Scientific Foundations of Ophthalmology

Author: Edward S. Perkins,David W. Hill

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 1483281302

Category: Medical

Page: 352

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Scientific Foundations of Ophthalmology focuses on scientific grounds of ophthalmology, including anatomy, genetics, pathology, and epidemiology of blindness and blinding diseases. The selection first offers information on aqueous outflow pathway in vertebrate eyes; retinal receptors and pigment epithelium; and vascular supply of the optic disc. Discussions focus on glaucomatous cupping of the optic disc, venous drainage, receptor synapses, outer plexiform layer, primates, and lower mammals. The book then ponders on anatomical and neurophysiological review of cerebral control of ocular movements and the structure and transparency of the cornea. The publication elaborates on the biochemistry of lens, regulation of retinal blood flow, and biochemical basis of toxic amblyopias. The text also takes a look at the hereditary aspects of glaucoma, inborn errors of metabolism, retinal dystrophies, and gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina with hyperornithinaemia. Vitreoretinal degenerations in myopia, retinitis pigmentosa, albinism, lens dislocation, and storage disorders involving complex lipids and carbohydrates are discussed. The selection is highly recommended for ophthalmologists and readers interested in ophthalmology.

Foundations of Ophthalmology

Great Insights that Established the Discipline

Author: Michael F. Marmor,Daniel M. Albert

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319596411

Category: Medical

Page: 221

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There have been books over the years discussing the history of ophthalmology, but none that focus directly on just the most critical thinkers whose insights provided the foundation for the discipline. These men and women advanced knowledge about vision, diagnosis, disease mechanisms, and therapy through innovative thinking and perseverance against old ideas. Their stories are intriguing at a personal level and for showing the complexity of advancing medical science and, therefore, should be required reading for anyone practicing ophthalmology. Foundations of Ophthalmology includes giants such as Young (the nature of color and light), Braille (a practical reading system for the blind), Helmholtz (development of the ophthalmoscope), von Graefe (defining glaucoma), Curie (discovery of radiation and the basis of radiation therapy), Gonin (demonstration how to cure retinal detachment), Ridley (serendipity that led to intraocular lenses), and Kelman (development of phacoemulsification that revolutionized cataract surgery).

Kanski's Klinische Ophthalmologie

Eins systematischer Ansatz

Author: Brad Bowling

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 3437171712

Category: Medical

Page: 896

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Ob Diagnostik oder Therapie – KANSKIs Klinische Ophthalmologie stellt die verschiedenen Augenerkrankungen klar und praxisgerecht dar und vermittelt Ihnen das gesamte Know-how. Seit rund 30 Jahren ein weltweiter Bestseller! Anatomisch gegliedert und systematisch strukturiert, mit hochwertigen klinischen Fotos und Zeichnungen in Kombination mit prägnanten Texten und detaillierten Schemazeichnungen zu Anatomie und Physiologie – „der Kanski" ist das DAS Standardwerk der Augenheilkunde. Das Besondere am Kanski ist auch seine Didaktik – schnell erfassbare Texte plus die dazu passenden Abbildungen helfen Ihnen beim Verstehen und Einprägen der Inhalte. Neu in der 8. Auflage: Rund 900 neue Abbildungen Beschreibung neuer Therapieansätze, z.B. bei Katarakten Aufnahme neuer Behandlungsmethoden, z.B. Laser, Kryotherapie Aktualisierte Nomenklatur der Krankheitsbilder Ob erfahrender Augenarzt oder Arzt in der Weiterbildung - mit KANSKIs Klinische Ophthalmologie sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite!

