Scientific Foundations of Ophthalmology

Author: Edward S. Perkins,David W. Hill

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 1483281302

Category: Medical

Page: 352

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Scientific Foundations of Ophthalmology focuses on scientific grounds of ophthalmology, including anatomy, genetics, pathology, and epidemiology of blindness and blinding diseases. The selection first offers information on aqueous outflow pathway in vertebrate eyes; retinal receptors and pigment epithelium; and vascular supply of the optic disc. Discussions focus on glaucomatous cupping of the optic disc, venous drainage, receptor synapses, outer plexiform layer, primates, and lower mammals. The book then ponders on anatomical and neurophysiological review of cerebral control of ocular movements and the structure and transparency of the cornea. The publication elaborates on the biochemistry of lens, regulation of retinal blood flow, and biochemical basis of toxic amblyopias. The text also takes a look at the hereditary aspects of glaucoma, inborn errors of metabolism, retinal dystrophies, and gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina with hyperornithinaemia. Vitreoretinal degenerations in myopia, retinitis pigmentosa, albinism, lens dislocation, and storage disorders involving complex lipids and carbohydrates are discussed. The selection is highly recommended for ophthalmologists and readers interested in ophthalmology.

Foundations of Ophthalmology

Great Insights that Established the Discipline

Author: Michael F. Marmor,Daniel M. Albert

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319596411

Category: Medical

Page: 221

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There have been books over the years discussing the history of ophthalmology, but none that focus directly on just the most critical thinkers whose insights provided the foundation for the discipline. These men and women advanced knowledge about vision, diagnosis, disease mechanisms, and therapy through innovative thinking and perseverance against old ideas. Their stories are intriguing at a personal level and for showing the complexity of advancing medical science and, therefore, should be required reading for anyone practicing ophthalmology. Foundations of Ophthalmology includes giants such as Young (the nature of color and light), Braille (a practical reading system for the blind), Helmholtz (development of the ophthalmoscope), von Graefe (defining glaucoma), Curie (discovery of radiation and the basis of radiation therapy), Gonin (demonstration how to cure retinal detachment), Ridley (serendipity that led to intraocular lenses), and Kelman (development of phacoemulsification that revolutionized cataract surgery).

Ophthalmic Pathology

A Concise Guide

Author: Thomas J Cummings

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461443946

Category: Medical

Page: 192

View: 1844

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Ophthalmic Pathology: A Concise Guide provides an introductory book of essential and fundamental information that will give the reader a solid foundation in ophthalmic pathology. The volume differs from the available classic and comprehensive ophthalmic pathology textbooks in its basic and simplified ‘one month approach’ concept. The text is rich in macroscopic and microscopic pathology images, clinical images, and bullet-point lists. Each chapter (Overview; Cornea; Conjunctiva; Eyelids; Uveal Tract; Retina; Orbit; and, Optic Nerve) includes approximately 30 color figures of common eye pathology diagnoses and also reviews the normal histology of each ocular component. An assortment of commentary related to common diagnoses and differential diagnostic considerations, clinical and pathological correlations, pearls and pitfalls, and ophthalmic pathology terminology can be found in each chapter. Other topics include: the fundamental pathology of glaucoma, trauma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and the phacomatoses; commonly used histochemical stains employed in ophthalmic pathology; and basic prosection of enucleation and evisceration specimens.

Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia

Author: Jaichandran V V,

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9386261235

Category: Medical

Page: 382

View: 5315

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This book is a comprehensive guide to ophthalmic anaesthesia detailing different types of anaesthesia, techniques, subsequent effects and possible complications. Divided into six sections the book begins with basic clinical knowledge including anatomy and physiology and the effects of ocular medications. The following sections examine the techniques and uses of regional anaesthesia, concluding with a chapter on emergencies in ocular surgery. The second half of the book covers general anaesthesia covering the physiological and pharmacological effects on the eye, and its use for numerous subspecialty surgical procedures including for examination and diagnosis, for paediatric surgeries, vitreoretinal surgery, glaucoma, emergency eye surgery and more. The final section is dedicated to the causes and management of chronic ophthalmic pain. Each chapter features an abstract and ‘nuggets of wisdom’ providing useful points on the topic. Nearly 200 clinical images and tables enhance learning. Key Points Comprehensive guide to ophthalmic anaesthesia covering types, techniques, effects and complications Discusses both regional and general anaesthesia for numerous ocular surgeries Includes chapters on emergencies in ocular surgical procedures Each chapter includes an abstract and ‘nuggets of wisdom’

