Not Like Other Boys

Growing Up Gay, a Mother and Son Look Back

Author: Marlene Fanta Shyer,Christopher Shyer


ISBN: 9780595193882

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 259

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“By offering different perspectives on their shared pasts, the Shyers produced a complex and emotionally persuasive family portrait.” —Kirkus Reviews “A deeply moving memoir.” —Publishers Weekly “What makes this story ultimately heroic is…a reminder of all those who struggle against the stigma of who they are.” —The New York Times Book Review “This wonderful book will not only tug at your heart, it will open your mind to the fact that homosexuality is not a choice, it is a given and has nothing to with the worth of a human being.” —Women’s News

Not Like Other Boys

A Masks of a Superhero Story

Author: Mikki Enoch

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542447331


Page: 28

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Some heroes have to find themselves. Captain Macho fights to hide both his powers so he can live a normal life and also they hide a secret from themselves. This is the origin of a hero who not only transitions into a hero but also takes on a transition many never have to experience. Watch as Captain Macho and Mother Justice find themselves.

I'm Not Like Other Boys, I'm a Daniel

Author: Sally Huggett

Publisher: Completelynovel

ISBN: 9781849144278


Page: 128

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Daniel is a six year old boy with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. This is his life story so far. Sharing the highs and the lows of living a life with Autism. How Daniel relates to his little brother Matthew. It goes through the Diagnosis, Hospital Stays, Meltdowns, Diet, Disability Living Allowance, Education and many more of the challenges that Daniel has faced so far. It is a celebration of his life. Written by Daniel's Mum, Sally Huggett BSc Dip He RN, who herself has a background in nursing. It is a compassionate and compelling story, one not to be overlooked.

The Nurture Assumption

Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do

Author: Judith Rich Harris

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684857073

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 462

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Argues that children's development is influenced primarily by their peers--other children--rather than by their parents

Young Masculinities

Understanding Boys in Contemporary Society

Author: Stephen Frosh,Ann Phoenix,Rob Pattman

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1403914583

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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How do boys see themselves? Their peers? The adult world? What are their aspirations, their fears? How do they feel about their own masculinity? About style, 'race', homophobia? About football? This book examines aspects of 'young masculinities' that have become central to contemporary social thought, paying attention to psychological issues as well as to social policy concerns. Centring on a study involving in-depth exploration, through individual and group intererviews, the authors bring to light the way boys in the early years of secondary schooling conceptualise and articulate their experiences of themselves, their peers and the adult world. The book includes discussion of boys' aspirations and anxieties, their feelings of pride and loss. As such, it offers an unusually detailed set of insights into the experiential world inhabited by these boys - how they see themselves, how girls see them, what they wish for and fear, where they feel their 'masculinity' to be advantageous and where it inhibits other potential experiences. In describing this material, the authors explore questions such as the place of violence in young people's lives, the functions of 'hardness', of homophobia and football, boys' underachievement in school, and the pervasive racialisation of masculine identity construction. Young Masculinities will be invaluable to researchers in psychology, sociology, gender and youth studies, as well as to those devising social policy on boys and young men. STEPHEN FROSH is Professor of Psychology at Birkbeck MA26, University of London, and previously Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Vice Dean in the Child and Family Department at the Tavistock Clinic, London. He is the author of numerous academic papers and several books, including For and Against Psychoanalysis, Sexual Difference: Masculinity and Psychoanalysis, Identity Crisis: Modernity, Psychoanalysis and the Self and The Politics of Psychoanalysis. He is joint author, with Danya Glaser, of Child Sexual Abuse and co-editor with Anthony Elliott of Psychoanalysis in Context. ANN PHOENIX is Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Open University. Her books include Standpoints and Differences (with Karen Henwood and Chris Griffin), Crossfires: Nationalism, Racism and Gender in Europe (with Helma Lutz and Nira Yuval-Davies), and Black, White or Mixed Race? (with Barbara Tizard). ROB PATTMAN is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Botswana. He has taught sociology in sixth form MA26s and institutions of higher education in Britain and southern Africa, and published articles on whiteness, gender identities, sex and AIDS education and social theory.

