Human Body Book | Introduction to the Circulatory System | Children's Anatomy & Physiology Edition

Author: Baby Professor

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1541901169

Category: Medical

Page: 40

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What goes on inside the human body? Let’s find out the answer together! This educational book features the human anatomy and physiology. It explains in fun details how you breathe, how you think and basically how you live. It’s an interesting book to add to your collection. Grab a copy today!

The Concise Human Body Book

An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Function and Disorders

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405345055

Category: Medical

Page: 320

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Take a jaw-dropping top-to-toe tour of your body with this compact guide tot he human body. Take a head-to-toe tour of the human body, amazing 3D images reveal all your major systems in molecular detail. Discover how the nervous system works, the intricate construction of skeleton and muscles, and how your body protects itself when you are under threat. Put yourself under the microscope and zoom in on a body part to see the bodies processes in action from a nerve impulse to blood surging through an artery. Journey inside and examine what can go wrong with the human machine: explore the causes and symptoms for diseases and ailments. An unmissable in-your-body adventure, perfect for students, families and health professionals.

The Human Body Book

An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function, and Disorders

Author: Richard Walker,Steve Parker

Publisher: DK

ISBN: 9781465480293

Category: Medical

Page: 288

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An all-in-one illustrated guide to human anatomy with encyclopedic coverage from bones and muscles to systems and physiology processes. This in-depth manual to the human body's physical structure, chemical workings, and potential problems is a must-have reference to help further your studies or knowledge of human anatomy how our bodies work. Each page of The Human Body Book, updated to reflect the latest medical advances, is illustrated with colorful and comprehensive diagrams that are thoroughly annotated to take you right into the cells and fibers that are responsible for keeping the human body ticking. The opening chapter, "Integrated Body," explains how the parts of the body work together at various levels of size and hierarchy to produce the living whole. It also contains an overview of the major body systems, enlivened by real-life 3D medical imaging of the entire body. The chapters that follow provide coverage of the body function by function, system by system. Eleven main body systems are covered in turn, with each section ending on common injuries, diseases, and disorders afflicting that system. The book concludes with a chapter on growth and development, which looks in detail at how the body changes over the course of a human lifespan.

The Fold-out Atlas of the Human Body

A Three-dimensional Book

Author: Alfred Mason Amadon

Publisher: Gramercy Books

ISBN: 9780517451274

Category: Science

Page: 50

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Multilayered fold-out plates detail in depth the human anatomy and are accompanied by an explanatory text

Complete Book of the Human Body

Author: Anna Claybourne

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781474902939


Page: 112

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A fact-packed, illustrated introduction to the human body and how it works. Full of extraordinary photographs plus activities and experiments to try, it explores everything from allergies to brain waves, from x-rays to zits.

Leonardo on the Human Body

Author: Leonardo (da Vinci)

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486244839

Category: Art

Page: 506

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"It is a miracle that any one man should have observed, read, and written down so much in a single lifetime."--Kenneth Clark Painter, sculptor, musician, scientist, architect, engineer, inventor . . . perhaps no other figure so fully embodies the Western Ideal of "Renaissance man" as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was not content, however, to master an artistic technique or record the mechanics of a device; he was driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand why. His writings, interests, and musings are uniformly characterized by an incisive, probing, questioning mind. It was with this piercing intellectual scrutiny and detailed scientific thoroughness that Leonardo undertook the study of the human body. This exceptional volume reproduces more than 1,200 of Leonardo's anatomical drawings on 215 clearly printed black-and-white plates. The drawings have been arranged in chronological sequence to display Leonardo's development and growth as an anatomist. Leonardo's text, which accompanies the drawings--sometimes explanatory, sometimes autobiographical and anecdotal--has been translated into English by the distinguished medical professors Drs. O'Malley and Saunders. In their fascinating biographical introduction, the authors evaluate Leonardo's position in the historical development of anatomy and anatomical illustration. Each plate is accompanied by explanatory notes and an evaluation of the individual plate and an indication of its relationship to the work as a whole. While notable for their extraordinary beauty and precision, Leonardo's anatomical drawings were also far in advance of all contemporary work and scientifically the equal of anything that appeared well into the seventeenth century. Unlike most of his predecessors and contemporaries, Leonardo took nothing on trust and had faith only in his own observations and experiments. In anatomy, as in his other investigations, Leonardo's great distinction is the truly scientific nature of his methods. Herein then are over 1,200 of Leonardo's anatomical illustrations organized into eight major areas of study: Osteological System, Myological System, Comparative Anatomy, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Alimentary System, Genito-Urinary System, and Embryology. Artists, illustrators, physicians, students, teachers, scientists, and appreciators of Leonardo's extraordinary genius will find in these 1,200 drawings the perfect union of art and science. Carefully detailed and accurate in their data, beautiful and vibrant in their technique, they remain today--nearly five centuries later--the finest anatomical drawings ever made. Dover (1983) unabridged and unaltered republication of "Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body: The Anatomical, Physiological, and Embryological Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, " originally published by Henry Schuman, New York, 1952.

