Drats! My Hair Is a Rat's Nest!

Author: Susan Stevens

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1602478570

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

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Drats! My Hair is a Rats Nest is a silly story about messy, uncooperative hair. A young Asian girl, Kiran, is adopted into a Caucasian family and questions her differences, and how to fit in. Her world is further complicated through a divorced family, but her new extended family reaches out with advice and love to help her find acceptance. Author Susan Stevens tackles the topics of adoption and divorce, which are realities affecting families every day. In this humorous tale of a hairdo gone wrong, two extended families can work through anger and pain for the benefit of the children, emphasizing the needs of every individual.

Caves of the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains

Author: Jon Rollins

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780921102946

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

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The caves of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains, on both sides of the BC/Alberta border, span an area from the Crowsnest Pass in the south to the Prince George area in the north. This first regional Canadian caving guide offers extensive information for each cave, including location, cave survey, history of exploration, access maps and all the necessary technical details needed for safe exploration.

Service Orient or Be Doomed!

How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business

Author: Jason Bloomberg,Ronald Schmelzer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471792241

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 258

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How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business "The real value of this book is that it makes SOA and Webservices, which are critical and business-transforming,crystal-clear to the layman, both business and IT leaders. The bookstays focused on the real-world issues facing business andgovernment institutions today. In an industry full of experts ofmany stripes, Ron and Jason are the real thing: savvy, experienced,and realistic. They have produced a must-read book formanagement." —Paul Lipton, Senior Architect, Unicenter Web Services andApplication Management Computer Associates "This is by far the finest publication on SOA of our time. Fromcover to back, Service Orient or Be Doomed! strips away thelayers of confusion most IT stakeholders face when confronted withenterprise architecture, and illustrates pragmatic and practicalpaths towards a sustainable and efficient enterprise architecture.Both the technically savvy and the bean counters will enjoy thisbook that speaks to the critical points they need tounderstand." —Duane A. Nickull Senior Standards Strategist, Adobe Systems,Inc. Chair, OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee Vicechair, United Nations CEFACT (UN/CEFACT) "If you're looking for a guide that's based on reality, this isit. These guys know how you can service-orient your enterprise andhave the best chance of success. This book is the best SOA tool youcan buy. I'm recommending it to everyone." —Dave Linthicum, CEO, BRIDGEWERX "Jason and Ron are experts on Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) and have written the first book that is aimed at helping anontechnical businessperson understand why the SOA computingrevolution is critical to business. Rather than provide a nerdydeath via buzzword book, Jason and Ron take a humorous, clever, andinsightful romp through this new technology and how it impactsbusiness in general." —Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital Authors Jason Bloomberg and Ronald Schmelzer-senior analysts forhighly respected IT advisory and analysis firm ZapThink-say it allin the title of their new book, Service Orient or Be Doomed!:How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business. That is, ifyou fail to service orient your company, you will fail in competingwith the organizations that do. This provocative new book takes service orientation out of itsmore familiar technological surroundings within service-orientedarchitecture and introduces it as a philosophy that advocates itsrightful place within a business context, redefining it as a newway of thinking about organizing your business and itsprocesses. Informal, challenging, and intelligent in style, ServiceOrient or Be Doomed!: How Service Orientation Will Change YourBusiness shows you how you can best use technology resources tomeet your company's business goals and empower your company to gofrom "stuck" to "competitive."

All about Ferrets and Rats : A Complete History of Ferrets, Rats, and Rat Extermination from Personal Experiences and Study. Also a Practical Hand-Book on the Ferret.

