Winning Debates

A Guide to Debating in the Style of the World Universities Debating Championships

Author: Steven L. Johnson

Publisher: IDEA

ISBN: 9781932716511

Category: Education

Page: 259

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The format of debating used at the World Universities Debating Championships (also known as British Parliamentary or Worlds-style debating) is the international standard for academic debating. Winning Debates is both an introduction to the format and an advanced consideration of strategies and tactics proven to be effective techniques for successful debating. The text combines a review of the basics of argument theory with an application of those theories to the four-team style of debate. Also addressed are the special strategic and tactical considerations for debates in the Worlds style. Chapters include: On Winning, Arguments & Argumentation, Stasis and Structure, Basic Strategy and Tactics. The Speakers and their Speeches, Decision Making and Strategy, Paradoxes of Debate, Advanced Tactics, Adjudicating Debates.

Speech and Debate as Civic Education

Author: J. Michael Hogan,Jessica A. Kurr,Michael J. Bergmaier,Jeremy D. Johnson

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271080345

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 368

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In an era increasingly marked by polarized and unproductive political debates, this volume makes the case for a renewed emphasis on teaching speech and debate, both in and outside of the classroom. Speech and debate education leads students to better understand their First Amendment rights and the power of speaking. It teaches them to work together collaboratively to solve problems, and it encourages critical thinking, reasoned and fact-based argumentation, and respect for differing viewpoints in our increasingly diverse and global society. Highlighting the need for more emphasis on the ethics and skills of democratic deliberation, the contributors to this volume—leading scholars, teachers, and coaches in speech and debate programs around the country—offer new ideas for reinvigorating curricular and co-curricular speech and debate by recovering and reinventing their historical mission as civic education. Combining historical case studies, theoretical reflections, and reports on programs that utilize rhetorical pedagogies to educate for citizenship, Speech and Debate as Civic Education is a first-of-its-kind collection of the best ideas for reinventing and revitalizing the civic mission of speech and debate for a new generation of students. In addition to the editors, the contributors to this volume include Jenn Anderson, Michael D. Bartanen, Ann Crigler, Sara A. Mehltretter Drury, David A. Frank, G. Thomas Goodnight, Ronald Walter Greene, Taylor W. Hahn, Darrin Hicks, Edward A. Hinck, Jin Huang, Una Kimokeo-Goes, Rebecca A. Kuehl, Lorand Laskai, Tim Lewis, Robert S. Littlefield, Allan D. Louden, Paul E. Mabrey III, Jamie McKown, Gordon R. Mitchell, Catherine H. Palczewski, Angela G. Ray, Robert C. Rowland, Minhee Son, Sarah Stone Watt, Melissa Maxcy Wade, David Weeks, Carly S. Woods, and David Zarefsky.

The Pragmatics of Manipulation in British and American Political Debates

Author: Waleed Ridha Al-Juwaid,Salwa Ibrahim Kamil,Fareed Hameed Al-Hindawi

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing

ISBN: 3960671318

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 376

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The main concern of this work is to tackle manipulation in communicative events as one of the means used by politicians to achieve certain goals such as influencing the behavior, desire, belief and emotions of others to their self-interests without evident detection of their communicative intention. As a communicative event and from a pragmatic point of view, manipulation in the political field has not been given enough attention. Thus, this study scrutinizes the pragmatic aspects of manipulation in British and American political debates. As such, it sets itself the task of achieving several aims, the most important of which are: (1) specifying the pragmatic criterion/criteria according to whose presence a certain political debate is considered as manipulative, (2) identifying the manipulation types used by politicians and the pragmatic strategies via which each type is fulfilled, (3) exhibiting the whole pragmatic structure of manipulative, whether British or American, political debates, (4) pinpointing both the manipulative pragmatic strategies used to fulfill each sub-stage (component) and manipulative strategies adopted to attain all the sub-stages (components) of the entire pragmatic structure of manipulation, (5) highlighting the manipulative pragmatic strategies, the manipulative strategies, as well as the manipulation types highly resorted to by politicians in political debates, (6) showing transparent inter/intra-differences that can be detected in terms of the debater's employment of manipulation types, the whole pragmatic structure of manipulation, the manipulative pragmatic strategies, and the manipulative strategies used by the debaters, and (7) developing a pragmatic model for identifying the types of manipulation and the pragmatic strategies used to fulfill each type; in addition to another eclectic model to analyze the pragmatic structure and strategies of the data under scrutiny.

The Practical Guide to Debating, Worlds Style/British Parliamentary Style

Author: Neill Harvey-Smith

Publisher: IDEA

ISBN: 9781617700163

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 188

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Equips debaters to debate in Worlds Style, currently the most popular, most international and fastest-growing format of competitive debate. It provides debaters with techniques, ideas and advice to develop debating skills and offers tips for organizing a vibrant club, picking teams and getting the most out of tournaments.

