A Lifestyle Guide

Author: Jessica Flint,Anna Kavaliunas

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989888264

Category: Cooking

Page: 180

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Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide offers everything one needs to enjoy the green goodness at a matcha bar or in the home kitchen.

The Book of Matcha

Author: Louise Cheadle,Nick Kilby

Publisher: Sterling Epicure

ISBN: 9781454922186

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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Considered the superhero among teas, matcha is renowned for its natural antioxidant qualities and The Book of Matcha is your go-to guide for learning about this amazing green powder. Written by the owners of the internationally acclaimed tea company teapigs, it covers the history of this super-tea, discusses its health benefits and culinary uses, and features more than 40 inspiring recipes."

Cook with Matcha and Green Tea

Ultimate Guide and Recipes for Brewing and Cooking with Matcha and Green Tea

Author: Kei Nishida

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781983603921


Page: 158

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A book about homemade recipes using the amazing matcha & green tea that every American can enjoy. The recipes in this wonderful cook book by Kei Nishida highlight the uses of matcha and green tea as main ingredients. It educates and informs readers on the essence and importance of green tea to health and our overall well-being. Readers gain basic knowledge needed about brewing tea, modernized varieties of green tea beverages such as smoothies and cocktails and pastries such as bread, cakes and making of sweets. The book also has over 200 clear images of most of the ingredients and food mentioned so that readers can get a vivid visualization and step-by-step guide on all the recipes given.

Cancer Hates Tea

A Unique Preventive and Transformative Lifestyle Change to Help Crush Cancer

Author: Maria Uspenski

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 1624143164

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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Drink Tea to Tell Cancer ‘Hit the Road’ Become a tea lover with a purpose and help your body defend itself against cancer. Learn to embrace tea in all its varieties— green, white, black, pu-erh, herbal and more—as both a mental and physical experience to protect your health. Discover the history, growing information and health implications of each variety, as well as uniquely delicious methods to boost your intake with serving suggestions, food pairings and recipes that highlight the benefits of tea. After her own battle with cancer, Maria Uspenski extensively researched tea and discovered hundreds of studies that showed how powerful a five-cup-a-day (1.2 L) steeping habit could be. Tea is the most studied anti-cancer plant, with over 5,000 medical studies published on its health benefits over the past 10 years. By breaking down how tea works with your body’s defenses against cancer in a lighthearted tone, Maria’s serious research is approachable and relatable for anyone who is battling the disease or for family and friends of those fighting cancer. Start harnessing the wellness-promoting properties of tea and see your life change with an easy-to-follow three-week plan that gets tea polyphenols streaming through your system 24/7.

The Healthy Matcha Cookbook

Green Tea Inspired Meals, Snacks, Drinks, and Desserts

Author: Miryam Quinn Doblas

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1510700625

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

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A Beautiful Collection of Recipes Featuring One of the World’s Most Popular and Powerful Superfoods In The Healthy Matcha Cookbook, food blogger and registered dietitian Miryam Quinn-Doblas explores the various ways matcha powder—a main component of green tea—can be incorporated into everyday recipes to give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you healthy. The health benefits of matcha powder far exceed those of green tea in drink form. The more than sixty recipes in this cookbook are easy to prepare and feature fresh, high-quality ingredients that aim to incorporate matcha powder, a powerful antioxidant, into the diet. This cookbook will take each reader on a healthy cooking journey with foolproof recipes such as: Creamy kale tomato pasta Curried coconut broccoli soup Chocolate chunk cookies Breakfast frittatas and muffins Energy truffles and bars And many more! If you want to feel better, have more energy, and decrease the amount of toxins in your body, The Healthy Matcha Cookbook is a great resource that will help you restore and strengthen your mental and physical health. This is a beautiful guide that offers home cooks of all levels the chance to transform meals into satisfying, wholesome, healthy food using one of the world’s most popular superfoods. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Matcha Green Tea Superfood

How a Miraculous Tea Can Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Author: Shaahin Cheyene

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781482623239

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 76

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SUPERFOOD /// MATCHA GREEN TEA The Wonders Of Matcha Green Tea Revealed ZenBuddhist monks don't know much about our modern stresses, but they know a lot about living long, unstressed lives. One of their secrets: drinking Matcha green tea. In this revealing no-nonsense book author Cheyene delves deep to unlock the secrets of this ancient elixir. Learn About Using Matcha Tea For: *Burning Fat And Building Muscle *Boosting Energy *Replacing Coffee *Cancer Prevention *Anti-Aging *Preventing Heart Disease *Lowering LDL "Bad" Cholesterol *Quickening Your Brain *Burning Fat And Building Muscle *Detoxifying

