The Course of German History

A Survey of the Development of German History Since 1815

Author: Alan John Percivale Taylor

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415255589

Category: History

Page: 281

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One of the most famous and controversial works by possibly the highest profile historian of the twentieth century.

The Continuities of German History

Nation, Religion, and Race across the Long Nineteenth Century

Author: Helmut Walser Smith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139471252

Category: History

Page: N.A

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This book opens the debate about German history in the long term – about how ideas and political forms are traceable across what historians have taken to be the sharp breaks of German history. Smith argues that current historiography has become ever more focused on the twentieth century, and on twentieth-century explanations for the catastrophes at the center of German history. Against conventional wisdom, he considers continuities - nation and nationalism, religion and religious exclusion, racism and violence - that are the center of the German historical experience and that have long histories. Smith explores these deep continuities in novel ways, emphasizing their importance, while arguing that Germany was not on a special path to destruction. The result is a series of innovative reflections on the crystallization of nationalist ideology, on patterns of anti-Semitism, and on how the nineteenth-century vocabulary of race structured the twentieth-century genocidal imagination.

Die kürzeste Geschichte Deutschlands

Author: James Hawes

Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage

ISBN: 3843717389

Category: History

Page: 336

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Auf 250 Seiten einmal durch 2000 Jahre deutscher Geschichte: Überzeugend und souverän führt James Hawes von den alten Römern bis in die Gegenwart. Eine große Tour durch die Jahrhunderte, die in einer leidenschaftlichen Hommage an die Bundesrepublik endet. Der Sieg gegen die Römer im Teutoburger Wald, die barbarische Grausamkeit des Dreißigjährigen Kriegs, der Aufstieg des militaristischen Preußens im 18. Jahrhundert — wie Blitzlichter scheinen diese historischen Ereignisse in James Hawes’ fulminantem Parforceritt durch die deutsche Geschichte auf. Die alles beherrschende Frage, die sich wie ein roter Faden durch die Seiten zieht: Gehört das Herzstück Europas zum Westen oder zum Osten? Für Hawes ist klar, dass dieses Land zum Westen zählt. Die Bundesrepublik, so wie wir sie kennen, sieht er in der Tradition des wahren, historischen Deutschlands, dem Staatshörigkeit, puritanischer Eifer und narben gesichtiger Militarismus stets fremd waren. Hawes ist sich sicher: Deutschland ist heute »Europas größte Hoffnung«.

Essays in German History

Author: F. L. Carsten

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441132724

Category: History

Page: 382

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F.L. Carsten has probably been the most influential historian of Germany writing in English over the past forty years. His work is remarkable for its ability to span the course of German history from the late middle ages to the present. This book brings together a substantial collection of Professor Carsten's work that has appeared as articles.

The Course of German Nationalism

From Frederick the Great to Bismarck 1763-1867

Author: Hagen Schulze

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521377591

Category: History

Page: 174

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The arduous path from the colorful diversity of the Holy Roman Empire to the Prussian-dominated German nation-state, Bismarck's German Empire of 1871, led through revolutions, wars and economic upheavals, but also through the cultural splendor of German Classicism and Romanticism. Hagen Schulze takes a fresh look at late eighteenth and nineteenth century German history, explaining it as the interaction of revolutionary forces from below and from above, of economics, politics, and culture. None of the results were predetermined, and yet their outcome was of momentous significance for all of Europe, if not the world.

German Incertitudes, 1914-1945

The Stones and the Cathedral

Author: Klemens Von Klemperer

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275970178

Category: History

Page: 173

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Provides new insights into German thought and society in the context of the challenges of modernity in the first half of the century.

A History of Germany 1918 - 2014

The Divided Nation

Author: Mary Fulbrook

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118776135

Category: History

Page: 392

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The fourth edition of A History of Germany, 1918-2014: ADivided Nation introduces students to the key themes of20th century German history, tracing the dramaticsocial, cultural, and political tensions in Germany since 1918. Nowthoroughly updated, the text includes new coverage of the Eurocrisis and a review of Angela Merkel’s Chancellorship. New edition of a well-known, classic survey by a leadingscholar in the field, thoroughly updated for a new generation ofreaders Provides an overview of the turbulent history of Germany fromthe end of the First World War through the Third Reich and beyond,examining the character and consequences of war and genocide Treats German history from 1918 to 2014 from the perspectivesof instability, division and reunification, covering East and WestGerman history in equal depth Offers important reflections on Angela Merkel’sChancellorship as it extends into a new term Concise, substantive coverage of this period make it an idealresource for undergraduate students

Germany's War and the Holocaust

Disputed Histories

Author: Omer Bartov

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801486814

Category: History

Page: 248

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Bartov provides a critical analysis of various recent ways to understand the genocidal policies of the Nazi regime and the reconstruction of German and Jewish identities in the wake of World War II.

Frederick III

Germany's Liberal Emperor

Author: Patricia Kollander

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313294839

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 215

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Recent historians have challenged the long-held view that liberalism's failure in 19th century Germany presaged Hitler's triumph, claiming that earlier scholars have overlooked liberalism's positive contributions to German history. This book reassesses Frederick III's contribution to the liberal movement. Using documents recently made available from the Kurhessische Stiftung, the author considers the question of whether Frederick abetted the liberal movement's successes or was part of its tragic history.

Communities, Politics, and Reformation in Early Modern Europe

Author: Thomas A. Brady

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004110014

Category: History

Page: 494

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This volume brings together studies of communities, politics, religion, gender, and social conflict in the Holy Roman Empire, with special reference to the city of Strasbourg, during the late Middle Ages and the Reformation era. Also included are interpretations of early modern German history and the historical sociology of early modern Europe.