Leben in Metaphern

Konstruktion und Gebrauch von Sprachbildern

Author: George Lakoff,Mark Johnson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783896704870

Category: Concepts

Page: 272

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Metaphern sind integraler Bestandteil unserer alltäglichen Sprache, nicht bloß praktische oder rhethorische Mittel. Sie bestimmen unsere Wahrnehmung, unser Denken und Handeln und somit unsere Wirklichkeit. Die Lektüre dieses fesselnden und unterhaltsamen Buches führt dazu, dass man ganz neu über die Sprache und darüber, wie wir sie benutzen, denkt.

The Sport of Debating

Winning Skills and Strategies

Author: Jeremy Philips,James Hooke

Publisher: University of New South Wales

ISBN: 9780868406640

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 173

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This guide to debating at all levels begins with the basics: manner, matter, method. It then discusses the elements of a debate: definitions, the case, rebuttal, subjects, preparation, adjudication. The authors cover tactics for competing successfully and suggest tips for smooth preparation sound argument, and rebuttal.

Think, Speak, Win: Discover the Art of Debate

Author: Guarav Keerthi

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9814634972

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 204

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Many books on persuasive speaking only teach you how to speak persuasively, but they don’t teach you how to also think persuasively. Debaters tend to excel when they are put on the spot, because they know how to think fast, speak well, and win audiences. Think, Speak, Win: Discover the Art of Debate” provides a first-of-its-kind comprehensive introduction to the basics of debating for young students as well as interested adults, in a light-hearted and interesting style. This book breaks down the skills of debating into simple, memorable, and easy-to-follow chapters, and even covers the basics of coaching a school team and judging a debate competition. The skills of debating can help you achieve greater success at work and school, and this book guides you through a memorable 6-step process to apply “Debate-Thinking” to situations such as interviews, essay writing, impromptu speeches, presentations, and even leadership and management. You will never be at a loss for words again!

Comment Gagner un Débat?

Guide Au débat Dans le Style des Championnats Mondiaux Universitaires du Débat

Author: Steven L. Johnson

Publisher: International Debate Education Assn

ISBN: 9781617700613

Category: Education

Page: 259

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Winning Debates offers a practical introduction to the World Universities Debating Championships (also known as British Parliamentary or Worlds-style) format, the international standard for academic debating. The text combines a review of the basics of argument theory with an application of those theories to the four-team style of debate, and recommends strategies and tactics for successful debating.

Contemporary Authors


Author: Frances C. Locher

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780810300484

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 600

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Entries contain personal and career information on contemporary authors as well as their published writings and work in progress

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States

Author: United States. Congress. House

Publisher: N.A


Category: Legislation

Page: N.A

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Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House."

Frag immer erst: warum

Wie Top-Firmen und Führungskräfte zum Erfolg inspirieren

Author: Simon Sinek

Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft

ISBN: 3864146518

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 3155

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Am Beginn einer jeden Erfolgsgeschichte steht eine einfache Frage: Warum? Warum sind manche Organisationen profitabler als andere? Warum werden einige Führungskräfte von ihren Mitarbeitern mehr geschätzt und andere weniger? Warum sind manche Menschen in der Lage, immer und immer wieder erfolgreich zu sein? In seinem Bestseller, der nun zum ersten Mal in deutscher Sprache erscheint, zeigt Simon Sinek, dass erfolgreiche Persönlichkeiten wie Martin Luther King Jr. oder Steve Jobs alle nach demselben, natürlichen Muster dachten, handelten und kommunizierten. Am Anfang ihres Wirkens stand immer die Frage nach dem Warum. Mit diesem Ansatz schafften sie es, bedeutende Dinge zu vollbringen und darüber hinaus ihre Mitstreiter zu inspirieren. Sich an diesen Vorbildern orientierend, gibt Sinek in seinem Ratgeber nun Führungskräften, Unternehmen, aber auch Privatpersonen einen Leitfaden an die Hand, der zum endgültigen Erfolg verhilft. Dabei erklärt er das so erfolgreiche Muster, welches dem goldenen Schnitt ähnlich ist, und auf den drei elementaren Fragen basiert: Warum? Wie? Was? Dadurch eröffnen sich dem Leser völlig neue Möglichkeiten und er wird lernen, dass die Motivierung von Mitarbeitern viel zielführender ist als ihre Manipulation! Und dies geht ganz einfach: einfach »Warum?« fragen.

Was ist Debatte?

ein internationaler Überblick

Author: Tim-Christian Bartsch,Michael Hoppmann,Bernd Rex

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 3865374778

Category: Debates and debating

Page: 164

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