Blue Shoes And Happiness

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748110674

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Now that she is finally and happily married to her long-term suitor Mr J.L.B. Matekoni, Mma Ramotswe of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency of Botswana might have expected life to grow more sedate. But the many problems that lead customers to Mma Ramotswe's door seem, if anything, to have multiplied, and no sooner has she settled her traditionally built person into the married state than she finds herself looking into several troublesome matters at once. There is, to begin with, a disturbing case of blackmail and theft from the Government catering college. Then, while on an errand for her husband to the Mokolodi Game Reserve Mma Ramotswe is seconded to investigate an unpleasant atmosphere that may be down to witchcraft, or something worse. There are sinister goings-on at a health clinic to be looked into, not to mention any number of small wrongs to be righted along the path to detective triumph. And all the time Mma Ramotswe has weighty questions of a philosophical nature to consider, such as whether it is right to find happiness in small things, such as a new pair of blue shoes, a slice of cake, or a red sunset over the Kalahari.

Brother Jonathan

Or, The New Englanders

Author: John Neal

Publisher: Edinburgh, W. Blackwood


Category: New England

Page: N.A

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The Beggar's Opera

Author: Peggy Blair

Publisher: Penguin Canada

ISBN: 0143183435

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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The first volume in the atmospheric and suspenseful Inspector Ramirez series In beautiful, crumbling Old Havana, Canadian detective Mike Ellis hopes the sun and sand will help save his troubled marriage. He doesn’t yet know that it’s dead in the water—much like the little Cuban boy last seen begging the Canadian couple for a few pesos on the world famous Malecon. For Inspector Ricardo Ramirez, head of the Major Crimes Unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police, finding his prime suspect isn’t a problem—Cuban law is. He has only seventy-two hours to secure an indictment and prevent a vicious killer from leaving the island. But Ramirez also has his own troubles to worry about. He’s dying of the same dementia that killed his grandmother, an incurable disease that makes him see the ghosts of victims of unsolved murders. As he races against time, the dead haunt his every step...


Author: Eric Johns


ISBN: 132603622X


Page: 151

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""At least you once had a life - and perhaps one day I'll have one,"" Seb tells his great-grandmother, but only occasional words draw a response. Her bitterness at being placed in an old people's home is fading as her memory melts away. During Seb's visits she scatters hints of a life she has kept secret from her family. Did she once have another identity? What did she do in the war? Why does no one know? And what has she forgotten that torments her? Seb tries to unravel her past and reconstruct her life. At times she falls silent and drifts away clinging to a fragment of memory. Then Seb is left to soliloquise about the dissatisfactions of his own life. He describes his attempts to begin a relationship with a girl - any girl - and in desperation hits on the idea of an arranged romance. But his efforts are being sabotaged.

The Odd Boy and His Precious Piano

Author: Allen Howe

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595166644

Category: Fiction

Page: 151

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Alan Ogilvy is a peculiar and sensitive boy—over protected by his quirky parents, and a budding musical prodigy. The Odd Boy charts his life from the age of three through twelve as he, among other experiences, is led about town on a leash by his mother, tap dances on an art-deco ferry, plays piano for Greta Garbo, discovers coffins in a bachelor neighbors basement, becomes a love-slave for the girl across the alley, kisses his best boyfriend, and competes in an international piano competition. Charming, poignant, and heartbreaking, The Odd Boy and His Precious Piano, through a unique child’s voice, speaks directly to the adult heart.

Children's Sermons A to Z

Author: Brett Blair,Tim Carpenter

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 0788017802

Category: Religion

Page: 228

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Anyone who has done children's sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that I learn more from the children's sermon than I do from the real sermon. And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it's no accident that children's sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches. Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year's worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the lesson uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the application connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim. Bright, innovative, perceptive, creative, grace-filled Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter are all of those and much, much more, and that is reflected beautifully in their new book Children's Sermons A To Z. James W. Moore Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church Houston, Texas Brett Blair is associate pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds the M.Div. degree from Yale University Divinity School and is a cum laude graduate of Oral Roberts University with B.A. and M.A. degrees in New Testament Literature. Tim Carpenter is the pastor at First United Methodist Church in Bolivar, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and the University of Florida (B.A. in political science).

