Page: 464

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The term globalization has gained widespread popularity; yet most treatments are either descriptive and/or focused on changes in economic interconnectivity. In this volume the concept is seen in broader terms as leading international experts from a range of disciplines develop a long-term analysis to address the problems of globalization. The editors and contributors develop a framework for understanding the origins and trajectory of contemporary world trends, constructing testable and verifiable models of globalization. They demonstrate how the evolutionary approach allows us to view globalization as an enterprise of the human species as a whole focusing on the analytical problem of global change and the rules governing those changes. The emphasis is not on broad-based accounts of the course of world affairs but, selectively, on processes that reshape the social of the human species, the making of world opinion and the innovations that animate these developments. Chapters are clustered into four foci. One emphasizes the interpretation of globalization as an explicitly evolutionary process. A second looks at historical sequences of such phenomena as population growth or imperial rise and decline as processes that can be modeled and not purely described. The third cluster examines ongoing changes in economic processes, especially information technology. A final cluster takes on some of the challenges associated with forecasting and simulating the complexities of globalization processes. This innovative and important volume will be of interest to students and scholars across the social sciences concerned with the phenomenon of globalization.

Studies of Homeric Greece

Author: Bouzek, Jan

Publisher: Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press

ISBN: 8024635615

Category: Social Science

Page: 309

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The volume brings a kind of companion to the subject of study of archaeology and history of Late Mycenaean to Geometric Greece and of the koine of Early Iron Age Geometric styles in Europe and Upper Eurasia, ca 1300–700 BC, in relation to their Near Eastern neighbours. The age around the so-called axial period of human history, of transition from Bronze to Iron Age, from the pre-philosophical to philosophical mind, from mythical level of human thought to logos, is discussed in the frame of combining several approaches into a synthetic picture revisiting the previous books and papers by the author, in an attempt to combine the witness of archaeological sources with the worlds of Homer and Hesiod, and the first private Phoenician and Greek merchant ventures. It surveys the birth of Greek autonomous city states, of its art and its free citizens. The book contains many maps and drawings illustrating the discussed subjects, black and white and colour photographs.

History at the universities

a comparative and analytical guide to degree courses in history in the United Kingdom

Author: Roger Philip Blows,George Barlow,Historical Association (Great Britain)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 172

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A history of Western art

Author: Laurie Adams

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 557

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Appropriate for one-semester art history surveys or historically-focused art appreciation classes, "A History of Western Art," Revised Fourth Edition, features additional color which provides students with a greater understanding of the works of art. Focusing on the Western canon of art history, the text presents a compelling chronological narrative from prehistory to the present. A non-Western supplement, "World Views: Topics in Non-Western Art," addresses specific areas of non-Western art and augments the Western chronology by illustrating moments of thematic relationships and cross-cultural contact. "World Views" is available at a discount when packaged with "A History of Western Art,"

Ancient Greece

From the Archaic Period to the Death of Alexander the Great

Author: Britannica Educational Publishing

Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing

ISBN: 1615302093

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

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From Archaic times to the reign of Alexander the Great, Greek unity was tenuous, yet Ancient Greece was a place where culture flourished and intellectual achievement knew no bounds. Ancient Greek ideas on philosophy, politics, science, and the arts anticipate many of our own, and in some ways, remain unparalleled today. This book recounts the events that were instrumental to the development of this storied civilization and the indelible legacies it has left behind. A detailed appendix supplements the narrative with in-depth discussion on the Pre-Greek societies that fueled the imagination and gave birth to an enduring body of Greek mythology.

1177 v. Chr.

Der erste Untergang der Zivilisation

Author: Eric H. Cline

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783806231953


Page: 352

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Walford's Guide to Reference Material: Generalia, language and literature, the arts

Author: Albert John Walford,Anthony Chalcraft,Marilyn Mullay,Priscilla Schlicke,Stephen Willis

Publisher: London : Library Association Publishing

ISBN: 9781856043007

Category: Reference

Page: 1186

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From its first edition the purpose of Walford has been to identify and evaluate the widest possible range of reference materials. No rigid definition of reference is applied. In addition to the expected bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and directories, a number of important textbooks and manuals of general practice are included. While the majority of the items are books, Walford is a guide to reference material. Thus periodical articles, microforms, online and CD-ROM sources are all represented. In this volume a particular effort has been made to improve coverage of the latter two categories.

Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit

Author: Yuval Noah Harari

Publisher: DVA

ISBN: 364110498X

Category: History

Page: 528

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Krone der Schöpfung? Vor 100 000 Jahren war der Homo sapiens noch ein unbedeutendes Tier, das unauffällig in einem abgelegenen Winkel des afrikanischen Kontinents lebte. Unsere Vorfahren teilten sich den Planeten mit mindestens fünf weiteren menschlichen Spezies, und die Rolle, die sie im Ökosystem spielten, war nicht größer als die von Gorillas, Libellen oder Quallen. Vor 70 000 Jahren dann vollzog sich ein mysteriöser und rascher Wandel mit dem Homo sapiens, und es war vor allem die Beschaffenheit seines Gehirns, die ihn zum Herren des Planeten und zum Schrecken des Ökosystems werden ließ. Bis heute hat sich diese Vorherrschaft stetig zugespitzt: Der Mensch hat die Fähigkeit zu schöpferischem und zu zerstörerischem Handeln wie kein anderes Lebewesen. Anschaulich, unterhaltsam und stellenweise hochkomisch zeichnet Yuval Harari die Geschichte des Menschen nach und zeigt alle großen, aber auch alle ambivalenten Momente unserer Menschwerdung.

Religion Past & Present: Hea-Jog

Author: Hans Dieter Betz

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

ISBN: 9789004146907

Category: Religion

Page: 739

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Religion Past and Present (RPP) is a complete, updated English translation of the 4th edition of the definitive encyclopedia of religion worldwide. the peerless Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart (RGG). Including the latest developments in research, Religion Past and Present encompasses a vast range of subjects connected with religion. This great resource, now at last available in English, continues the tradition of deep knowledge and authority relied upon by generations of scholars in religious, theological, and biblical studies. Religion Past and Present indisputably belongs to the small class of essential reference works. Key Features a [ RGG has been a standard reference work since the publication of the first edition in 1908. a [ Strongly international, cross-cultural and ecumenical, written by over 3,000 authors from 88 countries a [ Covers an unparalleled breadth of subject matter in theological and biblical studies a [ Up-to-date research and bibliographies make it an indispensable resource for all levels of users a [ Interdisciplinary articles cover a wide range of topics from history, archaeology, liturgy, law, bible, music, visual arts, politics, social sciences, natural sciences, ethics, and philosophy. a [ The 4th edition of RGG, the basis of the RPP translation, includes hundreds of new entries on Eastern religions and other religious subjects. The editors of RPP have added a number of articles and revised others for a global English-speaking readership. a [ Short definitions and cross-references enable quick and easy searching a [ Over 15,000 entries and 8 million words a [ 13 volumes and an index a [ Completion scheduled for 2013. To download the preview please click here.