Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer

Author: David G. Hewitt

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482295989

Category: Nature

Page: 686

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Winner of the Wildlife Society Outstanding Edited Book Award for 2013! Winner of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society Outstanding Book Award for 2011! Winner of a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award for 2011! Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer organizes and presents information on the most studied large mammal species in the world. The book covers the evolutionary history of the species, its anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, population dynamics, and ecology across its vast range (from central Canada through northern South America). The book then discusses the history of management of white-tailed deer, beginning with early Native Americans and progressing through management by Europeans and examining population lows in the early 1900s, restocking efforts through the mid 1900s, and recent, overabundant populations that are becoming difficult to manage in many areas. Features: Co-published with the Quality Deer Management Association Compiles valuable information for white-tailed deer enthusiasts, managers, and biologists Written by an authoritative author team from diverse backgrounds Integrates white-tailed deer biology and management into a single volume Provides a thorough treatment of white-tailed deer antler biology Includes a CD-ROM with color images The backbone of many state wildlife management agencies' policies and a featured hunting species through much of their range, white-tailed deer are an important species ecologically, socially, and scientifically in most areas of North America. Highly adaptable and now living in close proximity to humans in many areas, white-tailed deer are both the face of nature and the source of conflict with motorists, home-owners, and agricultural producers. Capturing the diverse aspects of white-tailed deer research, Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer is a reflection of the resources invested in the study of the species’ effects on ecosystems, predator-prey dynamics, population regulation, foraging behavior, and browser physiology.

Ungulate Management in Europe

Problems and Practices

Author: Rory Putman,Marco Apollonio,Reidar Andersen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139500287

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

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This book considers a number of problems posed by ungulates and their management in Europe. Through a synthesis of the underlying biology and a comparison of the management techniques adopted in different countries, the book explores which management approaches seem effective - and in which circumstances. Experts in a number of different areas of applied wildlife biology review various management problems and alternative solutions, including the impact of large ungulates on agriculture, forestry and conservation habitats, the impact of disease and predation on ungulate populations and the involvement of ungulates in road traffic accidents and possible measures for mitigation. This book is directed at practising wildlife managers, those involved in research to improve methods of wildlife management, and policy-makers in local, regional and national administrations.

The Deer Manager's Companion

A Guide to the Management of Deer in the Wild and in Parks

Author: Rory Putman,Jochen Langbein

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781904057031

Category: Deer

Page: 180

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Professor Rory Putman has worked at one time or another with most of the British and European species of deer and with his colleague Jochen Langbein he has spent many years working on the management of deer in parks.This invaluable handbook will enlighten, inform and instruct all those concerned with the welfare of deer both in parkland settings and in their natural environment. In a professional life of 25 years working as a deer biologist, Professor Rory Putman has worked at one time or another with most of the British and European species of deer and with his colleague Jochen Langbein he has spent many years working on the management of deer in parks and the factors affecting fecundity and mortality among park populations of both red and fallow deer. He has undertaken the management of wild populations for profit in harvesting schemes with consideration for conservational issues and a desire to manage in a more environmentally-sensitive way. This invaluable handbook will enlighten, inform and instruct all those concerned with the welfare of deer both in parkland settings and in their natural environment.

The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets

Author: Darra Goldstein,Sidney Mintz,Michael Krondl,Laura Mason

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199313393

Category: Cooking

Page: 920

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"Celebrating sugar while acknowledging its complex history, 'The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets' is the definitive guide to one of humankind's greatest sources of pleasure"--

Managing Scotland's Environment

Author: Charles Warren

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780748624904

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 490

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Scotland's natural environment is its most treasured asset and the subject of its most vociferous debates. Charles Warren tackles land reform, the future of farming, public access, conservation of moorland and birds of prey, the place of forestry, and the control of alien species and red deer, taking up the integration of conservation with social and economic objectives.

Acting in Musical Theatre

A Comprehensive Course

Author: Joe Deer,Rocco Dal Vera

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317911962

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 396

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Acting in Musical Theatre remains the only complete course in approaching a role in a musical. It covers fundamental skills for novice actors, practical insights for professionals, and even tips to help veteran musical performers refine their craft. Updates in this expanded and revised second edition include: A brand new companion website for students and teachers, including Powerpoint lecture slides, sample syllabi, and checklists for projects and exercises. Learning outcomes for each chapter to guide teachers and students through the book’s core ideas and lessons New style overviews for pop and jukebox musicals Extensive updated professional insights from field testing with students, young professionals, and industry showcases Full-colour production images, bringing each chapter to life Acting in Musical Theatre’s chapters divide into easy-to-reference units, each containing group and solo exercises, making it the definitive textbook for students and practitioners alike.