The Sirtfood Diet

Author: Aidan Goggins,Glen Matten

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501163787

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Discover the original international diet sensation—used by Adele, heavyweight champion David Haye, and Pippa Middleton—that will help you lose seven pounds in seven days while experiencing lasting energy and eating all the foods you love. Over the past few years, fasting has become a popular diet option. Studies show that fasting—whether through moderate calorie restriction every day or the more severe but less frequent intermittent fasting—can help people lose about thirteen to fourteen pounds in six months and reduce their risk of developing disease. When we fast, our body’s energy stores activate what is known as sirtuins, or the “skinny gene,” and many positive changes ensue. Fat storage is switched off, and our body stops its normal growth processes and goes into “survival” mode. Fat burning is stimulated and the genes involved in the repair and rejuvenation of our cells are turned on—which all results to weight loss and improved resistance to disease. But if not done correctly, fasting can lead to hunger, irritability, fatigue, and loss of muscle. Enter Sirtfoods: a newly discovered group of foods that is revolutionizing healthy eating. Ranging from chocolate and red wine to garlic and walnuts, sirtfoods are particularly rich in special nutrients that help us activate the same skinny genes in our bodies that fasting triggers. Nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten have created The Sirtfood Diet to help you effectively lose weight and improve your resistance to disease, while still giving you incredible energy and glowing health.

Goop Clean Beauty

Author: The Editors of GOOP

Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style

ISBN: 1455541567

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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The ultimate beauty guide from the experts at GOOP--the trusted resource for healthy, mindful living, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow Millions of women around the world turn to the clean-living team at GOOP for beauty advice. From nontoxic product recommendations, red carpet- (and everyday-) ready hair and makeup tutorials, to guidance on aging, acne, and antioxidants, GOOP has become the go-to resource for head-to-toe beauty. Finally, the editors of GOOP have shared their top tips and recommendations, favorite detox recipes, workout plans, and hair and makeup looks in one must-have guide. Featuring more than 100 gorgeous photos and extensive Q&As from GOOP's family of expert contributors, GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY will shed a definitive light on the importance of diet, sleep, exercise, and clean beauty products, while offering tactical advice for healthy, glowing skin and hair that starts from the inside out. The first book from the top name in clean-living, GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY is the one resource women need to feel, and look, their best every day.

¡Buenos Nachos!

A Tribute to Mexico's Most Brilliant Edible Export

Author: Gina Hamadey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989888233

Category: Cooking

Page: 164

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The ultimate guide to nachos, the ultimate finger food, with recipes from America s best chefs and pop-culture icons."

The Book of Matcha

A Superhero Tea - What It Is, How to Drink It, Recipes and Lots More

Author: Louise Cheadle,Nick Kilby

Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP

ISBN: 9781910254783

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 8558

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Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that is fondly known by teapigs as 'a superhero among teas', thanks to its natural antioxidant qualities. It is widely consumed in drinks and food in Japan, but is becoming increasingly popular around the world as its health benefits and unique taste are embraced globally. Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby uncover the history behind this phenomenal green powder, looking at how matcha is specially grown, graded and ground. They also examine the health benefits of this super tea, which has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks to keep them focused during meditation and how it is used today to flavour everything from kit kats to oreos, bread to ice cream. Matcha shots were served at New York Fashion Week in 2015 reflecting the growing popularity of this fascinating beverage, and many are predicting matcha will replace kale as the next big 'superfood'. Detailing the history of matcha, how it's produced, its immense health benefits and its varied culinary uses, The Book of Matcha also features more than 40 recipes that show you how to use this versatile and antioxidant ingredient at home.

The Matcha Cookbook

Discover the health benefits and uses of matcha, with 50 delicious recipes

Author: Aster

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1912023911

Category: Cooking

Page: 128

View: 3260

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From a simple matcha latte, to ice cream, infused salt, smoothie bowls, tea loaves and homemade beauty recipes, The Matcha Cookbook explores the history, health benefits and 50 delicious recipes using this super healthy ingredient. As an ingredient, matcha is growing in popularity with health foodies and wellness seekers, with over 2.7 million posts on Instagram. Research shows that matcha can reduce the risk of cancer, improve heart health, aid recovery from exercise and help prevent ageing; the traditional matcha tea alone contains the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea, with 137 times more antioxidants, acting as the body's defence agents. Recipes include: Creamed corn & egg on sourdough Matcha bliss balls Summer rolls with matcha dipping sauce Seared rib eye steak with matcha dressed greens Matcha lemon posset

Living Abroad in Japan

Author: Ruth Kanagy

Publisher: Avalon Travel Pub

ISBN: 9781598800913

Category: Travel

Page: 353

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Kanagy is an expert on Japanese culture and works as a travel systems consultant, leading cycling tours of Japan. In this handbook, she provides insight and firsthand advice on navigating the language and culture of Japan. Photos, many in full color.

