Journey Through Heartsongs

Author: Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316390186

Category: Poetry

Page: 74

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Mattie J. T. Stepanek takes us on a Journey Through Heartsongs with more of his moving poems. These poems share the rare wisdom that Mattie has acquired through his struggle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the death of his three siblings from the same disease. His life view was one of love and generosity and as a poet and a peacemaker, his desire was to bring his message of peace to as many people as possible.

Journey Through Heartsongs

Author: N.A

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786869428

Category: Poetry

Page: 61

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Collects poems written by the eleven-year-old muscular dystrophy patient, sharing his feelings and thoughts about his life, the deaths of his siblings, nature, faith, and hope.

Heartsongs ; And, Journey Through Heartsongs

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780786244324

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

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Collects poems written by eleven-year-old muscular dystrophy patient Mattie Stephanek sharing his feelings and thoughts about his life, the deaths of his siblings, nature, faith, and hope.


The Legacy of Mattie J.T. Stepanek and Heartsongs

Author: Jeni Stepanek

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101155655

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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The moving tribute to the young man Oprah Winfrey called "an inspiration"-told by the woman who raised him. Mattie Stepanek's Heartsongs books were a phenomenon. Not only did they hit the bestseller lists, but the books-and Mattie himself- were a source of inspiration to many, and brought him major recognition. Jimmy Carter described young Mattie Stepanek as "the most remarkable person I have ever known." In Messenger, Jeni Stepanek shares the inspiring story of her son's life. Mattie was born with a rare disorder called Dysautonomic Mitochondrial Myopathy, and Jeni was advised to institutionalize him. Instead, she nurtured a child who transformed his hardships into a worldwide message of peace and hope. Though Mattie suffered through his disease, his mother's disabilities, and the loss of his three older siblings, he never abandoned his positive spirit. His Heartsong- the word he used to describe a person's inner self-spread a philosophy that peace begins with an attitude and can spread to the entire world.

Reflections of a Peacemaker

A Portrait Through Heartsongs

Author: Mattie J.T. Stepanek,Jennifer Smith Stepanek

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740756252

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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A final collection of poems by the late young poet expresses his thoughts and feelings on such topics as peace, nature, death, hope, war, and faith.

Awakening The Soul

The Trilogy

Author: Bill Missett

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434392459

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 734

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Awakening The Soul: The Trilogy includes ATS: Book One: Proof of Our Spiritual Nature, which itemizes more than 80 characteristics of our spiritual nature, many very familiar, and explains 10 of them in depth; ATS: Book 2: Our Suppressed Spiritual Nature, which explains why we are so out of touch with our spiritual nature, primarily through suppression of those traits by religions, primarily Christianity, and ATS Book 3: Restoring Your Spiritual Nature contains detailed channeled instructions to restore immediate awareness of your spiritual nature, which has proven highly successful in doing just that.

Loving Through Heartsongs

Author: Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786869466

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

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attie J.T. Stepanek has won the hearts of millions with his inspiring poems from his first two New York Times bestsellers. Now he's ready to spread a little love with Loving Through Heartsongs, a beautiful collection of poems written about innocence and trusting love from a child's perspective. Mattie's struggle with muscular dystrophy has never kept him from feeling deep love for his family, friends, country, and faith-heartfelt emotions that are reflected throughout these pages.

Celebrate Through Heartsongs

Author: Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786869459

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

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Mattie J.T. Stepanek is an award-winning poet whose struggle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy has touched the lives of people nationwide. Celebrate Through Heartsongs, his fourth inspiring collection of poetry, features works written between the ages of three and eleven, and continues to spread Mattie's message of universal hope, peace, courage, and love. Fully illustrated by the poet, the collection will appeal to people of all ages, religions, and beliefs.

Hope through heartsongs

Author: Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Publisher: Hyperion Books

ISBN: 9780786869442

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

View: 4211

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The young poet and artist offers his latest collection of verses, centered on the theme of hope--for the individual, the community, and the world.