History of Ophthalmology

Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis

Author: Daniel M. Albert

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401101272

Category: Medical

Page: 198

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Foundations of Low Vision

Clinical and Functional Perspectives

Author: Anne Lesley Corn,Jane N. Erin

Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind

ISBN: 089128883X

Category: Medical

Page: 965

View: 7803

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Foundations of Low Vision: Clinical and Functional Perspectives, the ground-breaking text that highlighted the importance of focusing on the functional as well as the clinical implications of low vision, has been completely updated and expanded in this second edition. The revised edition goes even further in its presentation of how best to assess and support both children and adults with low vision and plan programs and services that optimize their functional vision and ability to lead productive and satisfying lives, based on individuals' actual abilities. Part 1, Personal and Professional Perspectives, provides the foundations of this approach, with chapters focused on the anatomy of the eye, medical causes of visual impairment, optics and low vision devices, and clinical low vision services, as well as psychological and social implications of low vision and the history of the field. Part 2 focuses on children and youths, providing detailed treatment of functional vision assessment, instruction, use of low vision devices, orientation and mobility, and assistive technology. Part 3 presents rehabilitation and employment issues for working-age adults and special considerations for older adults.

Ophthalmic Nursing, Fifth Edition

Author: Mary E. Shaw,Agnes Lee

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482249774

Category: Medical

Page: 376

View: 6940

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Ophthalmic Nursing provides an overview for those just setting out in a role within ophthalmic nursing. It includes basic and comprehensible anatomy and physiology – the foundations for understanding how the eye functions and why and how problems occur – and relates them to the care and needs of the patient. This accessible text includes evidence-based procedure guidelines and the inclusion of reflective activities in most chapters allows readers to apply their knowledge to the realities of the care setting. Also covered are the most recent National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. Since the publication of the fourth edition, there have been many advances in the care and management of the ophthalmic patient. The authors have updated the chapters accordingly and included new colour images and diagrams. References, further reading and websites have also been updated to reflect current trends. A valuable resource for nurses in practice and training, this book continues to be the ‘go-to’ source for those caring for the ophthalmic patient.

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Author: John W. Simon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781560557944

Category: Eye

Page: 516

View: 8694

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Introduces strabismus with discussions of extraocular muscle anatomy and motor and sensory physiology. This book examines the clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of eso- and exodeviations, horizontal and vertical deviations, nystagmus, and amblyopia.

Pocket Tutor Ophthalmology

Author: Shyamanga Borooah,Mark Wright,Bal Dhillon

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 1907816216

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 5020

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Titles in the Pocket Tutor series give practical guidance on subjects that medical students and foundation doctors need help with “on the go”. Their highly affordable price represents great value for those rotating through modular courses or working on attachment. Topics reflect information needs stemming from today’s integrated undergraduate & foundation courses: Common investigations (ECG, Chest X-Ray, etc) Clinical skills (procedures, patient examination, etc) Important and/or complex specialties in which students receive comparatively little dedicated training (psychiatry, renal medicine) Key Points Highly affordable price and convenient pocket size format – fits in back pocket! Ophthalmology receives little teaching time in the medical curriculum, so students often feel ill prepared to deal with eye problems - which are invariably urgent in nature Descriptions of common disorders enhanced by Clinical Scenarios (Patient presents with...) which help students and trainees to recognise and manage common presenting problems