History of Ophthalmology

Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis

Author: Daniel M. Albert

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401101272

Category: Medical

Page: 198

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Progress of Lens Biochemistry Research Volume in honour of Prof. Dr. med. J. Nordmann

Volume in honour of Prof. Dr. med. J. Nordmann

Author: O. Hockwin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401015716

Category: Medical

Page: 323

View: 4996

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On August 25,1976 Prof. Dr. med. JEAN NORDMANN, Emeritus Professor of Strasbourg University, will celebrate his 80th anniversary. The task of paying tribute to Professor NORDMANN's many services to ophthalmology in a way worthy of the occasion is so difficult that we decided to concentrate on the focal point of his life's work. In this issue scientists engaged in lens research from allover the world offer reports of their latest findings together with their best wishes and felicitations as a birthday gift to the Nestor of lens research. They thereby express their gratitude to Professor NORDMANN, who, with the lifelong in defatigable enthusiasm of a scientist, has most successfully persued the prob lems of lens metabolism. It is our sincerest hope that we may look forward to many more years in which to take advantage of Professor NORDMANN's superior knowledge. Among the contributions to this festive donation we miss the works of some authors who have always held Professor NORDMANN's special inter est. The editor has received several letters of longstanding friends who would have liked to submit a manuscript but had been unable to meet the deadline: Professor NORDMANN may rest assured that they, too, belong to the great number of congratulators from our field of research. We have been able to make this dedication thanks to Professor HENKES who readily agreed to publish our contributions in Documenta Ophthal mologica. Dr. Junk publishers have done their utmost to ensure prompt publication.

Klinische Ophthalmologie

Author: Jack J. Kanski

Publisher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"

ISBN: 3437171321

Category: Medical

Page: 928

View: 2561

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Der Bestseller im Fachgebiet Augenheilkunde Den kennt jeder, den will jeder haben: Die Klinische Ophthalmologie von Kanski ist seit 25 Jahren der Bestseller weltweit! Denn in diesem Standardwerk finden Sie die gesamte Augenheilkunde so, wie Sie sie brauchen: aktuell, praxisnah und perfekt erklärt. - über 2700 hervorragende Fotos und erklärende Zeichnungen mit gut verständlichem Lehrbuchtext - geschrieben von einem der renommiertesten Experten der Augenheilkunde - Alles über Augenerkrankungen- und störungen finden Sie hier! Die gesamte Augenheilkunde - prägnant geschrieben und brillant illustriert! Seit über 25 Jahren ist Kanskis Klinische Ophthalmologie ein weltweiter Bestseller. Das Werk ist Atlas und Augenheilkunde-Lehrbuch zugleich: kurze und praxisnahe Texte, kombiniert mit über 2700 hochwertigen klinischen Fotos und detaillierten Schemazeichnungen verdeutlichen sowohl bewährte als auch innovative Verfahren zur Diagnostik und Therapie der Augenerkrankungen und sorgen für maximale Verständlichkeit. Neu in der 7. Auflage: - Alle Inhalte vollständig überarbeitet und aktualisiert - Über 2700 hochwertige Abbildungen, davon 1000 erstmals in dieser Auflage - Aktuelles Management der altersabhängigen Makuladegeneration inkl. VEGF-Inhibitoren-Therapie - Neueste Entwicklungen in der Untersuchung (z. B. OCT) und Behandlung von Netzhaut und Sehnervenerkrankungen - Update der Pharmakotherapie z.B. bei Augeninfektionen und Glaukom - Bewährte und innovative chirurgische Methoden - Kosmetische Chirurgie - Diagnostik und Illustration systemischer Begleiterkrankungen - Zusätzliches Kapitel: Okulare Nebenwirkungen systemischer Medikamente Sowohl für Ärzte in der Ausbildung als auch für praktizierende Ophthalmologen ist dieses Standardwerk ein absolutes Muss!

Smolin and Thoft's The Cornea

Scientific Foundations and Clinical Practice

Author: Gilbert Smolin,Charles Stephen Foster,Dimitri T. Azar,Claes H. Dohlman

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781742061

Category: Medical

Page: 1323

View: 483

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Smolin and Thoft’s The Cornea is often praised as the best available source of information on corneal and external diseases. This new edition, with its greatly expanded color atlas section, continues to provide guidance on diagnosing and managing problems associated with the cornea. It is now fully updated and contains additional information on corneal surgery, refractive surgery, and stem cell grafting, and a new chapter on optical and therapeutic contact lenses.

Basic and Clinical Science Course: Section 8. External disease and cornea

Author: American Academy of Ophthalmology

Publisher: Amer Academy of Ophthalmology

ISBN: 9781560556077

Category: Medical

Page: 385

View: 3185

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Presents applications of optical phenomena, including the optical foundations of lasers, spectacles, IOLs, refractive surgery, and the design, fitting, and complications of contact lenses. This volume features illustrations depicting wavefront analysis, the design and use of ophthalmic instruments, and basic concepts of geometrical optics.

