Lost in Shangri-La

A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II

Author: Mitchell Zuckoff

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062087142

Category: History

Page: 432

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“A lost world, man-eating tribesmen, lush andimpenetrable jungles, stranded American fliers (one of them a dame withgreat gams, for heaven's sake), a startling rescue mission. . . . This is atrue story made in heaven for a writer as talented as Mitchell Zuckoff. Whew—what an utterly compelling and deeplysatisfying read!" —Simon Winchester, author of Atlantic Award-winning former Boston Globe reporter Mitchell Zuckoffunleashes the exhilarating, untold story of an extraordinary World War IIrescue mission, where a plane crash in the South Pacific plunged a trio of U.S.military personnel into a land that time forgot. Fans of Hampton Sides’ Ghost Soldiers, Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor, and David Grann’s The Lost Cityof Z will be captivated by Zuckoff’s masterfullyrecounted, all-true story of danger, daring, determination, and discovery injungle-clad New Guinea during the final days of WWII.

Lost in Shangri-la

Author: Hanzo Adem

Publisher: dgfhj



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On May 13, 1945, twenty-four American servicemen and WACs boarded a transport plane for a sightseeing trip over “Shangri-La,” a beautiful and mysterious valley deep within the jungle-covered mountains of Dutch New Guinea. Unlike the peaceful Tibetan monks of James Hilton's bestselling novel Lost Horizon, this Shangri-La was home to spear-carrying tribesmen, warriors rumored to be cannibals. But the pleasure tour became an unforgettable battle for survival when the plane crashed. Miraculously, three passengers pulled through. Margaret Hastings, barefoot and burned, had no choice but to wear her dead best friend's shoes. John McCollom, grieving the death of his twin brother also aboard the plane, masked his grief with stoicism. Kenneth Decker, too, was severely burned and suffered a gaping head wound. Emotionally devastated, badly injured, and vulnerable to the hidden dangers of the jungle, the trio faced certain death unless they left the crash site. Caught...

Vaguely Lost in Shangri-La

Photos from the Glastonbury Festival

Author: Barry Lewis

Publisher: Flood Gallery

ISBN: 9781911374039

Category: Glastonbury Festival

Page: 176

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Award winning Photographer Barry Lewis has, for more than a decade, captured the very essence of the Glastonbury experience. From Lost Vagueness, to Shangri-La, Barry's photography is a celebration of the more eccentric, colourful, weird and wonderful side of the iconic festival.

Die versunkene Stadt Z

Expedition ohne Wiederkehr - das Geheimnis des Amazonas

Author: David Grann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442156665


Page: 413

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Der Tag, an dem das UFO vom Himmel fiel


Author: David Halperin

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641100453

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Nur unsere Träume können uns retten Der junge Danny Shapiro hat es nicht leicht: Sein Vater behandelt ihn wie einen Fremden, seine Mutter zieht sich in ihre Krankheit zurück, und sein Zuhause vermittelt ihm das Gefühl, eingesperrt zu sein. Doch dann kommt die Nacht des 20.12.1969: Ein UFO fällt vom Himmel – und für Danny ist nichts mehr so, wie es war. Aber hat er das UFO wirklich gesehen? Danny begibt sich auf eine abenteuerliche Reise und trifft dabei nicht nur auf Außerirdische, sondern auch auf ein wunderschönes Mädchen. Dabei vermischen sich Realität und Fantasie so sehr, dass er selbst nicht mehr weiß, in welcher Welt er eigentlich lebt. Aber mehr und mehr begreift er: Er muss erst den Umweg durch seine Fantasiewelt nehmen, um sich dem realen Leben stellen zu können und vielleicht auch ein kleines Stück vom Glück für sich zu erobern ...

Mein Sternschnuppensommer

Author: Alisha Sevigny

Publisher: Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH

ISBN: 3473479012

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

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Unter dem Sternenhimmel beginnt der Sommer unserer Liebe ... Eine Sommernacht unter den Sternen auf ihrem Steg am See - das ist Julias Lieblingsort auf dem Campingplatz ihrer Familie inmitten der atemberaubenden Natur Kanadas. Doch schon bald platzen Julias Träume für den Sommer: Ihre Familie gerät in finanzielle Schwierigkeiten und ein Bauunternehmer will ihr Naturparadies in eine seelenlose Casino-Anlage umwandeln. Verzweifelt sucht Julia Rat in den Sternen - und trifft am See auf einen einfühlsamen und unverschämt gutaussehend Jungen, der ihr helfen will, den Campingplatz zu retten. Doch Nick ist der Sohn des Bauunternehmers. Kann Julia ihm wirklich das Schicksal ihrer Familie - und ihr Herz - anvertrauen? Ein wunderschöner Sommerroman zum Wegträumen - romantisch, tiefgründig und einfach hinreißend erzählt.