The Human Body Book

Author: Jen Green

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781908973115

Category: Human body

Page: 36

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A full-colour, dynamic guide to the all-singing, all-dancing marvel of engineering that is you! You will find out about how the various bits of the body fit together to make the living, breathing human.

The Human Body: The Facts Book for Future Doctors - Biology Books for Kids | Children's Biology Books

Author: Baby Professor

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1541921704

Category: Medical

Page: 64

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It’s never too early to learn about the body! This biology book will educate your little learner on the human body - and not just the physical body parts at that! Don't stop at head, knees, arms and toes. Teach your children about the littlest parts of the body too. Go ahead and secure a copy of this biology book today!

Dr Frankenstein's Human Body Book

Author: Richard Walker

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405347872

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Join Dr Frankenstein in his laboratory and see how the human body works! Take your child on an incredible journey into Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory as he binds bones, organizes organs, sets up systems and creates a living, breathing human body. Watch as they open the holographic cover and join him as his trusty assistant to learn all about how our bodies work. From skeleton to skin they’ll be with him every step of the way, helping to assemble the body and learning all about the parts and processes involved. It's an eye-popping around the body experience!

First Human Body Book

Reference Omnibus

Author: Sean Kennelly (editor)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783730094

Category: Human anatomy

Page: 48

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A full colour educational omnibus filled with fascinating facts to educate children. One of a range of titles in the Wonders of Learning series.

Ownership of the Human Body

Philosophical Considerations on the Use of the Human Body and its Parts in Healthcare

Author: H.A. Ten Have,Jozef Welie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792351504

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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This is the first book in healthcare ethics addressing the moral issues regarding ownership of the human body. Modern medicine increasingly transforms the body and makes use of body parts for diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive purposes. The book analyzes the concept of body ownership. It also reviews the ownership issues arising in clinical care (for example, donation policies, autopsy) and biomedical research. Societies and legal systems also have to deal with issues of body ownership. A comparison is made between specific legal arrangements in The Netherlands and France, as examples of legal approaches. In the final section of the book, different theoretical perspectives on the human body are analyzed: libertarian, personalist, deontological and utilitarian theories of body ownership.

On the Fabric of the Human Body

A Translation of De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem. The organs of nutrition and generation. Book V

Author: Andreas Vesalius,John Burd Carman

Publisher: Norman Publishing

ISBN: 9780930405885

Category: Arteries

Page: 257

View: 5765

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Norman anatomy series, no. 1-3; Norman landmarks series, no. 1-2, 4; v. 1 issued as no. 4 in Norman orthopedic series.

The Human Body in Health and Illness

Author: Barbara Herlihy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455756423

Category: Medical

Page: 576

View: 5282

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Using colorful cartoons, humorous illustrations, and an easy-to-read approach, The Human Body in Health and Illness, 5th Edition makes it fun to learn anatomy & physiology. Step-by-step explanations, clever features, and clinical examples simplify A&P concepts and relate A&P to the real world. Organized by body system, this book shows how each organ is structurally designed to perform specific physiological tasks while demonstrating what happens to the body when a system does not function properly. Written by well-known author and educator Barbara Herlihy, The Human Body in Health and Illness makes A&P concepts easy to understand even if you have a limited background in the sciences. Full-color illustrations simplify difficult concepts and complex processes. Colorful cartoons use humor to clarify and reinforce the content, making it more memorable, accessible, and reader-friendly. Interesting analogies and examples make learning easier, especially if you’re studying A&P for the first time. Key terms and objectives are listed at the beginning of every chapter, setting learning expectations and goals, with terms defined in a comprehensive glossary. Did You Know boxes include brief vignettes describing clinical scenarios or historical events related to A&P. Review tools include chapter summaries, Review Your Knowledge questions, and Go Figure! questions relating to figures and diagrams. UPDATED illustrations and content keep A&P information current and strengthen an already popular textbook. UPDATED Medical Terminology and Disorders tables include pronunciations, derivations, and word parts, along with expanded, in-depth descriptions of the most crucial information. UPDATED! The Evolve website assets include practice exams, interactive activities and exercises, the Body Spectrum Online Coloring Book, and more!