Warriors and Worriers

The Survival of the Sexes

Author: Joyce F. Benenson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199972257

Category: Psychology

Page: 200

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The question of exactly what sex differences exist and whether they have a biological foundation has been one of our culture's favorite enduring discussions. It should. After a baby is born, a parent's first concern is for its physical health. The next concern is its sex. Only in the most modern societies does sex not virtually guarantee the type of future life a new human being will have. Even in modern societies, one's sex usually plays a large role in the path a life follows. Scientists have published thousands of papers on the subject, with the general conclusion being that men and women are mostly the same, whatever differences exist have been socialized, and what differences exist have to do with women bearing children and men being physically stronger. In Warriors and Worriers, psychologist Joyce Benenson presents a new theory of sex differences, based on thirty years of research with young children and primates around the world. Her innovative theory focuses on how men and women stay alive. Benenson draws on a fascinating array of studies and stories that explore the ways boys and men deter their enemies, while girls and women find assistants to aid them in coping with vulnerable children and elders. This produces two social worlds for each sex which sets humans apart from most other primate species. Human males form cooperative groups that compete against out-groups, while human females exclude other females in their quest to find mates, female family members to invest in their children, and keep their own hearts ticking. In the process, Benenson turns upside down the familiar wisdom that women are more sociable than men and that men are more competitive than women.

Striking Out

The Religious Journey of Teenage Boys

Author: Donald Capps

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621891984

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Whatever religion may have meant to the boy when he was younger, in the teenage years it takes the form of a personal journey or quest. This journey is related to other aspects of his life and is integral to how he experiences himself and others. The title of this volume--Striking Out--has the connotation of the beginning of a journey that will take the boy in new directions, but it also suggests the baseball metaphor of a batter being called out on strikes. The first sense is positive; the second is negative. Together, they express the anticipatory and hopeful nature of the venture, but also the possibility that the undertaking may evoke feelings of fear, frustration, and failure. By focusing on real-life examples of teenage boys (both historical and contemporary), the book presents five typical manifestations of a boy's vulnerabilities as he sets forth on the journey: the stumbler, the struggler, the straggler, the straddler, and the stranger. It explores the ways in which these vulnerabilities may contribute in positive ways to his personal growth and his religious maturity. Throughout this book Gordon W. Allport's classic text The Individual and His Religion draws attention to the claim that a boy's religious sentiment may play a decisive role in the integration of his personality despite its inevitable disparities and uncertainties, and the real-life examples are presented as evidence that this religious sentiment provides direction and clarity of vision as the boy looks toward the future.

The Living is Easy

A Novel

Author: Dorothy West

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558611474

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

View: 8231

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The captivating firts novel by Dorothy West--author of "The Wedding."

Finding Mars

Author: Ned Rozell

Publisher: University of Alaska Press

ISBN: 1602231230

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 219

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Finding Mars is an interwoven tale of science, travel, and adventure, as science writer Ned Rozell accompanies permafrost researcher—and inveterate wanderer—Kenji Yoshikawa on a 750-mile trek by snowmobile through the Alaska wilderness. Along the way, Rozell learns about Yoshikawa’s fascinating life, from his boyhood in Tokyo to the youthful wanderlust that led him to push a wheeled cart across the Sahara, ski to the South Pole, and take a sailboat into the frozen reaches of the Arctic Ocean, spending a winter frozen in the ice near Barrow. It’s an always on-the-move account of a man driven not just by the desire to fill in the blank spots on a map, but also to learn everything he can about them—and a ringing testament to the power of science, enthusiasm, and individual inspiration.