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

Author: Fumio Sasaki

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393609049

Category: House & Home

Page: 288

View: 2641

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The best-selling phenomenon from Japan that shows us a minimalist life is a happy life. Fumio Sasaki is not an enlightened minimalism expert or organizing guru like Marie Kondo—he’s just a regular guy who was stressed out and constantly comparing himself to others, until one day he decided to change his life by saying goodbye to everything he didn’t absolutely need. The effects were remarkable: Sasaki gained true freedom, new focus, and a real sense of gratitude for everything around him. In Goodbye, Things Sasaki modestly shares his personal minimalist experience, offering specific tips on the minimizing process and revealing how the new minimalist movement can not only transform your space but truly enrich your life. The benefits of a minimalist life can be realized by anyone, and Sasaki’s humble vision of true happiness will open your eyes to minimalism’s potential.

Slow Beauty

Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul

Author: Shel Pink

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 0762462574

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 584

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SpaRitual founder Shel Pink's Slow Beauty is all about carving a few moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care and wellness that makes us glow. Slow Beauty works because it's a lifestyle, not a quick fix. It provides inspiration, support, and tools for working from within toward looking and feeling healthier and more joyful than ever. In this book you'll find: Ideas on beauty with substance from around the world; Rituals such as finding and designing your own sanctuary, breathing exercises, meditation, and deepening relationships (and inner strength) through women's gatherings; Recipes for teas, soups, juices, smoothies, scrubs, body oils, and even how to create your own mantra; How to incorporate these practices into daily life in the best way for you. Filled with inspirational images and a message that's sustainable for a lifetime, Slow Beauty will harness the power within every woman to physically, mentally, and spiritually nourish their bodies from the inside out.

Juicing for Life

Author: Maureen Keane

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780895295125

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 351

View: 4140

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Details the nutritional, preventive, and immune-strengthening powers of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and explains how to use them to cure the symptoms of PMS, arthritis, migraine headaches, motion sickness, and more. Original. 85,000 first printing. Major ad/promo.

Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils

Natural Solutions for a Healthy Family, Toxin-Free Home and Happier You

Author: Mariza Snyder

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 1612436609

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 1052

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Offers over 50 of the most useful essential oil recipes for tackling every mom's daily needs As a mother, you are always looking for ways to make your family safer, happier and healthier. This book shows how essential oils can help you achieve all those things. And you’ll save money! An easy-to-use handbook for creating natural solutions, green cleaners, and toxin-free personal care items, the Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils provides pure and potent recipes, including: • Peppermint and Grapefruit energizing air diffusion • Fennel and Eucalyptus respiratory relief rub • Citrus-infused cleaning spray and scrub • Lavender and Melaleuca skin-soothing salve • Chamomile and Vetiver stress reliever • Spearmint-powered digestive aid Your family’s wellness starts with you. That’s why this helpful handbook also features a powerful regimen to reduce stress, increase energy and sustain your own personal vitality.


The Cookbook

Author: Gretha Scholtz

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company

ISBN: 9783832733995


Page: 176

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The new trend is green: matcha is top-quality green tea that is ground into a find powder. Originally used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, matcha is now inventively used in other dishes as well. And now we are going to make this neon-green ingredient our very own: with its tart-sweet taste, Matcha gives ice cream or smoothies its own special kick. Other than the color, what is so special about this powder? The entire tea leaf is ground to make matcha powder, which means all of the beneficial ingredients in green tea--like anti-oxidants and phytochemicals-are preserved. It is a great reason to take a closer look at this green trend!

Green Enough

Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier--All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!

Author: Leah Segedie

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1623367611

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 7582

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A real, no-holds-barred take on making smart, healthy choices for you and your family. In Green Enough, Mamavation blogger Leah Segedie uncovers the truth behind the food and household products that are misleadingly labeled "all-natural" and healthy but are actually filled with chemicals and toxins. From furniture to packaged food, Leah guides you through detoxifying your home, diet, and lifestyle, showing you how to make the best choices possible. She exposes the brands and products that contain toxic and hormone-disrupting ingredients and gives guidelines on choosing safer products and organic produce that are free from toxic and persistent pesticides. She instructs you on making the move to meat, dairy, and eggs that are free of antibiotics, GMOs, growth hormones, and dangerous pathogens. She explains at what phases of childhood children are the most vulnerable and need more protection. And she includes delicious and kid-approved recipes to help you detoxify your cooking routine. It’s not about being perfect or 100% clean—none of us are—it’s about being green enough.

Kintsugi Wellness

The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Author: Candice Kumai

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062669869

Category: Cooking

Page: 336

View: 8831

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"Candice has created a guide to an ancient, common-sense and approachable way of living. In a crowded wellness space, Kintsugi Wellness truly stands out."-Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO, Girlboss The 16 Most Exciting Cookbooks Coming Out in 2018--Brit + Co Where we come from is who we are. And Candice Kumai’s Japanese heritage has guided her journey back to health at every turn. Now, in Kintsugi Wellness, Candice shares what she’s learned and guides us through her favorite Japanese traditions and practices for cultivating inner strength and living a gracious life, interwoven with dozens of recipes for healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine. Kintsugi Wellness provides the tools we all need to reclaim the art of living well.