Intraocular Inflammation and Uveitis

Author: Ramana S. Moorthy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781560557975

Category: Eye

Page: 410

View: 4886

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Extensive ocular immunology chapters feature clinical examples and new colour art that make this highly technical subject more accessible. A systematic approach to the classification, diagnosis, and management of uveitis is accompanied by numerous new clinical illustrations and up-to-date treatments and references. Extensive discussion of the ocular manifestations of AIDS includes new medications and approaches. Core curriculum for residency programs and a definitive source of up-to-date clinical knowledge for practitioners. Continually updated by a faculty of leading ophthalmologists in academia and practice, the BCSC draws on a solid foundation of scientific research and clinical experience.

Basic and Clinical Science Course 2005-2006


Author: David W. Parke,American Academy of Ophthalmology

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781560555087


Page: 242

View: 3434

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Covers recent developments and controversies regarding glaucoma. Numerous new clinical images illustrate both disease entities and surgical techniques. Updated references guide the reader to further discussion of recent clinical trials.

The Cornea

Scientific Foundations and Clinical Practice

Author: Gilbert Smolin,Richard A. Thoft

Publisher: Little Brown & Company

ISBN: 9780316802703

Category: Medical

Page: 759

View: 2713

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This text covers both basic science and clincal aspects of the cornea and associated external diseases. In this edition the editors have incorporated relevant basic science information into the clinical science chapters. It also contains an expanded surgery section - especially refractive surgery. Emphasis on the third edition is on clinical information (the basic science has been incorporated into the clincial chapters). The clinical section has been expanded by ten per cent to reflect changes in the field.

The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology

Author: Rama D. Jager,Jeffrey C. Lamkin

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781758130

Category: Medical

Page: 414

View: 6492

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The updated Third Edition of this manual is a comprehensive self-assessment review of ophthalmology and a valuable study aid for any ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist-in-training. It contains over 3,000 true/false, matching, and multiple-choice questions covering the entire field of ophthalmology, including the subspecialties. Answers are provided along with brief explanations and extensive references. Several hundred new questions have been added to this new edition, with significantly updated content and revised, expanded explanations. Two new chapters cover General Medicine and International Ophthalmology. This edition also includes more than 100 full-color photographs depicting ocular pathology and ophthalmic conditions.

Papyros Ebers

Author: H. Joachim

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5872864442

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 9387

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History of Ophthalmology

Sub auspiciis Academiae Ophthalmologicae Internationalis

Author: Harold E. Henkes

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401110441

Category: Medical

Page: 116

View: 3621

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Basic Sciences for Ophthalmology

Author: Louise Bye,Neil Modi,Miles Stanford

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191004073

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 9673

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Part of the Oxford Specialty Training series, Basic Sciences for Ophthalmology is an indispensable and fully comprehensive textbook, and the only book candidates will need to pass the FRCOphth Part 1 exam. Directly linked to the Royal College's exam, presented in a full colour, highly illustrated, and easy-to-read format, making the basic science behind ophthalmology more approachable and accessible to improve understanding. Offering full coverage of the Royal College curriculum, the book includes information on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and optics. Useful as a resource for the basic sciences in ophthalmology, the book will be also of interest to senior trainees, consultants, optometrists, orthoptists, and basic scientists, as well as those taking the FRCOphth exams.

External Disease and Cornea

Author: John E. Sutphin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781560557968

Category: Anterior segment (Eye)

Page: 528

View: 2892

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This work explores the basic and clinical concepts of corneal and external eye disease. Covered are ocular surface disorders and surgery of the ocular surface, infectious diseases, immune-mediated and neoplastic disorders, congenital anomalies of the cornea and sclera, and dystrophies and degenerations. Also discussed are toxic and traumatic injuries and corneal transplantation. Core curriculum for residency programs and a definitive source of up-to-date clinical knowledge for practitioners. Continually updated by a faculty of leading ophthalmologists in academia and practice, the BCSC draws on a solid foundation of scientific research and clinical experience.