Simple Steps for Recovering Peace of Mind, Real Happiness, and Great Relationships

Author: Jane Nelsen

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 157324354X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 180

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Most readers know that "happiness is within," but they don't always know how to access that happiness whenever they like, and in all circumstances. In Serenity, Jane Nelsen teaches readers four principles that will help them to stop being a slave to their thought system in order to access wisdom from the heart and from the soul. The four basic and easily applied principles from Serenity: 1. Free yourself from the filters of your thought system. 2. Understand how feelings can act as a personal compass. 3. Improve relationships by understanding and respecting differences. 4. Learn how to overcome depression, anger, or any negative feeling. The chronic stress of modern life often interferes with enjoying the happiness that comes with peace of mind. Joy is needlessly missing from too many lives and from too many relationships. Serenity provides many tools to help readers discover innate feelings of joy, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, and love so they can live more fully every day.


Author: Mattie J. T. Stepanek

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786869473

Category: Poetry

Page: 48

View: 8105

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Collects poems written by eleven-year-old muscular dystrophy patient Mattie Stephanek sharing his feelings and thoughts about his life, the deaths of his siblings, nature, faith, and hope.

Voices from the Margins

An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction on Disabilities and Differences for Young People

Author: Marilyn Ward

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313317989

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 154

View: 1740

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A valuable tool to help librarians, teachers, health care professionals and parents identify special books that deal with a wide range of contemporary health and self-image topics, including physical handicaps, speech disorder, skin colour, and basic issues of popularity and "fitting in".

Contemporary Authors

Author: Gale Group

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9780787666996

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 446

View: 1506

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Your students and users will find biographical information on approximately 300 modern writers in this volume of Contemporary Authors® .

Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools

Author: Richard Dean Kellough,Jioanna Carjuzaa

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131589742

Category: Education

Page: 412

View: 516

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Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools, Ninth Edition, is a highly practical text for pre-service teachers in middle school and secondary methods courses. Readers will find useful, ready-to-use classroom applications for planning instruction, selecting and using instructional strategies, and assessment. Each module includes exercises and posttests.

Congressional Record

Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress

Author: United States. Congress

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: N.A

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Daily Word for Teens

Discovering What's Sacred In You

Author: Colleen Zuck,Elaine Meyer,Laurie Daven

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781579545048

Category: Self-Help

Page: 231

View: 2987

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Growing Up Isn't Easy Fact is, it's different now, maybe harder than it used to be. There are so many choices about how to lead your life. Daily Word, a trusted resource on spiritual matters for thousands of people across the country, offers guidance and inspiration on your journey as you learn what is sacred in you. Along the way, this book will help you discover your own inner strength, grace, and wisdom-- so the choices about how to live your life will seem a little less daunting. We hope it will become indispensable as you see your own life's path.

Kissing the Rain


Author: Kevin Brooks

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423423722

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8022

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Nominiert für den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis 2008 Mike Nelson, wegen seiner Körperfülle Moo genannt, lässt Beleidigungen und Prügel, die er in der Schule als verachteter Außenseiter oft einsteckt, an sich abprallen wie Regen. Sein Zufluchtsort ist eine Autobahnbrücke, von der aus er den Verkehr beobachtet, sich an Lichtern und Bewegungen berauscht. Dabei wird er Zeuge eines Vorfalls, den er nicht deuten kann: Ein Wagen drängt einen anderen ab, die Fahrer halten auf dem Standstreifen, geraten in Streit, ein Mann geht zu Boden. Später werden die Ermittlungsbehörden behaupten, der Fahrer des abgedrängten Wagens habe den anderen erstochen. Moo aber hat genau gesehen, dass das nicht stimmt. Da es sich bei dem Beschuldigten um den berüchtigten Kriminellen Keith Vine handelt, den die Staatsanwaltschaft schon lange dingfest machen will, ist die Sache äußerst brisant: Was Moo gesehen hat, macht ihn zum Entlastungszeugen für Vine – doch will er das überhaupt sein?

Writers Resource

Sentence Skills W/Rdgs-Aie

Author: Robitaille,Connelly

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781413010336

Category: English language

Page: 583

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