The Limits of Liberty

American History, 1607-1992

Author: Maldwyn Allen Jones

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198205722

Category: History

Page: 727

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This is a major survey of the American past from the earliest colonial settlements to the present day. It traces the political, intellectual, economic and cultural development of a distinctive American society, without losing sight of its continued connections with the Old World. Swelled by a continuous flux of immigration, the population of the United States spread with astonishing rapidity over a vast continent, evolving a new system of government and creating extraordinary wealth. Maldwyn A Jones assesses not only the epic achievements of the nation, but also the tensions and limitations of the society behind the 'American Dream'. In this second edition Professor Jones has continued his study to the present, with a new chapter examining the conservative revival of the 1980s and the presidential elections of 1992. He has included an additional map, incorporated the most recently available statistics into the population tables, and completely revised and updated the Bibliography.

Science and Empire in the Nineteenth Century

A Journey of Imperial Conquest and Scientific Progress

Author: Catherine Delmas,Christine Vandamme,Donna Spalding Andréolle

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443825964

Category: History

Page: 235

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The issue at stake in this volume is the role of science as a way to fulfil a quest for knowledge, a tool in the exploration of foreign lands, a central paradigm in the discourse on and representations of Otherness. The interweaving of scientific and ideological discourses is not limited to the geopolitical frame of the British empire in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but extends to the rise of the American empire as well. The fields of research tackled are human and social sciences (anthropology, ethnography, cartography, phrenology), which thrived during the period of imperial expansion, racial theories couched in pseudo-scientific discourse, natural sciences, as they are presented in specialised or popularised works, in the press, in travel narratives—at the crossroads of science and literature—in essays, but also in literary texts. Contributors examine such issues as the plurality of scientific discourses, their historicity, the alienating dangers of reduction, fragmentation and reification of the Other, the interaction between scientific discourse and literary discourse, the way certain texts use scientific discourse to serve their imperialist views or, conversely, deconstruct and question them. Such approaches allow for the analysis of the link between knowledge and power as well as of the paradox of a scientific discourse which claims to seek the truth while at the same time both masking and revealing the political and economic stakes of Anglo-saxon imperialism. The analysis of various types of discourse and/or representation highlights the tension between science and ideology, between scientific “objectivity” and propaganda, and stresses the limits of an imperialist epistemology which has sometimes been questioned in more ambiguous or subversive texts.

British History 1815-1914

Author: Norman McCord,Bill Purdue

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199233195

Category: History

Page: 595

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This fully revised and updated edition of Norman McCord's authoritative introduction to nineteenth century British history has been extended to cover the period up to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. The nineteenth and early twentieth century saw the transformation of Britain from a predominantly rural to a largely urban society with an economy based upon manufacturing, finance, and trade, and from a society governed mainly by a landed aristocracy to what was increasingly a mass democracy. The authors chart the development of a modern state equipped with a large and expanding bureaucracy, the expansion of overseas territories into one of the world's greatest empires, and changes in religion, social attitudes, and culture. The book divides the era into four chronological periods, with chapters on the political background, administrative development, and social, economic, and cultural changes in each period. Exploring major themes such as the massive increase in population, the question of class, the scope of state activity, and the development of consumerism, leisure, and entertainment, and including a select bibliography and biographical appendix, this updated new edition provides the ultimate introduction to British history between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the outbreak of the First World War.

Merry Murderers

The Farcical (Re)Figuration of the Femme Fatale in Maurine Dallas Watkins’ Chicago (1927) and its Various Adaptations

Author: Zsófia Anna Tóth,Zsoufia Anna Touth

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443832294

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 290

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This book explores the different trends and the various changes in the representational history of femmes fatales within twentieth century American culture. While providing precedents, discussing the Western cultural history of this iconic female figure, as well as presenting the cultural and theoretical debates surrounding ‘her,’ the major focus lies in Maurine Dallas Watkins’s story entitled Chicago and how its diachronic and transmedial revivals contributed to this debate and what kind of an interpretation it provided of the lethal woman. Through a cultural, historical, literary and cinematic excavation this book argues that the story of Chicago produces a unique kind of deathly woman figure: the farcical femme fatale by combining the traditionally tragic aspects with comic modes of discourse and (re)presentation. In addition to the theorization of the femme fatale within Western culture, the discussion of the comic as well as various comic genres and comic strategies of representation, Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of the carnival and the carnivalesque is discussed in great detail – with an emphasis on scapegoating – as well as Judith Butler’s concept of gender performativity and Joan Riviere’s womanly masquerade in order to understand how the farcical femmes fatales of Chicago manage to get away with their sins and crimes. Additionally, the Vice of sixteenth century drama as well as the figure of the homme fatale are also taken under scrutiny since it is argued that, in the various versions of Chicago, we encounter farcical femmes fatales who are the minions of a modern(ized) Vice figure, and all their comic-grotesque performances and masquerades take place in the heterotopic space of the carnival. While also examining their historical and cultural contexts, the different versions of Chicago are investigated one by one starting from the original Chicago Tribune articles and ending in the 2002 film adaptation. This book reveals what strategies can be employed to justify the modification of the traditionally tragic scenario of the femme fatale. It is a scholarly work that is informative, thorough as well as entertaining.