13 Hours

Der Insider-Bericht über die wahren Ereignisse in Benghazi

Author: Mitchell Zuckoff

Publisher: Plassen Verlag

ISBN: 3864703689

Category: History

Page: 360

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"13 Hours" zeichnet die Attacke islamistischer Milizen auf das US-Konsulat sowie den CIA-Stützpunkt in Bengasi, Libyen, in der Nacht vom 11. auf den 12. September 2012 nach - auf den Tag genau elf Jahre nach 9/11. 13 Stunden dauerte der Angriff. Sechs von der CIA angeheuerte Sicherheitsleute - Ex-Marines, -SEALs und -Army-Ranger - versuchen eine Tragödie abzuwenden. Doch der amerikanische Botschafter J. Christopher Stevens und drei weitere Männer sterben bei dem Angriff. Umgehend wird heftige Kritik an US-Präsident Barack Obama und der damaligen Außenministerin Hillary Clinton laut - das Thema wird im Präsidentschaftswahlkampf 2016 eine Rolle spielen. Das Buch entstand unter Mitarbeit der Männer des Security Teams. Es wurde von "Transformers"-Regisseur Michael Bay verfilmt. Der Film kommt am 4. Februar 2016 in die deutschen Kinos.

Searching for Shangri-La

Himalayan Trilogy

Author: Laurence J. Brahm

Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.

ISBN: 0892546352

Category: Travel

Page: 264

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In 2002, author, filmmaker, and economist Laurence Brahm, inspired by James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon and his own quest for meaning, began his search for Shangri-la. Some say that Shangri-la can be found in sacred Tibet, or maybe in wild Qinghai; others believe it can be found in artistic Yunnan in the southwest of China. The author discovered the spiritual truth that Shangri-la is not a place; rather, it is a state of mind. As Brahm hitchhiked through western China, well off the beaten track, he recorded the interior changes and illuminations he experienced as his consciousness expanded far beyond the everyday cares of his years of urban life in Beijing. The insights of his journey and his meetings with others who searched for their own versions of Shangri-la, helped him to understand that the archetypal goal he sought was actually a state of consciousness. Shangri-la may be found in a cup of café latte or yak-butter tea—if we search carefully enough and with mindfulness and compassion. Searching for Shangri-la is the first book of the Himalayan Trilogy . The reader will discover the need for fresh economic paradigms that call for compassionate capital, the empowerment of people, and prioritization of the environment. Spirituality can be more powerful than materialism. The need for sustainability has rarely been so beautifully and eloquently defended.

Thin Ice

Unlocking the Secrets of Climate in the World's Highest Mountains

Author: Mark Bowen

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1429932708

Category: Science

Page: 480

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"One of the best books yet published on climate change . . . The best compact history of the science of global warming I have read."—Bill McKibben, The New York Review of Books The world's premier climatologist, Lonnie Thompson has been risking his career and life on the highest and most remote ice caps along the equator, in search of clues to the history of climate change. His most innovative work has taken place on these mountain glaciers, where he collects ice cores that provide detailed information about climate history, reaching back 750,000 years. To gather significant data Thompson has spent more time in the death zone—the environment above eighteen thousand feet—than any man who has ever lived. Scientist and expert climber Mark Bowen joined Thompson's crew on several expeditions; his exciting and brilliantly detailed narrative takes the reader deep inside retreating glaciers from China, across South America, and to Africa to unravel the mysteries of climate. Most important, we learn what Thompson's hard-won data reveals about global warming, the past, and the earth's probable future.

LOST HORIZON - The Legend of Shangri-La (Adventure Classic)

Author: James Hilton

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 8075832876

Category: Fiction

Page: 158

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Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. Hilton describes Shangri-La as a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia – a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel, Hugh Conway, a veteran member of the British diplomatic service, finds inner peace, love, and a sense of purpose in Shangri-La, whose inhabitants enjoy unheard-of longevity. Among the book's themes is an allusion to the possibility of another cataclysmic world war brewing. It is said to have been inspired at least in part by accounts of travels in Tibetan borderlands, published in National Geographic by the explorer and botanist Joseph Rock. The remote communities he visited, such as Muli, show many similarities to the fictional Shangri-La. James Hilton (1900-1954) was an English novelist and Hollywood screenplayer best remembered for his best-sellers Lost Horizon and Goodbye, Mr. Chips.


A Practical Guide to the Himalayan Dream

Author: Michael Buckley

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 9781841622040

Category: Travel

Page: 191

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Appealing to the adventure traveler or armchair reader who simply wishes to browse and dream, this guide promises to lead them into the glorious reality and breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas.

Rewriting Shangri-La

Tibetan Youth, Migrations and Literacies in McLeod Ganj, India

Author: Heidi Swank

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 900426390X

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

View: 5862

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In Rewriting Shangri-La, Heidi Swank examines the differing histories of migration and exile through the lens of everyday literacies.