Author: Adolph Isaacsen



Category: Ferret

Page: 88

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All about Ferrets and Rats : A Complete History of Ferrets, Rats, and Rat Extermination from Personal Experiences and Study. Also a Practical Hand-Book on the Ferret. Our dictionaries say that "ferret" as a verb active means to search out carefully. This is certainly an important function of the animal, but, as it belongs to the Musteline or flesh-eating weasel family, it has also inherited these animals' boldness and savageness, though tempered and exercised in a very useful direction, i. e., of killing off the most bothersome and numerous of our vermin for us. It is rather a well-known family,[Pg 8] the one to which the ferret belongs, including such animals as the sable, which furnishes the highly-prized fur, the skunk, with its not as greatly valued perfume, the ermine, the color of which is likened to the driven snow and whose dress forms the badge of royalty, the weasel, from which artists obtain their finest brushes, the marten, the badger, and the otter. The shape of these animals, the characteristics being strongly marked in the ferret, is long, slender, and serpentine (snake-like and winding), their teeth are very sharp, the muzzle and legs short. Their average food is rats, rabbits, and birds. Members of this class are found in all climates and parts of the earth. It is necessary to state, primarily, that there is no such thing as a wild ferret; it is domesticated in the same degree as a cat or a dog. The wild animal from which the ferret is bred is the weasel, just as the dog is originally of wolf extraction, and the cat of the same class as the tiger or lion. The ferret is also interbred with the different species of the musteline tribe, such as the mink, marten, polecat, and fitch. These are nevertheless all weasels in the same way that terriers, black and tans, Newfoundlands, and poodles all belong to the family of dogs. The ferret's origin has been traced by some to Spain, by others again to the northwestern part of Africa, and by still different writers as far away from us as Egypt, but it was first used authentically for ratting and rabbiting in Great Britain, where it is most highly prized, its merits understood, and where almost every one is as familiar with it as he is with the nature of his house cat. The public here in America is yet but indifferently acquainted with the ferret. At an exhibition of ferrets made by the writer at Madison Square Garden there was about one out of every fifteen persons that knew the name of the animal at all, and the ferrets were alternately designated as skunks, weasels, guinea-pigs, raccoons, monkeys, woodchucks, kittens, puppies, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, rats (an animal for which they are commonly mistaken), hares, martens, otters, small kangaroos, muskrats, beavers, seals, and, ridiculous as it may seem, small bears. The American race of ferrets has been bred to a high degree of intelligence, as the proper medium of wildness in the hunt and docility to its keeper has been obtained principally through the efforts of the present writer. This, however, has only been brought about after a great deal of close study and experiment in cross breeding, until now the American animal is greatly preferable to its more sluggish and vicious English brother.

The Rat

Its History & Destructive Character

Author: James Rodwell

Publisher: N.A


Category: Rats

Page: 299

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A Year With New York's Most Unwanted Inhabitants

Author: Robert Sullivan

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 1847087884

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 256

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Surprisingly funny and compulsively readable, Rats is an unlikely account of a year spent in a garbage-strewn alley in lower Manhattan. Sullivan spends the year with a notebook and night-vision goggles, hunting for fabled rat-kings, trapping a rat of his own, and trying (and failing) to conquer his own fear of rats. He meets the exterminators, garbage men and civic activists who play their part in the centuries-old war between human city-dweller and wild city rat. He travels to a bizarre Midwestern conference on rats that brings together the leading experts on rat history, behaviour, and control (did you know that one pair of rats can produce 15,000 descendants in a year? That rats' teeth are harder than steel?). In the process, he discovers the many ways in which rats' lives mirror those of humans. Sullivan's unusual and absorbing book earns a place alongside the classics of travel writing.

Rats' nests

the poetry of Hagiwara Sakutarō

Author: Sakutarô Hagiwara

Publisher: UNESCO


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 445

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This revised and expanded second edition includes, in addition to several other enhancements, 470 selections from Hagiwara's poems, prose and fragments from his notebooks. Sakutaro remained an 'underground man' for us all, says Richard Luecke in the foreword to the first edition. 'bringing back from sojourns in hell new revelations and haunting music... It is a pleasure to commend a book that will convey "the father of modern Japanese poetry" to readers of English.'

Under Grotto Mountain

Rat's Nest Cave

Author: Charles J. Yonge

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780921102779

Category: Travel

Page: 144

View: 1883

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Named a Provincial Historic Site in 1986, Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore, Alberta, extends for approximately 4 km beneath Grotto Mountain. This new cave guide not only examines the natural history of this fascinating system of subterranean passageways, but also explores 2000-3000 years of human occupation.