Isaac Nelson

Radical Abolitionist, Evangelical Presbyterian, and Irish Nationalist

Author: Daniel Ritchie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 178694877X

Category: History

Page: N.A

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This book reconsiders the career of an important, controversial, but neglected figure in this history of Irish Presbyterianism. The Revd Isaac Nelson is mostly remembered for his opposition to the evangelical revival of 1859, but this book demonstrates that there was much more to Nelson's career. Nelson started out as a protégé of Henry Cooke and as an exemplary young evangelical minister. Upon aligning himself with the Belfast Anti-Slavery Society and joining forces with American abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison, Nelson emerged as a powerful voice against compromise with slaveholders. One of the central objectives of this book is to show that anti-slavery, especially his involvement with the 'Send Back the Money' controversy in the Free Church of Scotland and the debate over fellowship with slaveholders at the Evangelical Alliance, was crucially important to the development of Nelson into one of Irish Presbyterianism's most controversial figures. His later opposition to the 1859 Revival has often been understood as being indicative of Nelson's opposition to evangelicalism. This book argues that such a conclusion is mistaken and that Nelson opposed the Revival as a Presbyterian evangelical. His later involvement with the Land League and the Irish Home Rule movement, including his tenure as the Member of Parliament for County Mayo, could be easily dismissed as an entirely discreditable affair. While avoiding romantic nostalgia in relation to Nelson's nationalism, this book argues that Nelson's basis for advocating Home Rule was not as peculiar as it might first appear.

Empire, Welfare State, Europe

History of the United Kingdom 1906-2001

Author: Trevor Owen Lloyd

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198700678

Category: History

Page: 558

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'Review from previous edition an admirable text - informed, provocative, and highly readable - for any course on twentieth-century Britiain' -Journal of Modern History'a very readable book, in a style that lends itself to its subject matter' -General Education'covers an extremely difficult period in some depth, and yet goes far beyond the political aspects to study the social and cultural life' -History TodayThis fifth edition of Empire, Welfare State, Europe has been revised and updated to provide a comprehensive history of the United Kingdom from the decline of the Empire to the general election of May 2001.

Empire, welfare state, Europe

English history 1906-1992

Author: Trevor Owen Lloyd

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198731108

Category: History

Page: 587

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In the twentieth century England has lost an empire, built a welfare state, and begun to accept the idea of being part of Europe. Abroad relative power has declined; at home life has become more tolerable for the unfortunate and more secure for the majority of the people. This book surveys these two great currents of change and examines their political and economic implications. For this fourth edition, Lloyd has revised the text and brought the Bibliography up to date. He has included a completely new chapter which brings the story right up to the General Election of 1992.

Barricades and Borders

Europe, 1800-1914

Author: Robert Gildea

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Europe

Page: 502

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Now with a substantially revised text and fully updated bibliography, this is a comprehensive survey of European history from Napoleon Bonaparte to the First World War. It concentrates on the twin themes of revolution and nationalism, which often combined in the early part of the century but which increasingly became rival creeds. Going beyond traditional political and diplomatic history, the book incorporates the results of recent research on topics such as population movements, the accumulation of capital, social mobility, and intellectual and artistic developments.

Basiswissen Archäologie

Theorien, Methoden, Praxis

Author: Colin Renfrew,Paul G. Bahn

Publisher: Philipp Von Zabern Verlag Gmbh

ISBN: 9783805339483

Category: History

Page: 304

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Mit mehr als 150.000 verkauften Exemplaren gilt der Band Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice im englischsprachigen Raum bereits jetzt als Standardwerk im Fach Archaologie. Diese jetzt erstmals auf Deutsch vorliegende sorgfaltig uberarbeitete und zum Teil vollig neu geschriebene Fassung ist eine ausserst gut lesbare Einfuhrung fur alle, die sich fur Archaologie interessieren und eine kompakte Darstellung der Methoden und Praxis archaologischer Arbeit suchen. Beruhmte Archaologen und Ausgrabungsstatten passieren Revue. Inhaltlich ist das Buch auf der Hohe der Forschung, auch die neuesten technischen Methoden und Technologien werden behandelt. (Philipp von Zabern 2009)

Die feinen Unterschiede

Kritik der gesellschaftlichen Urteilskraft

Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518576250

Category: Aesthetics, French

Page: 877

View: 1842

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Die Analyse des kulturellen Konsums ist für alle von Interesse, die geneigt sind, ihre eigenen, meist als selbstverständlich aufgefassten kulturellen Vorlieben und Praktiken zu prüfen. Der Reiz und das Verdienst des Buches liegen darin, dass der Autor immer im Kontakt zum konkreten Alltag bleibt. Die Lektüre der Feinen Unterschiede wird ein spannender Selbsterfahrungsprozess.

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Author: Max Weber

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 384961221X


Page: 271

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Die Serie "Meisterwerke der Literatur" beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung für Ihren eBook Reader. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen auf Ihrem Kindle Reader. Dieses Werk bietet zusätzlich * Eine Biografie/Bibliografie des Autors. Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus ist ein Werk von Max Weber, das zuerst in Form eines zweiteiligen Aufsatzes im November 1904 und Frühjahr 1905 im Archiv für Sozialwissenschaften und Sozialpolitik, Bd. XX und XXI erschien, und das 1920 in überarbeiteter Fassung veröffentlicht wurde. Es zählt neben Webers Schrift Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft zu seinen international wichtigsten Beiträgen zur Soziologie und ist ein grundlegendes Werk der Religionssoziologie. Zwischen der protestantischen Ethik und dem Beginn der Industrialisierung bzw. des Kapitalismus in Westeuropa besteht nach diesem Werk ein enger Zusammenhang. Die Kompatibilität („Wahlverwandtschaften“) der Ethik oder religiösen Weltanschauung der Protestanten, insbesondere der Calvinisten, und dem kapitalistischen Prinzip der Akkumulation von Kapital und Reinvestition von Gewinnen waren ein idealer Hintergrund für die Industrialisierung. (aus