Imperial Germany Revisited

Continuing Debates and New Perspectives

Author: Sven Oliver Muller,Cornelius Torp

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 0857459007

Category: History

Page: 362

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The German Empire, its structure, its dynamic development between 1871 and 1918, and its legacy, have been the focus of lively international debate that is showing signs of further intensification as we approach the centenary of the outbreak of World War I. Based on recent work and scholarly arguments about continuities and discontinuities in modern German history from Bismarck to Hitler, well-known experts broadly explore four themes: the positioning of the Bismarckian Empire in the course of German history; the relationships between society, politics and culture in a period of momentous transformations; the escalation of military violence in Germany's colonies before 1914 and later in two world wars; and finally the situation of Germany within the international system as a major political and economic player. The perspectives presented in this volume have already stimulated further argument and will be of interest to anyone looking for orientation in this field of research.

Five Germanys I Have Known

A History & Memoir

Author: Fritz Stern

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1466819227

Category: History

Page: 560

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The "German question" haunts the modern world: How could so civilized a nation be responsible for the greatest horror in Western history? In this unusual fusion of personal memoir and history, the celebrated scholar Fritz Stern refracts the question through the prism of his own life. Born in the Weimar Republic, exposed to five years of National Socialism before being forced into exile in 1938 in America, he became a world-renowned historian whose work opened new perspectives on the German past. Stern brings to life the five Germanys he has experienced: Weimar, the Third Reich, postwar West and East Germanys, and the unified country after 1990. Through his engagement with the nation from which he and his family fled, he shows that the tumultuous history of Germany, alternately the strength and the scourge of Europe, offers political lessons for citizens everywhere—especially those facing or escaping from tyranny. In this wise, tough-minded, and subtle book, Stern, himself a passionately engaged citizen, looks beyond Germany to issues of political responsibility that concern everyone. Five Germanys I Have Known vindicates his belief that, at its best, history is our most dramatic introduction to a moral civic life.

Understanding Contemporary Germany

Author: Stuart Parkes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113476863X

Category: History

Page: 280

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This text is an introductory survey of German society focusing on the post-unification situation. It raises questions relating to German identity and adopts an integrated approach, considering society, culture, politics, economics and history. The stability and normality of the Federal Republic and its position in world affairs is assessed. The book aims to provide the background to contemporary Germany required for students of modern languages, or those courses containing an element of German studies.

Der 99-Tage-Kaiser

Friedrich III. von Preußen - Prinz, Monarch, Mythos

Author: Frank Lorenz Müller

Publisher: Siedler Verlag

ISBN: 3641092434

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

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Deutschlands zu Unrecht vergessener Kaiser Wir schreiben das Jahr 1888. Am 15. Juni, nur neunundneunzig Tage nach seiner Thronbesteigung, stirbt der preußische König und deutsche Kaiser Friedrich III. an Kehlkopfkrebs. Ganz Europa zeigt sich tief ergriffen vom grausamen Schicksal und dem Tod eines Monarchen, der in Deutschland als Kriegsheld gefeiert und auch im Ausland als leutseliger Gentleman und liberaler Hoffnungsträger geschätzt wurde. Eine historische Figur, die es zu entdecken lohnt. Wer aber war dieser Kaiser wirklich? Hätte er der deutschen Geschichte eine andere Richtung geben können? Das Buch geht weit über jene Mythen hinaus, die besagen, Friedrichs humaner Liberalismus hätte eine deutsch-englische Allianz in die Wege geleitet und möglicherweise sogar den Ersten Weltkrieg vermieden. Zugleich korrigiert es die Diffamierungen und Übertreibungen, denen er zeit seines Lebens und auch nach seinem Tod ausgesetzt war. Umgeben von faszinierenden historischen Figuren wie seiner weithin verhassten englischen Ehefrau Vicky oder dem Reichsgründer Otto von Bismarck, eröffnen das Leben und Sterben Friedrichs einen aufschlussreichen und eindrücklichen Blick auf Preußen, auf Deutschland und auf jene europäische Welt, bei deren Zerstörung schließlich sein eigener Sohn eine tragende Rolle spielen sollte.

Education in Nazi Germany

Author: Lisa Pine

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 1847887643

Category: History

Page: 176

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Shaping the minds of the future generation was pivotal to the Nazi regime in order to ensure the continuing success of the Third Reich. Through the curriculum, the elite schools and youth groups, the Third Reich waged a war for the minds of the young. Hitler understood the importance of education in creating self-identity, inculcating national pride, promoting 'racial purity' and building loyalty. The author examines how Nazism took shape in the classroom via school textbook policy, physical education and lessons on Nationalist Socialist heroes and anti-Semitism. Offering a compelling new analysis of Nazi educational policy, this book brings to the forefront an often-overlooked aspect of the Third Reich.

Gustav Freytag and the Prussian Gospel

Novels, Liberalism, and History

Author: Larry L. Ping

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039105458

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 360

View: 6986

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Spanning the worlds of literature and the history profession, the Prussian novelist and historian Gustav Freytag (1816-95) was influential in shaping opinion for his generation of liberals. This new study places him in his proper political and social context.

Recomposing German Music

Politics And Musical Tradition in Cold War Berlin

Author: Elizabeth Janik

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 900414661X

Category: Social Science

Page: 354

View: 2126

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This book is a social history of musical life in Berlin; it investigates the tangled relationship between music and politics in 20th-century Germany, emphasizing the division of Berlin's musical community between east and west in the early Cold War era.