The Ordinary Seaman

Author: Francisco Goldman

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 1555846408

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9789

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By the author of The Long Night of the White Chickens: A novel of the perils, passions, and misadventures of a young Nicaraguan sailor trapped in Brooklyn. Named a Best Book of the Year by Newsday, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, the Chicago Tribune, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Publishers Weekly At nineteen, Esteban Gaitan is already a veteran of war. A Sandinista soldier and an avowed communist, Esteban leaves Nicaragua to begin a new life in America. It’s the late 1980s when he, along with fourteen other men, arrive to form the crew of the Urus, a ship docked on a desolate Brooklyn pier. Elias and Mark, the owners of the Urus, hold the men captive, forcing them to work in a vain attempt to make the rotting vessel seaworthy. Without the means to return home, Esteban remains a virtual prisoner, haunted by the loss of the woman he loved during the war. Eventually, he sneaks off the ship, making nocturnal forays into Brooklyn, where he meets Joaquina, a Mexican immigrant who works as a manicurist, and begins to plot his permanent escape. Centering his novel around Esteban, but also telling the stories of his fellow landlocked sailors, Francisco Goldman proves once again that he is “a major talent of great style and soul” (The Miami Herald). “Often very funny . . . Here, a corner of Brooklyn becomes the exotic and foreign experience, and through Esteban’s eyes it is as mysterious and alluring as Tangiers.” —The Dallas Morning News

The Rat

A Study in Behavior

Author: Samuel Anthony Barnett

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0202368467

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 9391

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The laws of animal behavior have been revised and revealed through research performed by zoologists, physiologists and experimental psychologists. Each has contributed much. Their main meeting ground has been the study of mammals, especially rats. This classic book is unique in bringing together the principal conclusions of these researchers in a compact, well illustrated, and lucid form. The author himself made important original contributions to wild rat behavior; his account of "white rat psychology" and of relevant work on other species is equally authoritative. Experience as a teacher enabled him to write an unusually logical and comprehensive text, suitable for students of zoology, psychology and medicine. This book belongs to no particular school of biology or psychology. Rather it admits the work of all schools and strict adherence to none. The principal topics covered include: movement in the living space; feeding behavior; social and reproductive behavior; the analysis of "instinct"; the analysis of learned behavior; "motivation" and "drive"; the brain and behavior. The book includes a full, carefully selected bibliography, current up to the time of original publication of the original edition. S. A. Barnett (1915-2003) was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford where he became Christopher Welch Scholar after taking a First in Zoology. He was a senior lecturer, and eventually was appointed chair at the Glasgow University Zoology Department in 1971. He has studied behavior, hybrid vigor and effects of breeding at a low temperature in rats and mice and wrote over 150 papers and nine books.


Author: Charlie Seiga

Publisher: charlie seiga

ISBN: 095683910X

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 202

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The Torque of Tor Darroch

Author: Ken Krasity

Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing

ISBN: 0978258185


Page: N.A

View: 6424

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Tarl Grudffyth, a warrior druid on the island of Hybyrnn, posses a magical torquewhose missing jewels will greatly enhance its power. On his search for these jewels, he's thrust into arcane as well as physical battle against the Uhtils, a vicious cabal of evil mages who aim to control Hibyrnn. Tarl finds an unlikely ally in Golsun Molgun, an out of place merchant and scribe who has his own reasons for despising the Uhtils.

Hopper's Destiny

Author: Lisa Fiedler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481420917

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 1720

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A brave mouse attempts to rebuild a fallen empire in this second book of the epic animal adventure series set in the subway tunnels of Brooklyn, for “fans of Erin Hunter, Brian Jaques, and Kathryn Lasky” (School Library Journal). The battle to free Titus’s camps is over, and Hopper, Zucker, Firren, and their loyal followers are working to rebuild. But the tunnels are in a state of chaos, and without the sinister peace accord to protect the rodents, Queen Felina and her growing army of ferals is a greater threat than ever before. In the Mūs Village, Pinkie has led a coup and is now ruling with an iron paw. And Pup has become cold and defiant, a change that Hopper never saw coming. When exterminators raid the tunnels, Hopper is snatched away by the intruders and taken back up to the daylight world where he was born. Upland, Hopper makes new allies, and as he enjoys the sights and sounds of Brooklyn, he wonders if he will ever make it back into the tunnels to restore safety and prosperity, as foretold by La Rocha’s prophecy. But why should Hopper fulfill a destiny he never wanted in the first place? Learn more at Mouseheart.com!

Gower Federal Service

Miscellaneous lands decisions service

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Land use

Page: N.A

View: 666

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Decisions of the Board of Land Appeals, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Dept. of the Interior.