Clinical skills ;Investigations and their interpretation ;Ocular trauma ;Lids ;Lacrimal ;Conjunctiva ;Cornea ;Sclera ;Lens ;Glaucoma ;Uveitis ;Vitreoretinal ;Medical retina ;Orbit ;Intraocular tumours ;Neuro-ophthalmology ;Strabismus ;Paediatric ophthalmology ;Refractive ophthalmology ;Aids to diagnosis ;Vision in context ;Ophthalmic surgery: anaesthetics and perioperative care ;Ophthlmic surgery - theatre notes ;Laser ;Therapeutics ;Evidence-based ophthalmology ;Resources

Author: Alastair Denniston,Philip I. Murray

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199679983

Category: Medical

Page: 1069

View: 5250

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This handbook offers a systematic summary of ophthalmic disease directed towards diagnosis, interim assessment and ongoing management. The third edition is an invaluable companion to the practice of ophthalmology, providing rapid access to the information when it is needed, whether in the clinic, theatre or on the ward.

Advanced Glaucoma Surgery

Author: Ahmad A. Aref,Rohit Varma

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319180606

Category: Medical

Page: 138

View: 441

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This text provides expert instruction on the techniques currently employed for the surgical treatment of glaucomatous disease, covering both the host of novel microinvasive devices for treatment of milder stages and the refined strategies that enhance success rates in patients with advanced disease. The critical steps in each procedure are clearly described with the aid of many high-quality illustrations and surgical videos. Pearls and pitfalls of the various techniques are highlighted, and helpful information is provided on indications, preoperative considerations, potential intra- and postoperative complications, and strategies for reducing the incidence of such adverse events. Each treatment method is addressed in a dedicated stand-alone chapter, ensuring ease of reference for the practitioner. Readers will find this book, written by internationally recognized experts in the field, to be an exceptional source of up-to-date information on advanced glaucoma surgical techniques.

Foundations of Binocular Vision: A Clinical Perspective

Author: Scott Steinman,Barbara Steinman,Ralph P. Garzia

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780838526705

Category: Medical

Page: 345

View: 3396

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From a renowned author team comes a clinically oriented approach to the introductor study of binocular vision. Essential reading for second-year optometry students, this vital core text covers testing procedures, diagnostic issues, and treatment modalities in preparation for more advanced clinical work. Key points to remember for national board exams are highlighted and discussions of clinical applications and procedures abound in every chapter.

Progress of Lens Biochemistry Research Volume in honour of Prof. Dr. med. J. Nordmann

Volume in honour of Prof. Dr. med. J. Nordmann

Author: O. Hockwin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401015716

Category: Medical

Page: 323

View: 2678

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On August 25,1976 Prof. Dr. med. JEAN NORDMANN, Emeritus Professor of Strasbourg University, will celebrate his 80th anniversary. The task of paying tribute to Professor NORDMANN's many services to ophthalmology in a way worthy of the occasion is so difficult that we decided to concentrate on the focal point of his life's work. In this issue scientists engaged in lens research from allover the world offer reports of their latest findings together with their best wishes and felicitations as a birthday gift to the Nestor of lens research. They thereby express their gratitude to Professor NORDMANN, who, with the lifelong in defatigable enthusiasm of a scientist, has most successfully persued the prob lems of lens metabolism. It is our sincerest hope that we may look forward to many more years in which to take advantage of Professor NORDMANN's superior knowledge. Among the contributions to this festive donation we miss the works of some authors who have always held Professor NORDMANN's special inter est. The editor has received several letters of longstanding friends who would have liked to submit a manuscript but had been unable to meet the deadline: Professor NORDMANN may rest assured that they, too, belong to the great number of congratulators from our field of research. We have been able to make this dedication thanks to Professor HENKES who readily agreed to publish our contributions in Documenta Ophthal mologica. Dr. Junk publishers have done their utmost to ensure prompt publication.

Textbook of Ophthalmology

Author: Sunita Agarwal,Athiya Agarwal,David J Apple

Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Publishers

ISBN: 9788171798841

Category: Medical

Page: 3000

View: 9602

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Written by the foremost experts from leading eye clinics worldwide, this four-volume work is the most comprehensive and current reference in ophthalmology. The international representation of the 267 contributors ensures complete coverage of the broad array of contemporary technologies and techniques, including the latest innovations in vitreoretinal, cataract, and refractive surgery. In 324 chapters, this encyclopedic text covers every area of ophthalmology--basic sciences, optics and refraction, neuro-ophthalmology, strabismus, lids, adnexa and orbit, external eye diseases, cornea, refractive surgery, glaucoma, lens, uveal tract, ocular therapeutics, retina and vitreous, systemic diseases, and miscellaneous topics. Thousands of superb illustrations enable readers to visualize surgical techniques.