Die Istanbul Passage


Author: Joseph Kanon

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641124387

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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Als neutrale Stadt zwischen Europa und Asien war Istanbul im Zweiten Weltkrieg Magnet für Flüchtlinge und Spione. Leon Bauer, ein amerikanischer Geschäftsmann, ist durch kleine Undercover-Tätigkeiten für die Alliierten mit der Unterwelt in Berührung gekommen. Nun, als die Geheimdienste abziehen und sich die Stadt auf die Realität der Nachkriegszeit einstellt, bekommt Leon einen letzten Routine-Auftrag. Doch als ihm der Job gefährlich aus dem Ruder läuft und er der attraktiven Gattin des amerikanischen Botschafters in der Türkei verfällt, weiß Leon bald nicht mehr, wem er vertrauen kann, und wo das Gute aufhört und das Böse beginnt ...

War in Shangri-La

A Memoir of Civil War in Laos

Author: Mervyn Brown

Publisher: The Radcliffe Press

ISBN: 9781860647352

Category: History

Page: 243

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Sandwiched between US-supported Thailand and Communist North Vietnam, the tranquil Buddhist Kingdom of Laos--the original Shangri-La--became the center of a major Cold War crisis in the early sixties, when Mervyn Brown served there as deputy to the British Ambassador. He has written a fascinating and highly readable account of his often hazardous experiences, which included the battle of Vientiane passing through his garden and a grueling month as prisoner of left-wing Pathet Lao guerrillas in remote mountainous jungle inhabited by Stone Age aboriginal people. His story is set against a detailed account of the developing political and military crisis. It reveals the tensions that developed in the US between the newly elected President Kennedy, his Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and their advisors in the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon while a regional policy was formulated in the face of the perceived communist threat.

Prisoners of Shangri-La

Tibetan Buddhism and the West

Author: Donald S. Lopez

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226493114

Category: Religion

Page: 283

View: 3555

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Prisoners of Shangri-La is a provocative analysis of the romance of Tibet, a romance that, even as it is invoked by Tibetan lamas living in exile, ultimately imprisons those who seek the goal of Tibetan independence from Chinese occupation. "Lopez lifts the veil on America's romantic vision of Tibet to reveal a country and a spiritual history more complex and less ideal than popular perceptions allow. . . . Lively and engaging, Lopez's book raises important questions about how Eastern religions are often co-opted, assimilated and misunderstood by Western culture."—Publishers Weekly "Proceeding with care and precision, Lopez reveals the extent to which scholars have behaved like intellectual colonialists. . . . Someone had to burst the bubble of pop Tibetology, and few could have done it as resoundingly as Lopez."—Booklist "Fascinating. . . [A] provocative exploration. Lopez conveys the full dizziness of the Western encounter with Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism."—Fred Pheil, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review "A timely and courageous exploration. . . . [Lopez's] book will sharpen the terms of the debate over what the Tibetans and their observers can or should be doing about the place and the idea of Tibet. And that alone is what will give us all back our Shambhala."—Jonathan Spence, Lingua Franca Book Review "Lopez's most important theme is that we should be wary of the idea . . . that Tibet has what the West lacks, that if we were only to look there we would find the answers to our problems. Lopez's book shows that, on the contrary, when the West has looked at Tibet, all that it has seen is a distorted reflection of itself."—Ben Jackson, Times Higher Education Supplement

The Gods in Their Cities

Geomantic Locales of the Ray Masters and Great White Brotherhood, and How to Interact with Them

Author: Richard Leviton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595827128

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 306

View: 9649

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A fresh look at the perennial reality of the gods and how they help humanity-through the planet's sacred sites The "gods" live! Though seemingly relegated to the archives of myth, the "gods" of antiquity are still with us in the form of the Great White Brotherhood. In fact, what the ancients described as their pantheon are members of this is an august assembly of spiritually advanced beings, based on the constellation of the Great Bear. The Gods in Their Cities, based on original clairvoyant research, reveals that the Great White Brotherhood has numerous meeting places for humans throughout the planet's array of holy sites. Seven different Great White Brotherhood types of geomantic locales are documented, and all of them exist in multiple copies on Earth. The Gods in Their Cities shows how myths of many cultures, from the Irish to Sumerians, are actually psychic maps to the planet's secret visionary terrain, to the geomantic locales of the Brotherhood, and how to successfully interact with them. And it probes behind the mythic guises of the Ray Masters, 14 select great Adepts involved with many aspects of Earth life and geomancy since the beginning-including the true identity of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, and Merlin. Merely our knowing that this esoteric Brotherhood and their interactive locales across the Earth exist can inspire confidence, even certainty, that reality, and thus our planet, culture, and individual human lives, have meaning and are purposeful.