The Eagles' Brood

Book Three of The Camulod Chronicles

Author: Jack Whyte

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1466822074

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8539

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The Eagles' Brood by Jack Whyte continues the saga of the Colony known as Camulod, and the tale of the descendants of those brave Romans who forged a new way of life for the Celt and Roman peoples when the Roman legions departed Britain. Most know the new leader of the Colony as Merlyn; all call him Commander. Cauis Merlyn Britannicus is responsible for their safety, and all look to him for guidance, leadership, justice, and salvation. It is a harsh life but a good community, and Merlyn is dedicated to spreading the influence of Roman culture beyond the Colony's borders. Uther Pendragon, the man who will father the legendary Arthur, is the cousin Merlyn has known and loved since they were birthed, four hours apart on the same day, the year the legions left Britain. He is the tireless warrior--the red dragon to Merlyn's great silver bear--and between the two of them, the Colony knows few enemies. As different as they can be, they are inseparable: two faces of the same coin. In a world torn apart by warfare and upheaval, each is the other's certainty and guarantee of the survival of the Colony . . . until a vicious crime, one that strikes at the roots of Merlyn's life, drives a wedge between them. A wedge that threatens the fate of a nation . . . . At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

America Before Columbus - History Series

Author: Matt Green

Publisher: Matt Green


Category: History

Page: 154

View: 3633

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Who where the first Americans? The story is intriguing, and the fascinating narrative will hold the reader's complete attention. Most of the inhabitants were wiped out by plagues brought by the Europeans. You will learn how "Indians" lived throughout the Americas before 1492 and Columbus, only isolated bits of the story have reached the popular press. If your knowledge of the Native Americans begins and ends with what you learned in school years ago, or with the stereotypes perpetuated by Hollywood, you are in for quite a shock. This is not a book which will please many with an agenda on either the pro-development or pro-environment side, but it will be found invaluable by those who seek a better understanding of the "New World" before the Europeans "discovered" it.

Life's Alphabet Soup

When Your Children Make You Eat Your Words

Author: Terri Ferran

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 9781462105847

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 148

View: 3276

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A parent's life is never dull and often downright droll but in the middle of the tantrums, squabbles, and boo-boos, it's sometimes hard to see the hilarity. Life's Alphabet Soup is the perfect antidote for any tired, stressed-out parent. with six kids of her own, Terri Ferran knows what raising a family is really like: incredibly hard, completely thankless, and so worth it. There are plenty of books that'll tell you what you're doing wrong as a parent, but how about one that knows what it's really like to spend a sleepless night with a sick child? (Even though the sickness was mostly brought on by letting her eat too many cookies.) Full of stories all parents can relate to, this book is sure to keep you laughing from a to Zoomph.

The Kumulipo

A Hawaiian Creation Chant

Author: Martha Warren Beckwith

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824807719

Category: Social Science

Page: 257

View: 3111

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"A rare find in ancient Hawaiian literature, a Hawaiian composition not only rich in its poetic power but an authentic source of information concerning pre-European Hawaiian religion, mythology, and way of life... Beckwith rightly compares it to the Greek creation chants and Genesis in the Bible." --Pacific Islands Monthly The Kumulipo is the sacred creation chant of a family of Hawaiian alii, or ruling chiefs. Composed and transmitted entirely in the oral tradition, its 2000 lines provide an extended genealogy proving the family's divine origin and tracing the family history from the beginning of the world.

The Life and Times of Eccentric Yorkshiremen

Author: John A Leaver

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1908098864

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 337

View: 9078

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They reckon you have to be a famous celebrity, climbed Mount Everest or lived through a war to write an autobiography. Well I haven't done any of those but I have written a musical, and had it performed on stage, appeared on TV and in national newspapers for various little escapades, and tried to live life to the full. People who know me call me eccentric or a touch bizarre and I have been described as "off the wall" (not sure of the origin of that or even if it fits). I have been called worse behind my back no doubt, but for better or worse the contents of this book are a bit of a record of what I've been getting up to in the past sixty odd years or so. You've picked this book off the shelf and read this bit so do give the inside a try. It's good for a laugh if nothing else. Although do remember. PLEASE DON'T TRY MOST OF THIS AT HOME