The Oxford Companion to British History

Author: John Cannon,Professor of Modern History John Cannon,Robert Crowcroft

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199677832


Page: 1045

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Here, in a single convenient volume, is the essential reference book for anyone with an interest in British history. First published in 1997, under the editorship of the late John Cannon and in consultation with over 100 distinguished contributors, this Companion has now been updated by Robert Crowcroft to include the very latest scholarship and research. It describes and analyses the people and events that have shaped and defined life in Britain over more than 2,000 years of political, social, and cultural change, encompassing topics as diverse as the War of the Roses, the Blitz, Stonehenge, Henry VIII, the suffragettes, the industrial revolution, the NHS, the Suez Crisis, the TUC, and the Afghan campaign. Over 4,500 entries provide a wealth of fact and insight on all aspects of the subject and from a variety of perspectives, including social, political, military, cultural, economic, scientific, and feminist. Entries cover not only monarchs, battles, and political events, but also the wider aspects of British history over the centuries. New entries on topics such as alternative vote, the 2008 financial crisis, Olympics in Britain, and the Scottish Independence Referendum, and UKIP ensure that the Companion remains relevant and current. Useful appendices include maps and genealogies, as well as a subject index. Coverage includes authors, composers and musicians, legal and technical terms, newspapers and periodicals, ranks and orders, sport and leisure, and scholarship and education. For those who like to explore history on the ground, there are also entries on individual counties, cathedrals, and churches, palaces and royal residences, and a range of other sites of historical significance. As well as providing reliable factual information, the Companion also offers detailed interpretation and analysis, giving readers a sense of how events and personalities relate to each other, whilst its multi-disciplinary approach places topics in a wide context. Whether you need to check the date of the Peasants' Revolt, understand what happened at the Battle of Imphal, find out about the history of maypoles, or compare the careers of successive Princes of Wales, The Oxford Companion to British History is a book no home reference shelf should be without.

Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events

A Global & Digital Approach

Author: Simon Hudson,Louise Hudson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1526414376

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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Filling a gap in the market, this new title approaches the field through a uniquely international angle, with increased emphasis on the impact of digital technology and supported by international case-studies.

Shooter's Bible Guide to Planting Food Plots

A Comprehensive Handbook on Summer, Fall, and Winter Crops To Attract Deer to Your Property

Author: Peter Fiduccia

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1620870908

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

View: 6970

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Planting a well-balanced, well-planned food plot for deer can be a great resource for any hunter: it attracts and holds deer in the area, and creates a healthier herd. This detailed, hands-on guide will teach you everything you need to know about planting food plots for deer like a pro. Author Peter Fiduccia shares the time-tested planting knowledge he has used on his farm to help anyone grow more successful food plots. Some of the topics included in this essential guide are: Knowing what plants attract and hold deer best from October through January Learning what warm-season plants help provide maximum nutrition for deer in spring and summer Understanding why over-seeding is worse than under-seeding a food plot Maximizing weed control by using the right herbicides Learning how to keep predator numbers low on your land And much more! This practical guide will help both first-time planters and veteran food plotters take their deer management skills to the next level, for a healthier herd and better hunting.

Building Products for the Enterprise

Product Management in Enterprise Software

Author: Blair Reeves,Benjamin Gaines

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1492024732

Category: Computers

Page: 184

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If you’re new to software product management or just want to learn more about it, there’s plenty of advice available—but most of it is geared toward consumer products. Creating high-quality software for the enterprise involves a much different set of challenges. In this practical book, two expert product managers provide straightforward guidance for people looking to join the thriving enterprise market. Authors Blair Reeves and Benjamin Gaines explain critical differences between enterprise and consumer products, and deliver strategies for overcoming challenges when building for the enterprise. You’ll learn how to cultivate knowledge of your organization, the products you build, and the industry you serve. Explore why: Identifying customer vs user problems is an enterprise project manager’s main challenge Effective collaboration requires in-depth knowledge of the organization Analyzing data is key to understanding why users buy and retain your product Having experience in the industry you’re building products for is valuable Product longevity depends on knowing where the industry isheaded

Mule Deer

A Handbook for Utah Hunters and Landowners

Author: Dennis D. Austin

Publisher: Utah State University Press

ISBN: 9780874217414

Category: Nature

Page: 296

View: 3121

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A complete guide to the history, biology, hunting, and management of mule deer in Utah. The author, Dennis D. Austin, is a retired research scientist with more than thirty years of experience working as a wildlife biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Kids' Book of Soccer

Skills, Strategies, and the Rules of the Game

Author: Brooks Clark

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: 9780806519166

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 135

View: 7405

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Presents information about the history, positions, and rules of soccer and tips on basic playing techniques and strategies.