A Novel

Author: Nanci Kincaid

Publisher: Algonquin Books

ISBN: 1565127064

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

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Set in Alabama, this is a “funny, entertaining novel about college football coaches and the women who love them” (Library Journal). Balls is the story of the rise and fall of a Southern college football coach—told by his wife and the many other women in his orbit, from his mother, mother-in-law, and daughter to the girlfriends and grandmothers who watch from the sidelines, cheering, worrying, and praying when the players are carried off on stretchers. It’s the women standing behind this handsome football hero who tell the story of Mac Gibbs, star quarterback, who married the beautiful homecoming queen, Dixie Carraway. Set in the home state of the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, the novel relates the tale of Mac’s fame as a college player—and eventual infamy as head coach of the Birmingham University Black Bears. They don’t care much for the “science” of the game—or its brutality. They see football as it really is: sexy, dirty, sweaty, painful, empowering, corrupt. The story they tell is often funny—and not always pretty. Written by a prominent coach’s wife, this is an “engrossing [and] terrific book” about love, competition, and a woman taking control of her own life in an era of change (Booklist). “Kincaid knows her Southern football culture thoroughly. . . . The novel’s warm humor and eccentric characters, so reminiscent of Lee Smith, kicks this into the winning end zone.” —Library Journal “What makes the tale fun is that Kincaid tells it through the eyes of the women in Mac’s life . . . Great Southern details . . . Characters so believable you can hear them drawl.” —People

Sarcasm Is a Dragon’S Best Friend

. . . . Until You Lose Your Scales

Author: Stephanie Collins

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490753311

Category: Fiction

Page: 900

View: 7287

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My name is Gemini, and my life is a bloody mess. I almost kill my mother; my overbearing father exiles me out of the nest; one of my sisters wants to neuter me so stupidity doesnt breed; my dead grandmother wants me to complete stupid missions for her, and a witch thinks Im an arrogant and rude dragon, so she turns me human. Then I get captured by guards from a kingdom notorious for being cruel to males, and they make me their slave for three years. Their queen decides shes had enough of my sarcastic idiocy and sells me to a neighboring kingdom where I get stuck in a new dungeon: kinghood. Apparently I make enemies wherever I go. I have dragon slayers poaching in my kingdom and my armys commander desperately wanting to kill me so he could be king. All I want is to find a way to break my curse and get my scales back . . . and for my father to stop treating me like a hatchling. Is that too much to ask for?

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

A Novel

Author: Thompson Square

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451698461

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Girls, Boys, and Junior Sexualities

Exploring Children's Gender and Sexual Relations in the Primary School

Author: Emma Renold

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415314978

Category: Education

Page: 206

View: 8044

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Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities takes an insightful and in-depth look at the hidden worlds of young children's sexualities. Based upon extensive group interviews and observation, the author illustrates how sexuality is embedded in children's school-based cultures and gender identities. From examining children's own views and experiences, the book explores a range of topical and sensitive issues, including how: the primary school is a key social arena for 'doing' sexuality sexuality shapes children's friendships and peer relations being a 'proper' girl or boy involves investing in a heterosexual identity children use gendered or sexual insults to maintain gender and sexual norms. Grounded in children's real-life experiences, this book traces their struggles, anxieties, desires and pleasures as they make sense of their emerging sexualities. It also includes frank and open discussions of the pressures of compulsory heterosexuality, the boyfriend/girlfriend culture, misogyny and sexual harassment. Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities is a timely and powerful resource for researchers, educationalists and students in childhood studies, sociology and psychology and will be of great interest to professionals and policy makers working with young children.

Because You Loved Me

Author: M. William Phelps

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 078602738X

Category: True Crime

Page: 432

View: 9812

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A Life Taken Jeanne Dominico's fiancé found her body on her kitchen floor. More than forty stab wounds and blows to her head with a blunt instrument had cut her life short. What monster had struck in the heart of a peaceful New England town? A Trust Betrayed Jeanne was a hard-working single mother. Nicole, her fourteen-year-old daughter was on the honor-roll and head over heels in love--with an eighteen-year-old man she'd known only through the Internet. Once the lovers met in person, Jeanne's motherly instincts sensed trouble. If only she'd known that the life in danger was her own. In The Name Of Love With a history of psychological trouble and family misfortune, Billy Sullivan's obsessive and controlling power over Nicole contributed to the brutal slaying of her mother. But it was Nicole's stunning confession and guilty plea that led to Billy's sensational trial, where a sordid tale of love, loss, betrayal and murder finally took a cold-blooded killer offline--and on line for justice. "Phelps is a first-rate investigator." --Dr. Michael M. Baden Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos Investigative journalist M. William Phelps is the author of Murder in the Heartland, Perfect Poison, Every Move You Make, Lethal Guardian, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace. He has appeared on dozens of national radio and television programs, including Court TV, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, Geraldo at Large and Montel Williams, and has consulted for the Showtime cable television series Dexter. He lives in a small Connecticut farming community with his wife and children.