Myths and Realities

Best Practices for English Language Learners

Author: Katharine Davies Samway,Denise McKeon

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books

ISBN: 9780325009896

Category: Education

Page: 208

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This second edition updates the myths the authors challenged in the first book as well as addressing new ones that have arisen since, and discuss how teachers of ELLs can ensure that their students will fare well in the era of No Child Left Behind.--[book cover]

English Language Learners:

Differentiating Between Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities

Author: Janette Klingner,Amy Eppollito

Publisher: Council For Exceptional Children

ISBN: 0865864780

Category: Education

Page: 125

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This unique guide for special education teachers, teachers of English language learners, and other practitioners provides the foundational information needed to determine whether the language difficulties experienced by English language learners (ELLs) result from the processes and stages of learning a second language or from a learning disability (LD). The book addresses the following critical factors in detail: determining whether an ELL's struggles with reading in English are due to LD or language acquisition; characteristics of language acquisition that can mirror LD; different types of ELLS and why these differences are important; considering a student's "opportunity to learn" when determining whether he or she may have LD; common misconceptions and realities about ELLs and the second language acquisition process; ways that learning to read in English as a second or additional language differ from learning to read English as a first language, and how the differences can be confusing for ELLs; how schools can establish structure to facilitate the process of distinguishing between language acquisition and LD; how families are involved in the process; guidelines for determining which ELLs should be referred for evaluation; and what it means to use an ecological framework to determine whether ELLs have LD.

Language Policy

Author: D. Johnson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137316209

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 291

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A detailed overview of the theories, concepts, research methods, and findings in the field of language policy is provided here in one accessible source. The author proposes new methodological, theoretical, and conceptual directions and offers guidance for doing language policy research.

Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners

Author: Anete Vásquez,Angela L. Hansen,Philip C. Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135150419

Category: Education

Page: 216

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Examines the challenges that English language learners face and offers educators practical suggestions on how they can help their students learn English reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as build their speaking, listening, and viewing skills.

Building Literacy with English Language Learners

Insights from Linguistics

Author: Kristin Lems,Leah D. Miller,Tenena M. Soro

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462531601

Category: Education

Page: 334

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How can linguistics help teachers of English language learners (ELLs) improve their instruction? What specific competencies do ELLs need to build in order to speak, listen, read, and write in a new language? Now revised and expanded with a broader view of literacy, this book has guided thousands of inservice and preservice teachers to understand the processes involved in second-language acquisition and help ELLs succeed. The authors explain relevant linguistic concepts with a focus on what works in today's diverse PreK-12 classrooms. Effective teaching strategies are illustrated with engaging classroom vignettes; the volume also features instructive discussion questions and a glossary. (First edition title: Teaching Reading to English Language Learners.) New to This Edition *Chapter on digital learning, plus new content on digital technology throughout the book. *Broader view of literacy; increased attention to oral language and writing as well as reading. *Even more user friendly--additional classroom suggestions from real teachers, vignettes, and examples and graphics illustrating linguistic concepts. *End-of-chapter "challenge questions" that inspire deeper reflection. *Coverage of timely topics, such as numeracy and the language innovations of text messages.

Teaching Performance Expectations for Educating English Learners

Author: María V. Balderrama,Lynne T. Díaz-Rico

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Education

Page: 350

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Teacher Performance Expectations for Educating English Learners addresses the needs of elementary and secondary teachers in multilingual classrooms, including second-language learning across multiple academic subjects. Renowned authors María V. Balderrama and Lynne Díaz-Rico provide in a single volume the techniques necessary to prepare teachers and other professionals to teach speakers of other languages and cultural backgrounds. This timely text is designed to be a comprehensive source of teaching techniques and effective educational practices, particularly those that meet California's standardized Teacher Performance Assessment that prospective teachers must take. This book specifically addresses those standards by presenting explicit expectations that challenge teachers in multilingual, multiethnic classrooms. Subscribing to a teaching approach that respects and builds second-language skills upon a foundation of native-language proficiency, Teacher Performance Expectations for Educating English Learners contains the most up-to-date techniques currently available for promoting linguistic proficiency and features multiple effective teaching methods for the educator of English learners. The main tenet of the book is that successful English language learning results from a combination of rich, interesting content instruction and a fast-moving, engaging curriculum.

Language Arts Essentials

Author: Gail E. Tompkins

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131720060

Category: Education

Page: 194

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This new book from the leading name in literacy and language arts has been crafted to provide concise, critical information for teaching the language arts, backed by the most current and applicable research available. The "essentials" format gives teachers the information they need in a price- and time-conscious way. Language Arts Essentials will provide inservice teachers with the needed background information and strategies as they further their professional development. Written by leading Language Arts author Gail Tompkins, this book is: Concise, research driven, critical information for the language arts. Very Applied - The book is divided into six parts, with each part covering the essentials, strategies, and classroom practices appropriate to the topic. A BRAND NEW BOOK - not just chapters of her big book. Written from the ground up to be an essentials book.

Die Stadt der wilden Götter


Author: Isabel Allende

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518737821

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Tief im Dickicht des Amazonas verbergen sich uralte Geheimnisse. Ein riesiges Fabelwesen soll an den Wasserfällen des Orinoko umgehen, doch traut man der Legende, hat noch kein Mensch den Anblick überlebt. Alex ist 15 und begleitet seine Großmutter, eine berühmte Reiseschriftstellerin, auf eine Expedition, die die Bestie aufspüren soll. Eine unheimliche Stimmung liegt über dem Camp, als hätte der Dschungel tausend Augen. Da wird Alex entführt, und mit ihm Nadia, die Tochter des Expeditionsleiters. Die beiden fürchten um ihr Leben, bis sie herausfinden, dass ihre Entführer vom Indianerstamm der Nebelmenschen sich nur verteidigen wollen. Denn die Expedition ist Teil eines perfiden Plans, der den Einheimischen die Lebensgrundlage stehlen soll. Für Nadia und Alex ist die Sache klar: Sie müssen den Nebelmenschen helfen und das Geheimnis des Urwaldwesens lüften. In »Die Stadt der wilden Götter« werden aus Nadia und Alexander ›Aguila und Jaguar‹, ungleiche Freunde und mutige Abenteurer in einer Welt voller Magie und Geheimnisse. Ein Auftakt mit Paukenschlag zu einer Trilogie über die Macht der Kameradschaft.

Secondary School Teaching

A Guide to Methods and Resources : Planning for Competence

Author: Richard Dean Kellough,Noreen G. Kellough

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780136180593

Category: Education

Page: 511

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Focusing specifically on teaching in grades 7-12, this comprehensive resource guide/workbook involves readers interactively -- through discussions, exercises, vignettes, and case studies -- with the why, what, how, and how well of a performance-based, competency-based, criterion-referenced approach to teaching. Explores instructional planning, strategy implementation, discipline, legal issues, and both student and teacher evaluation. Reflects the latest developments in cognitive learning theory, the constructivist approach to learning, social/interactive learning, the current school funding environment, and the growing diversity of the student population. Emphasizes an eclectic model of teaching which encourages readers to choose effective approaches from a variety of possible teaching models. Connects strategies rather than teaching them as separate entities. For prospective secondary school teachers (grades 7-12).