Ophthalmology at a Glance

Author: Jane Olver,Lorraine Cassidy,Gurjeet Jutley,Laura Crawley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111879723X

Category: Medical

Page: 144

View: 1540

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Ophthalmology at a Glance provides a concise overview of the specialty, with clear and simple diagrams illustrating the essential information required for students, trainee optometrists, opticians and specialty nurses. It includes details on history and examination, before moving through specific conditions and their treatment. Closely tracking the undergraduate ophthalmology curriculum, this new edition is fully updated to reflect new developments in the field. Ophthalmology at a Glance: • Features tip boxes to give further insight into topics, warning boxes to indicate cautionary advice, help with exam technique, further reading, and key point boxes which summarize each chapter • Includes new chapters on tropical ophthalmology, ocular oncology and giant cell arteritis • Features expanded material on red eye and painful loss of vision, and discussion of new scientific evidence for the existence of a sixth layer of the cornea (Dua’s layer) • Includes a companion website at featuring clinical case studies, all the clinical images from the book as PowerPoint slides, and interactive flashcards for self-test


Author: Myron Yanoff,Jay S. Duker

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323076920

Category: Medical

Page: 1552

View: 8038

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Based on valuable customer feedback, Doctors Yanoff and Duker have streamlined their best-selling reference, Ophthalmology, to zero in on just the clinical answers you need in day-to-day practice. This new edition presents unparalleled guidance on nearly every ophthalmic condition and procedure including the latest advances in the field, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), the ocular surface, new pharmacologic therapies, updated oculoplastic surgical techniques, the latest in refractive surgery, and so much more. Discusses every aspect of clinical ophthalmology for complete coverage in a single volume. Uses 2250 full-color illustrations that depict a wide range of ophthalmic techniques and disorders. Presents a more streamlined format to the printed text to help you focus on the clinically actionable information you need everyday. Discusses hot topics such OCT, the ocular surface, glaucoma testing, refractive surgery, advances in molecular biology and genetics, neuro-ophthalmology, and retinal studies to keep you absolutely current. Provides enhanced coverage of cataracts, including advances in phacoemulsification and surgical complications. Helps you make optimal use of the newest drug therapies, including Anti-VEGF treatment for wet ARMD and bevacizumab treatment for complications of diabetes. Offers authoritative guidance on the newest treatment options for cornea disorders, including evolving ocular surface reconstruction techniques and new cornea procedures such as DSEK. Incorporates new chapters on increasingly popular aesthetic oculoplastic surgical techniques to help you meet today’s demands.

Anatomy ;Ocular physiology ;Biochemistry and genetics ;Pathology ;Microbiology ;Immunology ;Growth and senescence ;Optics ;Therapeutics ;Lasers and instrument technology ;Basic biostatistical and epidemiological terms

Author: Louise Bye,Neil Modi,Miles Stanford

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0199584990

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 5010

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An indispensable and fully comprehensive textbook, this covers the basic sciences in ophthalmology and is the only book you need to pass the FRCOphth Part 1 exam.

Encyclopedia of the Eye

Author: Darlene A. Dartt,Joseph C. Besharse,Reza Dana

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780123741998

Category: Eye

Page: 4

View: 2478

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As the first comprehensive reference for the eye, its support structures, diseases, and treatments, Encyclopedia of the Eye is an important resource for all visual scientists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists, as well as researchers in immunology, infectious disease, cell biology, neurobiology and related disciplines. This four-volume reference is unique in its coverage of information on all tissues important for vision, including the retina, cornea and lens. It also covers the physiological and pathophysiologic processes that affect all eye tissues. This Encyclopedia is invaluable.